2019 AFL Grand Final – GWS Giants’ coming of age with the old and the new

Brandon Erceg traces the development of the GWS Giants since 2012, explaining how they achieved their place in tomorrow’s Grand Final and why they deserve to be there.

Bailout for Melbourne not the answer

Melbourne needs to face its demons and tackle the challenge ahead without an AFL bailout.

Drugs in sport: Spare a thought for the players

The scandal playing out at Essendon is a classic example of the current pressures placed on AFL players, writes Brandon Erceg.

Dramatic Dawes Turnaround Shows Growing Instability In AFL

Thinking a little bit about Chris Dawes recently and after looking at his current career situation, it really did smack me right between the eyes as to just how unstable the AFL is becoming.

Oh Big Q! Say it ain’t so

Brandon Erceg is distraught. The Big Q is leaving the Eagles for Collingwood. Of all places, Collingwood!

The Mack Attack

It was the Return of the Mac on the weekend. And boy did he have a big one. Patrolling the backline with the slight strut and confidence to go with it, Eric Mackenzie, E-mac, Mack Attack…kicked his first goal of what’s going to be an illustrious AFL career and towelled up Drew ‘The Dish’ Petrie [Read more]

Let them tank

We’ve heard of tanking over recent years and started to hear a lot more of it lately as it’s started to be raised again as a big problem and everyone’s been saying their bit trying to come up with a solution. The AFL has come out trying to be all flair and nostrils by ‘launching [Read more]

Someone forgot to tell Santa

It was all set up and ready to go. Christmas in July with a big round of blockbuster clashes and we supporters were ready and waiting to cash in on the presents and the thought we’d be getting two christmases in the one year. The only problem was someone forgot to tell Santa.

In the West, Channel 7’s approach beyond a joke

I’ve read a number of complaints in football magazines lately about Channel 7 and their decision to ‘conveniently’ only show the teams for the games which they are televising on their Thursday night news program. Well not only are they excluding the teams they don’t show on the news on Thursday night, they’re shunning these [Read more]