Kenny Rogers and me

Mickey Randall goes down memory lane to catalogue Kenny Rogers’ presence in his life. It’s a charming tale of belated appreciation.

Lest we forget the other pandemic

The First World War, the Spanish Flu pandemic, and their terrible effects on life at the time are reflected upon by Harold Peacock in this timely piece leading up to Anzac Day. Check out details of a live stream of an Anzac Day commemoration.

Those Other Days Are Gone

In this ever-changing world, a poignant futuristic (and historical) story from Dips O’Donnell, father and son discuss footy in the good old days.

The New World

Like it or not, but the times they are a’changin’ and all because of a little bug. Earl O’Neill reflects upon the possible repercussions of coronavirus in the new world.

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

An allegorical story by E. regnans in which the empathetic Andre identifies, describes and lives out a way of being.

The Furphy Literary Award – an opportunity for all writers.

Entries can now be lodged in the Furphy Literary Award (worth $15,000). Almanac writers please note. [Have a crack – Ed]

Pets Allowed in Rental Properties: They Deserve a Home Too

Deakin Uni Journalism student, Shannon Cole reports on the consequences caused by the change to Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to allow pets in rental properties.

Half time

Oh to be a fly on the wall in Round 1 – Matt Zurbo takes us into the “fictional” inner sanctum of a club in the time of coronavirus.

Two Ply in the Tempest

We may well be enduring our biggest challenge for decades, but Dips O’Donnell ponders the possible constructive lessons we just might learn, possibly even emerging as a better society.

Scandinavia’s finest pontoon gin bar

Mickey and the missus are out and about in Sweden having just crossed over ‘The Bridge’. Bucolic days abound! (We hope you get home safely, Mickey! – Eds.)

Gumby and the Flying Saucer: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

The psychological condition of thinking oneself a fraud, the imposter syndrome, is an issue budding writers often contemplate as James Patrik explains.

Flattening the curve: an issue of urgent (clear) education and individual and collective responsibility

Confronting times.

Robbie Flower at the Western Oval

Damian Balassone has just published a book of poems about footy greats, here’s one about the dazzling Robbie Flower.

Almanac Lunch (Report): 1989 The Great Grand Final

Dips O’Donnell enjoyed the cracking Almanac lunch at Perc’s North Fitzroy Arms on Friday. Tinsel Tony Wilson, Dean Anderson and Darren Flanigan told some great stories. Many more are told in Tony’s wonderful book: 1989 The Great Grand Final.

The Ultimate College Experience

The coronavirus is causing mayhem for everyone including Bridget Schwerdt and her trip of a lifetime to study in America as she explains.

Richmond: a jilted love(r’s) story

Deep within the Arctic Circle, Richard Marlow recounts his years as a Tigers fan in this rollicking personal history.

The Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch – March 13: Tony Wilson with Darren Flanigan and Dean Anderson

Come to lunch on Friday March 13 to hear about Tony Wilson’s new book 1989: The Great Grand Final and enjoy fine food and good company while hearing from the author, Hawthorn premiership player Dean Anderson, and one of footy’s good blokes Darren Flanigan.

Almanac Music (Stereo Stereo Stories): ‘Everybody Hurts’ – a road trip to Sydney

Check out Matt Quartermaine’s Stereo Stories post reflecting on his recent road trip to Sydney. A must read!

Almanackers, what about a theme song?

Citrus Bob Utber suggests the Footy Almanac needs a theme song: a special, rip-roaring, rousing song that celebrates all things our community reflects. Ok Almanackers, over to you!

A day at the MCG – not watching sport but reliving history

Greg Blood reviews his tour of the recently revamped Australian Sports Museum at the MCG, and the MCG itself. [Terrific piece – Ed]