Almanac Music – Billie Holiday: Three Songs

Peter Crossing reflects on the legacy of Billie Holiday through three of her greatest songs.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Echoes’ – Tommy Mallet

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where an echo comes from as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Echoes’ tells.

Almanac Life: Ten Things I Hate

It’s often said that there’s a fine line between love and hate – but not in these ten instances, according to KD.

Almanac Poetry: ‘The Boy from Natimuk’

Mullets are all the go in Natimuk as Marcus Holt’s poem ‘The Boy from Natimuk’ explains in this take on Banjo Paterson’s ‘The Man from Ironbark’.

Almanac Life: Sporting Heroes 1954

1954 was certainly a great year for Australian sport as Allan Grant remembers some of his sporting heroes from that year.

Naughty Poems

Damian Balassone has come up with a collection of ‘naughty poems’ to titillate readers.

Almanac Life: The Rental Car

Smokie recounts the pleasures and perils of a jaunt with his family in a hire car on the French Riviera.

Almanac Music: This week in 1971

A song released 50 years ago tomorrow got Ian Hauser wondering about what we were listening to in May 1971.

Almanac Footy (and Life): Life through the prism of football

Tom Stone, one of Tanunda’s ‘Sprocket Rockets’, looks back at life through the prism of his experiences in Australian football.

Almanac Travel: Fifteen (happy) notes from our Melbourne weekend

Mickey Randall packed a lot into a weekend trip to Melbourne.

Almanac Music: Happy 80th birthday Bob!

What a fabulous way to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday, a concert of Bob songs performed by Melbourne’s finest musicians and singers at the Memo Music Hall in St Kilda. May you stay forever young Bob!

Almanac Book Reviews: ‘Sacredly Profane’ – Kevin Densley’s poetry collection

Col Ritchie reviews Kevin Densley’s recent poetry collection ‘Sacredly Profane’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Women Screaming Like Crows’ – Tommy Mallet

Sweat, blood and alcohol interact amongst the players of the night as Tommy Mallet’s latest poem tells.

Almanac Book Review: Ken Haley on Ron Reed’s ‘War Games’

Ron Reed’s recent release ‘War Games’ has been read and thoroughly reviewed by Ken Haley.

Almanac Life – Callignee: A Love Song

Shane Reid rolls back the years to remember out-of-the-way Callignee and the special place it held in his father’s heart. (A beautiful reminiscence – Ed.)

Almanac Documentary: ‘The Rover of Tobruk’ – Bob Quinn

‘The Rover of Tobruk’ is a documentary by Kane McKay that tells the amazing story of World War 2 Military Medallist and Port Adelaide Football Club immortal, Bob Quinn.

Almanac Life: The Pelican

Smokie recalls the day that he and his dad went fishing – and landed a pelican!

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch: Guest speaker – Ashley Browne: footy scribe

Respected footy journo Ashley Browne will be guest speaker at The Odd Friday/Footy Almanac lunch on 21 May at the North Fitzroy Arms where he will talk about his new book AFL 2020: A Season Like No Other.

Almanac Books: Finding Jack Broadstock

Researching information about the subject of his biography, ‘The Trials of Jack Broadstock’, proved to be challenging at times for Michael Sexton as he explains.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Upward Unwind’ – Tommy Mallet

The silence of the mountains as they rise to meet the moon is a blissful moment for a man and his dog.