Almanac Basketball – WNBL Final 2019: Adelaide Lightning v Canberra Capitals

Maybe the best finish to a women’s basketball game Peter Argent has ever seen! Check out his photos from the game.

Truck That – a new novel from Steve Rogers

Check out Steve Rogers new crime novel Truck That.

Almanac Anthropology: Gigs’ door and stickers of the `70s.

Gigs has made public a photo of his childhood door – chockers with stickers. What should happen to the door?

Poetry: The High Mark

with the footy season now underway
and with poetry in the air today
we revisit Bruce Dawe’s meditation on the speccie.

Richard Flanagan: Tasmania is burning (link to Guardian)

For those who have yet to discover Richard Flanagan’s powerful piece on power, climate change and leaders who lack depth and substance here is a link to it in the Guardian.

Names but no faces!

Good looking, handsome? Or not as envisaged! After many literal interactions on the Footy Almanac site, Jan Courtin ponders the visual, what do her fellow Almanackers look like? She hopes to find out on her return to Melbourne.

Henry Lawson Poetry: ‘The Song of the Darling River’

I found this Henry Lawson poem about the Darling River. Australia has always suffered droughts, and periods of poor rainfall. Much of the 1890s was dry, and the worst of it became known as the Federation Drought.

Almanac Backyards – Dad calls backyard cricket DRS trial a success

Mickey Randall writes about the joys of a game of backyard cricket with his boys, and in particular, the workings of the DRS.

Bruce Winter: Mr Significance

Time to sit down for a cuppa and enjoy Rulebook’s review of the career of Sturt, Norwood and Woodville West Torrens stalwart, Bruce Winter

Almanac Music: My Calexico Summer

Calexico put on a great musical performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre reports Brian, The Ruminator.

Almanac Weather: Please explain

John Harms is fascinated by weather. He’s watched closely for over half a century. He’s puzzled.

Vampire Weekend’s Hannah Hunt

It’s an enthralling, alliterative name. Say it aloud. Hannah Hunt. It’s easy to pronounce. There’s an affable rhythm, and linguists suggest the repetition of “H” creates romantic introspection explains Mickey Randall as he falls in love with Hannah Hunt.

Roger Angell on growing (really) old [from The New Yorker]

Peter Baulderstone was recently reminded to return to the writing of the celebrated American essayist Roger Angell. He found this piece on growing old.

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: “You Will Surely Love Again” by Chris Wilson

Some words about the passing of a great musician. RIP Chris Wilson.

Almanac TV (and Footy): How Poldark would greatly benefit from an Aussie Rules sub plot

Throughout AFL/VFL’s great history people of vision have pondered how to extend its influence into other areas of high culture, thus enriching both the sport and the host activity. Robert Allen presents some food for thought for our consideration and invites plot suggestions.

It’s far from funny – but sometimes you just have to laugh!

Dementia has visited the Courtin clan, and sometimes you just have to see the funny side of the experience as Jan explains.

Almanac Summer: Simple Lethargic Motion

John Harms writes of summer heat, Greek cafes and Physics.


Andrew Starkie writes about his Christmas-New Year experience. [An example of less saying more, fine writing – JTH]

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: “The Boys Light Up”

Smokie’s latest Stereo Story is a tale of Australian Crawl, of his first pub gig, and of an enormous bar-room brawl

Four pubs and a funeral

Another fine piece from Mickey Randall on the sad (recent) day of the funeral of his mate Jeff.