Light reading for the dark night of sporting’s soul

I wasn’t sure which existing piece to attach these documents so I thought I’d send them through and they could be their own piece.

These reports might serve as references for the ongoing discussions about the drugs in sport scandal. Attached is the ACC report, ‘Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport’, the Australian Sports Commission, ‘The Essence of Australian Sport’ and the ACC, ‘Professional Sports Factsheet’.

The quote below is from page 17 of the ACC report, ‘Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport’ following its 12 month investigation, ‘Project Aperio’. Aperio is Latin for ‘lay bare’ or ‘uncover’ or ‘reveal’. And revealing this report is. Reading between the lines from the quote below, I’d say that if Essendon is looking down the barrel then a number of NRL teams are about to be hit and hard.

This ACC Report, in particular, is worth ten times (probably 100 times) more than every single minute of noise on SEN and Foxtel combined.

The Essence of Australian Sport report will (hopefully) reinforce that beyond the murk of these goings-on there are principles that are worth striving for.

“Widespread use of peptides has been identified, or is suspected by the ACC, in a number of professional sporting codes in Australia. Although the use of peptides appears to be more widespread in some major codes, individuals from a number of other sports are also suspected of using peptides.

Multiple players (in one code) from a number of clubs are suspected of currently using or having previously used peptides, which could constitute an anti-doping rule violation. Some players have also been identified as sourcing peptides for personal use. An instance of team-based doping, orchestrated by some club officials and coaching staff, has also been identified.

Apart from the peptide’s anabolic effects, it has been found that injured elite athletes, particularly players from one sporting code, have been using peptides to assist in rehabilitating soft tissue injuries.

While the level of suspected use of peptides varies between sporting codes, officials from one club have been identified as administering, via injections and intravenous drips, a variety of substances, possibly including peptides. Moreover, the substances were administered at levels which were possibly in breach of WADA anti-doping rules. This activity was orchestrated by some club officials and the club’s high performance unit.”

Click on the documents here:

The essence of Australian sport

Professional sports fact sheet

Organised crime and drugs in sport



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