When Travis saved the world

John Harms has always loved Travis Varcoe. This piece was published in 2011.

The Uncontrollable Smile

By Vincent Tan I like Melbourne. I like that “Before the Game” is actually shown before the game. I like that I can sit at a pub and have absolutely no compulsion to zip up my jacket to hide my navy blue and white hoops for fear of ridicule and the inevitable drunken comment about [Read more]

Football indulgence

by Pamela Sherpa I’ve just had what I call a wonderful week of football indulgence. Having lived in NSW for the past 20 years I always enjoy going home to Victoria for a ‘footy dose’. When I drive south during school holidays there are two things that  I always look forward to and notice- the [Read more]

Well I guess Chappy’s happy…but Hawks should not despair

By Sasha Lennon Last week I berated one Paul Chapman for boldly claiming that “never again” will the Cats lose to the Hawks in a Grand Final. Actually, he meant never again, full stop.  And sure enough Chappy was true to his word. I still reckon the Cats are doing it the hard way (did [Read more]

Round 5 Hawthorn v Geelong April 26 2011

Round 5 Hawthorn v Geelong April 26 2011 It started out as a day of no-shows. First, Sport Boy’s mate Dylan piked it on the morning of the game. (That family membership I bought with the extra kid’s ticket has been a waste of money so far.) We caught the early train so we could [Read more]

Haiku Bob- Rd 5: various shades

red leaves the Bombers hold on but soon fall away opening skirmishes sun ripples across  the ‘G Anzac Day – the shadows of the players brush the crowd in my new country watching Collingwood feels new bright afternoon the extra edge in our play autumn colours goals of various shades the moon about to appear a [Read more]

The View From Shepparton- Rd 5

Depending on where you are coming from, it  is easy to be gloomy about Round 5, but I reckon that this round was exhilarating. Besides, I spoke to the great man, Gary Ablett, that’s more than most of you, dear readers,  have achieved. The events organiser and I were in Adelaide over the long weekend, [Read more]

Dons Improving

What a fantastic day at the “G”.  A huge crowd of almost 90,000, a brilliant cloudless blue sky and the surface looked like a manicured billiard table.  And sitting in the crowd were  two who have been regulars for this clash for many many years.  It’s the annual father/son bonding day, son a Collingwood fanatic [Read more]

Anzac Day clash and a failed bouquet marking attempt

Where do I begin? Lebanese weddings, it’s fair to say, they go for a good two weeks. Two weeks of celebrating, food, drinking, dancing, dressing up, sleeping late, waking up early and ringing in your ears from the LOUD music and traditional Lebanese drummers. To say that it’s a crazy experience is an understatement and [Read more]

GigStuff 53

GIGSTUFF 53 by Andrew Gigacz I’d like to start with a question this week. A week ago, commentators everywhere were worryingly asking if the Gold Coast’s disastrous start to its life in the AFL was going to put off all those players who are going to be wooed by GWS. Now that the Suns have [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL by John Mosig  What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Firstly The Saints fell in up in Brissy against The Lions.  Then it was The Sunbeams’ historic 1st win against The Enigmatic Tealers and The Bluebaggers avoided the 4th draw in five rounds with a one straight kick win over [Read more]

What a weekend of footy!

By Domenic Favata         Nowadays, the football world is intrigued by many negative aspects and stories of footballers or football managers. What is really forgotten are the things that make our game so great and unique. I’d like to focus on a positive aspect of footy and that is the quality of football displayed over round [Read more]

ANZAC Day2011

ANZAC XVII by Mark O’Connell I sent a brief email to the Herald sun about 2 weeks ago suggesting they promote this year’s game as ANZAC XVII. I received no reply but this year there have been repeated references to this being the 17th clash of the 2 sides on this day. In no previous [Read more]

Chappy’s pact remains intact

The two arch-rivals prepare to do it all again. Mooney is a late scratching. Menzel the Magician (leading the goal kicking at Geelong) is named as substitute. The match begins under glorious hazy sunshine. I’m standing among a bunch of triumphal Hawthorn fans. Where is Charles Darwin when we need him? The message emanating from [Read more]

Another one for the history books

by Josh Barnstable Hawthorn v Geelong It looked as if everything had gone back in time. September 27, 2008, a sunny day at the MCG, with the stands packed to the rafters. Grand Final day, the Hawks and the Cats. But no, this was April 26, 2011. Replace the names of Dew, Crawford and Williams [Read more]

Worth the trip: Tiges too good in a thriller

In my mind there is nothing better than making the 2 and a half to 3 hour trip down to Melbourne just to go watch the footy, and it’s made better that Dad and I are going down in the Torana which is mine when I get my license so I just recently spent $1500 [Read more]

Saints Season of False Dawns So Far

By Nick Sculley It has been a season of false dawns for St.Kilda with each of the opening four matches following a familiar script. In round one against the now undefeated Cats the Saints led all day and should never have lost. In round two, and again on Thursday night, the men from Morabbin blew [Read more]

Round 5: Easter Blog

One round of football will blur into the next with a leisurely spread of fixtures up to May Day. Saints fans will be relieved but unconvinced about their win up in Brisbane. Lions fans will console themselves with the effort, but still face the reality of a 0-4 start. The unpredictable Port have the chance for consecutive [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: Round V

FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Lots of hype around the place.  The Dawes ruling was one that caught our eye.  Down at the old BGS – and remember, so dogged in defeat, that’s where they learn to play the game – they call that one ‘the look [Read more]