Almanac Music: ‘You Suffer’ – Napalm Death

Mickey Randall relives a track by the British grindcore band Napalm Death, from their debut album, ‘Scum’.

Almanac Footy History: Documentary – ‘The Mighty Hawks 1873-1985’

It’s amazing to see who turns up in documentaries. In this case a couple of black type Almanac lunchers in a doco about the history of Hawthorn.

Almanac History: Don’t mention the war – teaching history through sport.

Roy Hay is an eminent Australian sports historian and sports writer. He taught in various universities, for many years at Deakin. In this short essay Roy discusses the teaching of history through sport, with special attention to the experience of Indigenous Australians.

Almanac Sport and Politics – ‘I’ll cry for Gough: the Stan McCabe of politics’

November 11 is also the anniversary of another momentous event in Australia’s political history. We revisit an offering from Bernard Whimpress to mark the occasion.

Almanac Rugby League: 2022, here we come!

The NRL has released the draws for the 2021 season for the NRLW and the 2022 season for the NRL. Get your diaries out and mark in the details!

Almanac (Local) Cricket: Pomborneit Cricket Club 2021/22 Season – Pre-Season Review

Luke Reynolds previews the season ahead for the Pomborneit Cricket Club in 2021/22.

Almanac Music – The Band: Rock of Ages (The Black Album)

In response to Col Ritchie’s championing of The Band’s ‘Brown Album’ on Tuesday, co-editor Ian Hauser counters with his favourite record by The Band, ‘Rock of Ages’ (the Black Album).

Almanac Film Review: ‘Brothers Close and Far’, a film/documentary by Anthony O’Brien

Anthony O’Brien’s film/documentary ‘Brothers Close and Far’ had its premiere screening in Brisbane on Saturday. The Footy Almanac community was well represented at the screening and we have gathered three reviews for your pleasure.

Remembrance Day: Wisden on Hedley Verity

Sporting history and the history of conflict have interesting, sometimes intertwined narratives. This obituary on Hedley Verity in Wisden is an example that is well worth a read anytime, but particularly today.

Almanac Life: Private Clement Reginald May

A beautiful and solemn reflection by Greg A on his grandmother’s brother Clem, who did not make it home from World War 2.

Almanac History and Poetry: Two Remembrance Day Offerings

To commemorate a Remembrance Day theme, we revisit a couple of earlier contributions from Kevin Densley about Capt. Bert James and Capt. Albert Jacka VC.

Almanac Baseball: MLB (Make the League Better)

Brian The Ruminator discusses a suggestion he made for Major League Baseball improvements which is now to be taken up by the league.

Almanac Footy: Bill Mohr – The Wizard from Wagga Wagga

St Kilda champion Bill Mohr’s status as one of footy’s all time greats is beyond doubt. In an in-depth analysis of Mohr’s career, Roger Spaull presents a wonderful account of this great footy legend.

Almanac Music: The Angels – The beer soaked counter meal of music

The Angels were a great band, no edges, just sweat and energy! Bodies flying everywhere. It was exciting, terrifying. Matt Zurbo continues his musical adventures.

Almanac Music: The Band (The Brown Album)

What a cracking group The Band are! As one of Col Ritchie’s favourite bands, he especially loves the music from their second album.

Almanac Memoir: Unstylish cars – a certain satisfaction

Bernard Whimpress presents a whimsical reflection upon some of the unstylish cars he owned that got him from A to B over many years.

Almanac Teams: Winning Melbourne Cup jockeys and their footy counterparts

Glen!’s fertile mind has him picking a footy team of players who share their surname with a winning Melbourne Cup hoop. [Novel – Ed]

Almanac Footy Tipping Competition 2021: And the winners are…

Here are the results from the Almanac’s various tipping comps…

Aboriginal People and Australian Football in the Nineteenth Century: They Did Not Come from Nowhere by Roy Hay

Roy Hay’s history of the involvement of aboriginal players in Australian Football is now available in a paperback edition. Read more about this book here. [Includes links to reviews – Ed]

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: ‘That’s Amore’

In Smokie’s latest Stereo Story, he reminisces on his first ever haircut – and the barber who thought he was the star of his own show.