Harms election watch – Round 6: Rooty Hill RSL

by John Harms Those of us who spent too much time in the Trans-Australian Banks (pre-Betfair, of course) in the 1990s will recall waiting nervously through Rooty Hill RSL ads on SKY until the result of the photo finish came through.  I think it was their only advertiser. So, as we were hanging out to [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Round 5- Julia in form

Election betting has flattened out, but no matter how I look at it, I just keep coming back to one thing: the election result is all about Queensland. And the pollies know it as well. Queenslanders are still recovering from the Coalition’s launch on Sunday. Rarely have so many blueblood Liberals graced the Sunshine State. [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Round 4

This election will be won and lost in Queensland. Simple as that. And Queensland is different sort of place, with its own understanding of the world. I lived there for 30 years, and if pressed, I would say I am a Queenslander. Not your typical Queenslander, but I reckon I understand the Queensland sensibility.

Election Harms Round 2- The Debate

Sunday evening used to be for watching Disneyland. You would always wonder which land the story would come from: Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, and the other Lands which have drifted from my memory. Then came Big Brother, and Sunday evening footy, and now Master Chef. I watched the end of Master Chef last night just [Read more]

Harms’ Election Watch- Part 1

As Director of Manning Clark House in Canberra, I am obliged to have a good grasp of Australian History, and at least pretend to have a good grasp of contemporary Australian day-to-day politics. I reckon I’ve got the nuts and bolts of the first one covered, but I’m less confident about the other. Not because [Read more]

Pies and Zhivagos Dominate a Full Cultural Menu

Weekends which encompass time at the MCG combined with time at the Corner Hotel, are weekends well-spent, even if they are not very productive. Productivity is further compromised if the weekends are bookended by liberal doses of red wine. Juicer and Nicole arrived from Warragul Friday evening.  As St Kilda supporters, they are really not [Read more]

Community Cup: Espy Rockdogs Pie Night

Hi All, Yes, my old band, The Nubiles, are reforming for one show only as part of the Fabulous Community Cup. Dust off your rocking pants and come down to support a very good cause. Hope to see you there. For more information visit the Espy website.  http://www.espy.com.au John Weldon

A well-rounded holiday

26 April – the day after ANZAC Day. Which means it is a public holiday as Victoria has adopted the national policy of a day in lieu of the Sunday. Good idea if you are an employee. My actual ANZAC Day was spent at the MCG seeing the Pies dominate the Bombers, so the extra [Read more]

Two Kings

by Andrew Starkie Down the phone from his home in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, Jack Rennie has a softly scoured, Brando like voice.  He is welcoming, patient and as he speaks, his memory opens and he joyously recounts one of our great sporting moments. ‘He was king of Australia at the time,’ recalls Jack, former trainer [Read more]

Food: Get along while the weather’s still warm

Footy is back! And for me it couldn’t have come sooner. Finally an end to a seemingly never-ending pre-season of running, swimming, cycling, boxing, wrestling, tackling, biathlons, triathlons, weights and of course football sessions. But most importantly, as a Richmond player, it’s a chance to make amends for a rough 2009 season. One of the [Read more]

Food: I love the emphasis on cuisine and footy in Melbourne life

By Daniel Jackson There are two things I love about Melbourne: its infatuation with sport and its passion for exceptional food. There is certainly an abundance of both in our great city, and I’m here to combine them by writing for some of football’s biggest critics about some of the finer features of Melbourne’s food [Read more]

Link: The top 100 tap beers

What? No Ballarat Bitter? No Abbots Lager? Maybe these people are on to something.

Music: Laneway Festival a hit at new venue

By Andrew Fithall Over the previous two years, the Melbourne leg of the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival had taken a bit of flack. Increased crowds in a geographically restrictive environment resulted in many disenchanted festival goers. 2009 had been particularly bad, with attendees loud in their disapproval of access to bands they had paid good [Read more]

Music: 27 hours at the Corner Hotel … and loving it

Thursday, 9pm. Normally nearing bed time for an early next-day start for a visit to the gym (Helen) or a walk around the tan (me). Instead we give the kids a kiss goodnight and head out. The band is Akron/Family (and I don’t know the significance of the oblique either) and they are scheduled to [Read more]

Music: Recollections of an old fart at Meredith

By Andrew Fithall In 2008 I attended my first Meredith. Some people think that is a little bit weird for a then 49-year -old. And some people might be a little bit right. But I have come late to this music festival scene. In fact, live music generally has not taken up a lot of [Read more]