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Almanac Book Review: Phil Dimitriadis on Damian Balassone’s ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’

Phil Dimitriadis has followed the emergence of Damian Balassone as a poet since 2008. They have a fair bit in common, as this review essay suggests. ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’ will resonate with those who love words and the game.

Daniel Yammacoona – Poems by Damian Balassone

Regular Knacker Damian Balassone has released Daniel Yammacoona, a collection of his poems.

Almanac Footy: Peter Daicos video clips on Twitter

Damian Balassone shares clips of some of the many classic goals kicked by Peter Daicos.

Bryan Wood

He was until he wasn’t…Damian Balassone’s poem tackles the club trajectory of Bryan Wood.

Hollywood Hair Cycle

This poem from Damian Balassone reflects on hair loss and the cycle of life.

Montsalvat Wedding

Damian Balassone takes us to a very interesting wedding event through the suburbs of Melbourne to the idyll of Montsalvat.

Mike Brady Presents: The Songs of Football’s Greatest Sons

A must have item for many a young footy fan in the early 1980s and Damian Balassone was lucky enough to get his hands on a copy after scrimping and saving his pocket money… it is Mike Brady’s ‘The Songs of Football’s Greatest Sons’.

The Weightlifter Retires

With the Olympics in mind, Damian Balassone has a quick and pertinent poem for the reader’s contemplation.

Jake Lever Leaving

‘Jake Lever Leaving’, a poem from Damian Balassone, reflects the despair when a favourite footballer leaves the club.

Naughty Poems

Damian Balassone has come up with a collection of ‘naughty poems’ to titillate readers.

Epitaph for a Triathlete

Sometimes you can’t have it all, as this Damian Balassone poem reflects.

Retrieving the Footy from the Tree

Another extract from Damian Balassone’s collection of footy-theme poems, ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’.

The Pig-Headed President

Hubris reflects downfall in Damian Balassone’s topical poem, ‘The Pig-Headed President’.

Beach Footy

Damian Balassone shares a seasonally-appropriate poem from his collection: ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’.

The Nuns of Naples 1984-91

With his usual rapier wit, Damian Balassone cuts to the chase in addressing the death of Diego Maradona.

Trick-or-Treating Malcolm Blight

From Halloween knocking on the (rumoured) door of one of the greatest ever footballers to chatting footy with God and masquerading with Murali, these are some of Damian Balassone’s treasured tales from decades past.

The Half-Back Flankers

‘The Half Back Flankers’ is a poem from Damian Balassone’s recent publication, ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’.

The Lockdown Poems

Damian Balassone is back with his poetic take on issues ranging from sex in the COVID age via ancient Roman poets to the US presidential election. Cheeky bugger!

The Black and White Song and Dance

In light of Fathers’ Day this weekend, we’ve reprised this wonderful writing from Damian Balassone, who takes us on a beautiful familial journey of joining the Collingwood faithful via Abruzzo, Dights Falls and Victoria Park with thanks to his late father, Donato.

Almanac Teams: An African Australian AFL Team

Damian Balassone has been researching a team made up of African Australian footballers who have played at least one AFL game. It’s an exciting combination.