Mike Sexton in India: Finding Cricket and Space in Delhi

Delhi is a crowded city in India, space for cricket is at a premium, and Mike Sexton wonders at the delights of cricketers developing their talents there and abroad. This was all part of a trip to India where Mike was able to launch and talk about his book Border’s Battlers.

Proof: Why Living in the `70s was the best

Michael Sexton looks at some comparative studies around the game of the last 50 years thanks to James Coventry and friends – and the results so far are very interesting.

Round 2 – Adelaide v Richmond: Welcome Home Bryce Gibbs

Michael Sexton remembers Bryce Gibbs as a 17-year-old from Glenelg with a drop punt that made you purr, and a Zen calmness that defied his age, and has watched him with pride in becoming the champion footballer he is today.

Neil Sachse, the Bulldogs, and spinal cord research

On the eve of the Project Discovery Classic #2, a ride to raise funds for the Neil Sachse Centre – Spinal Cord Research, Michael Sexton gives us some background.

Almanac Cricket: Reading, Writing and Rowdy

Michael Sexton provides us with some unique insights into Ashley ‘Rowdy’ Mallett’s journalism career which commenced while he was still Australia’s premier off spin bowler.

Seeing Ken Farmer

On Friday evening before the Crows-Swans match a statue of Ken Farmer was unveiled at the northern end of the Adelaide Oval. He is cast in perfect form – roosting the ball through for another goal. It was a dominant pose familiar to football lovers during the Depression. Michael Sexton wonderfully recalls the Bradmanesque career of South Australian goal kicking great, Ken Farmer. [Brilliant story of a son wanting to see his father – JTH] *** 27/9/17 A link to the footage is now available ***

An interview with Herb Henderson

This is a delightful insight into Footscray 1954 premiership player Herb Henderson from Mike Sexton who caught up with Herb at his home in Millicent (SA) last year.

Hookesy at West Torrens

Mike Sexton meets Denis Brien, West Torren CC stalwart, and tells the story of a young and emerging David Hookes and a little-known test (legal) case. [Another quintessential M. Sexton yarn – JTH]

Almanac Cricket (and Food): Finding Duleep Mendis in Colonel Light’s Cafe

In Adelaide’s innovative suburb of Colonel Light Gardens, a new cafe has opened up. It serves Sri Lankan food. It’s owned by the Mendis family. Michael Sexton tells this tale of food and cricket.

Almanac Video: Footscray 1954 Premiership and Team of the Century defender Herb Henderson

We published earlier this year Michael Sexton’s interview with Footscray premiership defender Herb Henderson. With the Bulldogs advancing to the GF 2016, time to revisit this classic.

Almanac Footy History: In search of the best roving pairs

Who are the mightiest mosquitoes ever to have buzzed around the football packs? Some suggestions from Messrs Sexton and Coventry. Thoughts?

Talking to Archie Roach about Sir Doug Nicholls

This week’s Indigenous Round is renamed in honour of Sir Doug Nicholls, Michael Sexton chats with Archie Roach about his impact upon aboriginal people.

The Mighty Quinn: footballer, soldier, man

In the week of ANZAC Day, Michael Sexton here explores the life and times of South Australian Bob Quinn; soldier, footballer, man of action, man of courage.

The legend of Padui

Michael Sexton on a wonderful story of old time NTFL footy talent and footy recruiting. Of how Ted Egan and St Marys scored Padui (meaning ‘Wild Horse’) Neil Davies, of Richmond and Glenelg.

Almanac cricket (biography): Fritz Freeman, a man for all seasons

Fritz Freeman, as South Australian as his moniker, played cricket for Australia and footy for Port Adelaide. His love of the two games has never dimmed, as Mike Sexton writes in this beautiful tribute.

Round 21 – Adelaide v Brisbane: “Dunt look anything like him.”

A statue paying tribute to Adelaide’s favourite son Malcolm Blight, was unveiled ahead of Saturday evening’s clash against the Brisbane Lions. Michael Sexton recalls some classic Blighty stories as the Crows belt Brisbane by 87 points.

Neil Sachse: A determined father spreads an important message

Mike Sexton is writing a book about Neil Sachse. This is an introduction to Neil Sachse, the nature of spinal injury, the advances made in understanding and management, and Neil’s foundation. The book is due to come out around August.

Chappelli at Sturt

Ian Chappell recently launched a new book ‘We Are Sturt’ for the Double Blues, for whom his grandfather played. Mike Sexton reports on the occasion.

Mike Sexton’s 7.30 piece on John Coleman

John Coleman is regarded as one of the greatest talents of footy.

Recently Doug Ackerley published a biography of Coleman. Also, film footage of Coleman has been discovered.

Mike Sexton reported on this Coleman coincidence for 730.

Jack Sexton, Doug Nicholls and an understated sense of social purpose

Writer Mike Sexton can’t claim Jack Sexton as a relative, but has researched the footballer’s story to convey a sense of the Melbourne and Adelaide worlds of the 1930s.