Almanac Books: Finding Jack Broadstock

Researching information about the subject of his biography, ‘The Trials of Jack Broadstock’, proved to be challenging at times for Michael Sexton as he explains.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Upward Unwind’ – Tommy Mallet

The silence of the mountains as they rise to meet the moon is a blissful moment for a man and his dog.

Almanac Music: Slava and Sharon Grigoryan at the Trinity Sessions

It’s a change of pace at the Trinity Sessions for Greg Andrew as he experiences the classical musicianship of Slava and Sharon Grigoryan.

Almanac Poetry: Albert Jacka Earns Australia’s First VC of The Great War

One hundred and six years ago, almost to the day, legendary Australian soldier, Albert Jacka, performed the remarkable feat which earned him Australia’s first Victoria Cross of The Great War. Kevin Densley’s new poem paints the picture.

Almanac Tribute: Gareth Andrews remembers Frank Costa

Frank Costa was Geelong through and through, the driving force behind the Geelong Football Club becoming the on-field powerhouse it has been in recent times. Gareth Andrews remembers Frank Costa’s passing with a fitting tribute that was recently published in The Age.

Almanac Health: What to do when having a heart attack and you’re alone

Heart attacks occur on average every nine minutes in Australia. Here is some helpful advice if you are having an attack and there is no immediate help around.

A Hoppy Trinity of Outback Pubs

Claire and Mickey continue their honeymoon meander through regional South Australia, enjoying the array of wide experiences on offer at three local pubs.

Bruny Island oyster grower loves a furphy

Self-confessed ‘frustrated writer’ Lee Macefield entered the Furphy Literary Award competition and his story was chosen for the Anthology. He was interviewed for the ABC’s ‘Tasmanian Country Hour’.

Book Extract – Merger: The Fitzroy Lions and the Tragedy of 1996

Another extract from William Westerman’s book, ‘Merger: the Fitzroy Lions and the Tragedy of 1996’. Was this day the worst of a very grim season?

Almanac Music: ‘To Love Somebody’ – The Bee Gees

Col Ritchie has enjoyed the music of the Bee Gees for many years, especially the songs from the early stages of their career. Here are three of their great songs for your enjoyment.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Eddie Betts’s Shorts’ – Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers expresses his love of footy with memories of icons of the game, especially Eddie Betts’s shorts.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Fake Bacon’ – Tommy Mallet

The bush workers are famished, the cupboard is bare, the drink is talking as frustrations take over, and a dusty moth is oblivious to it all. Check out Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Fake Bacon’. [Warning: adult themes – Ed.]

Almanac Poetry: In the Good Old Days

This Tuesday’s poem from Kevin Densley concerns the typical profile of a serial killer back in ‘the good old days’.

Epitaph for a Triathlete

Sometimes you can’t have it all, as this Damian Balassone poem reflects.

Almanac Life: Our Honeymoon in Arkaroola

With the uncertainty of Covid border restrictions still a consideration, Mickey Randall and wife Claire opted for a road less travelled as their honeymoon destination. It soon became apparent why it was less travelled.

Almanac Life: The Painting

How many Almanackers have associated our regular columnist Smokie with the world of fine art? No? You Philistines! Here’s the tale to set you straight.

Almanac Literary: Proximity

The very short story is a notoriously difficult art for a writer to pull off successfully; KD has a crack in his Friday piece.

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch: Andrew Stafford – Back On (Today!)

This lunch is BACK ON.
Andrew Stafford, music writer, footy writer, and lover of birds is the guest speaker at the next Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch on Friday 7 May 2021. Details in this post.

Almanac Books: ‘Merger’ book launch

William Westerman’s book, ‘Merger’, will be launched at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel on June 2nd. Details here.

Almanac Music: Vale – Denny Freeman (1944-2021)

Music legend Denny Freeman played with many greats including Bob Dylan and Stevie Ray Vaughan during his long career. Freeman had been based in Austin Texas from 1970 until his death last week aged 76. Col Ritchie had the pleasure of meeting Denny after a performance at the Saxon Hotel in Austin Texas 2014.