The Philby is anticipating the start of the footy season.

Almanac Book Cover 2016: Spotless Stadium

It has orange. Lots and lots of orange. The latest nomination for the cover of the 2016 Footy Almanac book comes from The Philby, who puts forward the jewel of Western Sydney, Spotless Stadium, as being cover worthy.

Round 16 – Carlton v Adelaide: On Returning

The Philby is down from Sydney to watch his Navy Blues. A Fitzroy roof-top bar and city loop train were probably the highlights of this trip (along with SOSOS).

Round 3 – Gold Coast v Carlton: Live from the surface of the sun

Did you know that it is quite warm on the Gold Coast? Did you know that the “little master” is frustratingly brilliant? Or that Tom Lynch and Jacob Weitering can play a bit? The Philby reveals all.

SANFL Round 1 – South Adelaide v Glenelg: #TypicalSouff

The Philby celebrates a triumphant Easter homecoming with a few West Ends and a gritty South Adelaide win.

Snow in Sun: Lord’s in February

The ghosts of willow and leather. A cricket pilgrimage to bygone days. Lords

Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: Blue Croweater on Devonshire St

The Philby, by accident, watched his Blues play against the Crows and even though he was disappointed with the loss he was happy with the effort and his faith is true restored in the Blues due to the effort.

Round 6 – GWS v Hawthorn: Orange Crush

For Carlton supporters, anything to distract from the current debacle at Princes Park is welcome. As a resident of the AFL’s mysterious Greater Western Sydney region, The Philby witnessed the Giants pull off an astonishing win.

No. 4 Ronin: Bryce Gibbs & the power of the man-bun

Carlton’s new secret weapon? The Ancient Samurai wisdom, talent and composure sustained from… the man-bun!

South: Footy Days at Primary School

Philby takes us down memory lane as he reminisces about his childhood in South Australia and how footy played a huge part in it.

La Douleur

The Philby calls for a root and branch overhaul of the Carlton Football Club.

Easter and possible traditions

Hot cross buns, early April rains, the cooling of South Eastern Australia after a hot summer and the beginning of footy just go together. Could it be this way every year?

Twenty Twelve: A Tale Of Two Games

PC Paterson reports from two footy games he attended this year – the first featured the team he barracked for in an irrational sense, the second featured the team that lives closest to his current address. Similar margins at the end of the game, yet utterly different feelings.