Almanac (Footy) Memoir: Wrong side of the river

Richard Griffiths spent a fair chunk of the 1980s playing in the VFA (seconds!) He remembers the great characters of his clubs, Coburg (where he bumped into Phil Cleary) and Prahran. Lots of terrific stories and the added bonus of some ‘Where are they nows’.

From the Barossa to the MCG: The story of Richmond’s Daryl Freame

Richard Griffiths look back over the footy career of Daryl Freame, a product of the Barossa who became a premiership player for Richmond in 1980. (A heart-warming story of a journeyman kid who made good – Ed.)

Almanac Music: Music is your only friend.

Along with football, a great love of music is an an integral part of life for Richard Griffiths. His musical tastes and influences are examined, and together with bands he played with, enables Richard to fulfil the joy and experience that music provides.

Almanac Footy: Fair Catch That!

Richard Griffiths tells the story of getting Shaun Smith to the Dees. He recently caught up with Shaun to talk about the Mark of the Century and life since footy. [Cracker. The re-enactment photo is a deadset classic – JTH]

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: “Come on Cliff!”

Richard Griffiths has slunk away from Hawthorn of the late `70s and finds a new footy home – with his brother at Queenscliff. Here’s his story of happy years with the Coutas. [Accommodation deal is a cracker – Ed]

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: Being where the ball ain’t!

Richard Griffiths played his schoolboy footy at Carey Grammar where he was handy enough to be noticed by some officials from Glenferrie Oval. This is the story of his memorable career at the Hawthorn Football Club. [Top yarn – JTH]

Almanac Memoir: Caught in the race with Kennedy’s Commandos

Brilliant memoir from Richard Griffiths (and brilliant photo too) as he tells the story of a memorable day at Glenferrie Oval in the middle of a classic 60s and 70s childhood. (First published in 2016)