Almanac Footy: Maybe the name of the school is important

In response to some opinions shared on social media about commentators highlighting the schools of certain players, Andrew Fithall takes the somewhat righteous rage and guides it in another direction: junior football pathways to the AFL are of interest to the listening and watching public – not just the elite private schools.

Almanac Footy: City of Melbourne Parking Officers football team

In 2007 Malcolm McKinnon curated an exhibition and created a short film about the fascinating story of parking enforcement in Melbourne. Along the way, he discovered there was a City of Melbourne Parking Officers football team.

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: Wrong side of the river

Richard Griffiths spent a fair chunk of the 1980s playing in the VFA (seconds!) He remembers the great characters of his clubs, Coburg (where he bumped into Phil Cleary) and Prahran. Lots of terrific stories and the added bonus of some ‘Where are they nows’.

Almanac Rugby League: Orange rugby league’s best ever 17

Michael Croke and Nick Tedeschi have selected their best ever rugby league team from regional Orange. Players included span a 90-year period from 1930 through to 2020.

Almanac Rugby League: 2021 NRL Finals, Week 1

The NRL finals series starts this weekend. Ian Hauser offers his thoughts on what we might expect.

Finals Week 3 – Melbourne v Geelong Preview: It’s not about you, son

Mark Freeman is toey about Friday night as Melbourne inch closer to snapping the Norm Smith Curse. He shares his experiences as an excited Demon who will be attending on Friday in his stead. (It’s got to be a good omen, Mark, surely? – Eds.)

Almanac World Records: Cobram Estate’s olive oil tasting Guinness World Record attempt

Cobram Estate are making a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest simultaneous olive oil tasting. Here’s how you can be a part of the attempt.

Almanac Footy: The 1948 Castlemaine Woollen Mill Ladies football team

Thea Allan has sent a photo of the 1948 Castlemaine Woollen Mill women’s football team, inspired by E.regnans’ collation of old premiership photos from the Almanac community.

Almanac Music: Australian Songs of Spring – Name a Personal Favourite

With the input of readers of The Footy Almanac website, KD is putting together a set of posts on seasonal Australian songs. So far, summer and winter have been covered. Now it’s time for the songs of spring. As usual, he puts forward a nomination of his own to get the ball rolling.

Geelong’s Record Run – Round 12, 1953: Hawthorn v Geelong – Hail the ‘Geelong Flyer’

Geelong made it 22 on the trot against Hawthorn, but there were signs that the 1953 Cats were slowing. Peter Clark makes his latest entry to his series on Geelong’s record run.

Special Olympics – Swimming: Please Let Me Win

With the Paralympics own it’s timely to return to an Almanac Classic…

Kate’s sporting kite crashed at the Special Olympics Victorian State Games on Saturday, but Dips helping out at the games, says, his daughter can learn from her experience and recover from her loss to once again fly her kite high. [If you do nothing else today, read this – JTH]

Almanac Reviews: Alberton Hotel, Alberton Oval

It’s a day at the footy for Mickey Randall but before that, a pre-match beer at the Alberton Hotel.

Almanac Music: ‘Electro Melodier’ – Son Volt

Jay Farrar and his band Son Volt, a staple of the alt country and Americana scene for many years, released their new album recently called ‘Electro Melodier. Check out a track from the album.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Simon and Luka’ – Tommy Mallett

Splitting wood is a contemplative means when space and freedom from humans is needed suggests Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Simon and Luka’.

Almanac Footy: Colac Youth Club Under 16 Premiers 1965 and 1966

Col Ritchie remembers a couple of footy premierships he played in with the Colac Youth Club Under 16s in 1965 and 1966, featuring some team photos of the lads who won.

Almanac Footy and Community – Premiership photos

E.r was prompted by memories of his school side’s victory in 1991 and Matt Zurbo’s latest piece to bring together pictures of premiership winning teams. It might have been last week down the road or halfway through last century and a state away, no matter when or where we’d love to share your photos of premiership triumph on the Almanac.

Mike Brady Presents: The Songs of Football’s Greatest Sons

A must have item for many a young footy fan in the early 1980s and Damian Balassone was lucky enough to get his hands on a copy after scrimping and saving his pocket money… it is Mike Brady’s ‘The Songs of Football’s Greatest Sons’.

Almanac Trivia: 101, not just about dalmatians…

Rick Newbery has a seemingly simple numerical trivia question for the Almanackers…who will work it out first?

Almanac Teams: The Roaring Twenties (1980- )

Rodney Boyd runs us through his team of the best Number 20s since 1980 – this one has plenty of versatile tall timber.

Almanac Poetry: Her First and Second Husbands

This Monday’s poem from Kevin Densley illustrates that, tragically, lightning can strike twice in the same place.