Almanac Racing – A week of Payne

Michelle Payne has been suspended for testing positive a banned substance, but her reputation might have been enhanced. Tom Riordan explains an unpredictable week in racing.

Maria got lucky. Why two years wasn’t enough.

Hamish Neal on why two years may have not been enough for Maria Sharapova.

Send Lawyers, Drugs and Money – the Eagles hit the fan

Peter Baulderstone is angry with the continued post-career implosion of the lives of star Eagles. Is there a better way of guiding the futures of one-dimensional on-field warriors? Contributions welcomed.

Essendon Drug Crisis – results announced

Neil Belford has uncovered the Outcome Management run sheet for the Essendon drug crisis. If he didn’t have it in his hand, you would assume he was just being cynical.

Jobe Watson: Why do we apply the ‘Good Bloke’ test?

Of all the factors to be weighed up in the allegations of drug use, Sean Curtain argues that whether or not you’re a good bloke should not be one.

Drugs in sport: Spare a thought for the players

The scandal playing out at Essendon is a classic example of the current pressures placed on AFL players, writes Brandon Erceg.

Light reading for the dark night of sporting’s soul

Rick Kane has provided some fodder for the ongoing discussions about the drugs in sport scandal.

A big couple of days in sport

Sal Ciardulli has a few things to say about footy and cricket and gives us a quaddie for C.F.Orr Stakes Day