Almanac Book Reviews – William Westerman’s ‘Merger’ by Jamie Simmons

Jamie Simmons read William Westerman’s recent release ‘Merger’ on the events of 1996 between Fitzroy and Brisbane and here shares his thoughts.

Round 19 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Freedom 21

Jamie Simmons wound up alone at a nervous ‘Gabba on the weekend, masked and ready. As always, his line of sight illuminates only the worthiest of details.

Round 7 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: Belonging

Just like Joe Daniher, Jamie Simmons wants to feel like he belongs to his chosen team, which is why he took his father-in-law to watch the Lions account for Port. PS: he recommends you don’t drink the ‘Gabba wine.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Pepsi and Suntan and a first game of footy

Jamie Simmons tells the story of how he was drafted into playing his first ever game of footy for the Murri Mavericks. [Ripper read Jamie! – Ed]

Finals Week 3 – Brisbane v Geelong: Prelude to a Jig

Jamie Simmons gets to the Preliminary Final at the Gabba where he is left contemplating football expressions, football experience and football expectations.

Almanac (Memoir): Finding Igor

Jamie Simmons was a late starter on the footy field, thanks to school social strata of athletes and mobsters, outlandish legwear and stymied encouragement from a Blues hero during his early years. Read on to discover the steps to the emergence of Igor in adulthood. [Simply superb – Ed.]

Almanac Life: Love in the time of Collingwood (and other pestilence).

Jamie Simmons is a new father. He and Mel have had a baby boy, Archie, named after his grandfather whose story is also told. In this wonderful piece, Jamie considers love and the nature of chance. [Great piece Jamie, and congratulations to you all – JTH]

Round 22 – Brisbane v Geelong: Two Words

They weren’t the two words Jamie Simmons was expecting, but they were even more welcome than the Lions’ win.

Round 11 — Brisbane v Hawthorn: Umpires, Choirs and Winter Wear Buyers

Life’s little annoyances seem to be everywhere for Igor02, but watching the resurgent Lions provides a welcomed respite. Sort of.

Round 3 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: The 4400

Distractions here, distractions there, supporters coming out of the woodwork, Igor02 muses upon them all in his excitement watching the Brisbane Lions win their third straight match for the season.

The Rooster crows at 40

A day in the life of Igor as he visits Melbourne to meet up with The Rooster to watch her Blues take on his Lions at Princes Park. [Epic – JTH]

AFLW Round 1 – Brisbane v GWS: Grants, Ants and the allure of Loose Pants

Jamie Simmons provides an entertaining report about Scomo, pledges, Burpengary, socks and crocs and of course the freeloading ants, all adding to the atmosphere of a fabulous game of AFLW footy in Queensland.

Round 20 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: Eat, Pray, Spew

Going to The Gabba to watch Brisbane play made Jamie Simmons sick – but it wasn’t because of the play (both teams performed well on the day), rather some curious culinary choices.

Round 16 – Brisbane v Carlton: Suddenly, Hot Pants.

It’s the moment your favourite pair of football shorts mysteriously transform into hotpants and the threat to throw them out becomes real that it’s time for action. Approaching marriage, it’s time to lose a few kilos, go on a park run or two, and of course, a day at the footy, climbing stairs and watching a Brisbane victory are all part of a changing lifestyle for Almanacker Jamie.

AFLW Grand Final – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane: Game and Throne

Brisbane might have lost the Grand Final but it was a funny old day for Jamie Simmons (who can pass for a Western Bulldogs’ spy) as a shiny loo winds up in the middle of his loungeroom. [I’m guessing it’s often a funny day for Jamie Simmons – JTH]

AFLW Round 5 – Melbourne v Brisbane: The Cranbourne Identity

Jamie Simmons with all of the important questions such as how do you best replicate Cranbourne in your lounge room and exactly how will we tell which way the wi d is blowing when Nat Exon loses the mullet?

AFLW Round 4 – Brisbane v Fremantle: Revelations

Things got wet out Brendale way but Jamie Simmons carried on undeterred, under a lot of things really

AFLW Round 3 – Carlton v Brisbane: The Garfunkel

Jamie Simmons is being Jamie Simmons in his observation of Brisbane’s visit Down South. His Tayla has left him.

The Brisbane Reclink Community Cup 2017 – Brisbane Lines v Rocking Horses: Thrusting your name before the selectors?

Jamie Simmons went to the Community Cup in Brisbane (which is sponsored by Blundstone). He had an excellent afternoon – and he has come up with a cunning plan. [More great lines and Lines from Igor – JTH].

The photos are with permission. Thanks to Evo. But I would like to acknowledge specific photographers – if anyone can assist. JTH

Round 21 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Bar the Shouting

Jamie Simmons, having spent five weeks without internet and being forced to attend the Brisbane Ballet (and enjoying it!), finds it’s the familiarity of a Gabba game day crowd that he yearns for. (So many great lines in this- ed)