Poetry: The High Mark

with the footy season now underway
and with poetry in the air today
we revisit Bruce Dawe’s meditation on the speccie.

Round 2 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Hungry for a win

The Sydney Swans left Tom Bally with an empty stomach and an appetite for answers as they dropped their first home game of the season to Port Adelaide

Mark of the Year: Part I.

    Never take a mark for granted. They are the sweetest thing. Never take The Mark of the Year for granted, either. People say it like it’s a fact. “That was the mark of the year!” Full stop. Odds are, Walker will win the telly one, but footy means many different things to many [Read more]

Up There Cazaly and The Myth of Icarus

Phil Dimitriadis presented this paper at the 150 Years of Australian Football Conference: Up There Cazaly and The Myth of Icarus: An exploration into the narrative of freedom and failure in Australian Rules football. This is the abstract. [Interesting – wish I heard it. JTH]