Almanac Music: ‘The President Sang Amazing Grace’ – Kronos Quartet and Meklit

At this time of Presidential elections in the USA, a stirring memory; the Kronos Quartet and Meklit sing, ‘The President sang Amazing Grace’.

Almanac Poetry: The Quest of the Holy Grail – in a Nutshell

Not quite Monty Python, but certainly not ‘straight’ either, this week’s poem from Kevin Densley concerns the most famous knightly quest of them all.

Almanac Music: ‘The Melbourne Cup’ – Slim Dusty

Aussie music legend Slim Dusty sings his song, ‘The Melbourne Cup’.

Podcast: Don Watson on Keating’s Redfern Speech, 1992

It’s considered one of the finest ever examples of Australian oratory. Tony Wilson shares with us speechwriter Don Watson’s take on then Prime Minister Paul Keating’s incredible Redfern Speech

Almanac Life: The First Beer After Lock-Down

The first beer after lockdown tasted sweet. But Smokie explains why the hesitation remains

Almanac (Covid) Life: Love in the Time of Coronavirus – Part 2

E. regnans continues his journal of life and love in the time of coronavirus. In this instalment, he channels the thoughts of Andre who contemplates the not inconsiderable challenges of ‘opening up’.

Trick-or-Treating Malcolm Blight

From Halloween knocking on the (rumoured) door of one of the greatest ever footballers to chatting footy with God and masquerading with Murali, these are some of Damian Balassone’s treasured tales from decades past.

Almanac Short Fiction: ‘Bostell’s Lager Man’

The opening of Kafka’s ‘The Metamorphosis’, in which Gregor Samsa awakes from uneasy sleep to find himself transformed into a giant bug, receives an unusual twist in this short story from Kevin Densley. Is KD’s piece a strange cautionary tale? An example of ‘the Aussie surreal’? A modern Aesop’s fable with its origins in the brewery? You be the judge.

AFL 2020: A Reflection (featuring this year’s Premiership poster)

Ben the Artist returns with his thoughts on the season like no other and reveals his annual premiership poster to celebrate the Tigers’ back-to-back flags.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber and Surfing with James Arness  

The continuing tales of Dave Kimber, this time involving surfing and skiing in his native California. And of course, meeting a few celebrities along the way.

Almanac Life: The West End Brewery and me

Mickey Randall contemplates the demise of West End Brewery.

Almanac Art: Day of the 2020 Grand Final

Tiger fan Kate Birrell shares her long, long day of waiting for the night of the Grand Final that inspired yet another superb artwork.

Almanac Music: The Music of New Orleans – The Neville Brothers

Another one of the great bands to come out of New Orleans is The Neville Brothers. Col Ritchie has had the pleasure of seeing them perform live a number of times.

Almanac Poetry: ‘An Old Man’ – C.P. Cavafy

C P Cavafy, is a well known Greek poet who was prolific during the late 19th and early 20th century. ‘An Old Man’ reflects on time and wasted opportunities.

Almanac Poetry: The Car Chase in Films from Six Different Countries

A poem about cars speeding around six countries and all that entails is the subject of Kevin Densley’s poetry this week.

Almanac Footy: Getting a grand final ticket

The trials and tribulations of getting a grand final ticket as told by Matt Watson.

Almanac Football: The hunt for the owner of the red shorts

Ed Carmine can’t work out who owned the shorts previously or why they were so inexpensive when he spied them on Sydney Road!

Almanac Food: KD’s Kitchen – The Napoletana Pizza

What better way to utilise time during Covid-19 than to hone up on one’s culinary skills as Kevin Densley has done.

Almanac Book Launch – ‘Lament’ by Nicole Kelly: A time to toast!

The social gathering limitations imposed by COVID-19 might be a wet blanket for some, but for Nicole Kelly it provides an opportunity to invite the whole Almanac community to the online launch of her novel ‘Lament’ next month.

Almanac Music: Dave Kimber – Herb Alpert, Buffy St Marie, and deer antlers!

More wonderful musical tales from Dave Kimber during his time at the Guitar Centre in Los Angeles, including Herb Alpert and a deer.