Almanac Family History: Tina Ongarello Reminisces

Tina Ongarello remembers wonderful days of family and footy. [First published in 2011]

Day 107 – Time of Coronavirus

Another day in the life of ER in the time of coronavirus so eloquently told in his inimitable style.

Almanac (Sports) History: John Curtin, PM…and footy lover.

John Curtin was not only a great Prime Minister of Australia during the most challenging of times, he also had a genuine love for sport especially football as Adam Muyt recounts.

Almanac Cricket: A Feast of Cricket in India

Cricket, India and artist John Campbell make for a compelling palette to draw in the sports-lover, the eye and the taste buds. It’s all here in one enchanting story.

Everyday Obituaries: Vale Tommy Searle

Tommy Searle was a larger-than-life character who seemed to know everyone on the Gold Coast – and they knew him! His good mate, Matt O’Hanlon, pays tribute to his great mate. [A beautiful homage – Ed.]

Almanac Footy History: The Changi Brownlow – Peter Chitty

Peter Chitty was the brother of Carlton’s legendary Bob Chitty. Peter played two games for the Saints before the war, but his most remarkable football achievement came in the prison camp at Changi. Allan Grant reports.

Almanac Life: Recollections of a Garbo

After he finished high school, and before he headed off to uni, Frank Taylor worked on the Eltham Council. He had a stint as a garbo. These are his recollections of life as a runner. [Superb – JTH]

Almanac Pub Review: The Greenock, Barossa Valley

In Mickey Randall’s time, Greenock has become a ‘destination’. But the pub remains a sanctuary. [Includes traces of cricket stories – JTH]

Almanac Poetry: For Bad Behaviour

A short piece from Kevin Densley on an event crystalised into memory, both capital and corporal in nature.

The 2020 Furphy Literary Award short list announced

No doubt Almanac writers threw their hat in the ring of the Furphy Literary Award. It has been an enormous success with 850 entries (and a further 250 entries in the junior sections). Here are the short lists. The winners will be announced later this month and the virtual presentation will occur on July 25.

Sam Newman, Don Scott and Mike Sheahan apologise to Nicky Winmar

This speaks for itself.

An Hour in Heaven

Robbie Flower, an excerpt from Damian Balassone’s recent release, ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’.

‘A multi nodal journey of discovery through the Wimmera.’ Discuss.

Roger Lowrey recently returned to the Wimmera, where he spent forty years of his working life. This is where his five-day road trip took him. [Beaut pics too – Ed]

Almanac Rugby League – NSW Country Rugby League……Then and Now

Michael Croke from central western NSW is a teacher and former broadcaster with a long memory of country football. He recounts the good old days in Dubbo in the 60s and 70s.

Almanac Poetry: Ned Kelly’s Last Hours

More Australian poetry of our historic past by Kevin Densley; this time Ned Kelly awaits the gallows.

Round 4 – GWS v Collingwood: Empathy for the Magpie

After witnessing Jeremy Howe’s horror knee injury on Friday night, Alex Darling felt a heavy layer of empathy. His time spent unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic meant he slid a little bit closer to understanding the gruelling months that lay ahead of Howe.

Charlie and the Clothing Factory: Mr Clymo, Women’s Football and Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour

Kevin Densley reports on a record breaking historical football match played in Ballarat in 1918. The match between two women’s teams representing clothing firms from Ballarat and Melbourne attracted a crowd of 7000 in a fund raising football match for The Avenue of Honour in Ballarat.

Equinox to solstice and the Time of Coronavirus

E.regnans walks on through the Time of Coronavirus with U2 in his ears. He ponders a thousand thoughts.

Almanac Life: Blunt’s Room

Smokie recalls the glory days of a sanctuary called ‘Blunt’s Room’.

Almanac Rugby League: Like father, like son, like grandson

Dan Keary inherited his father’s passion for the mighty Eastern Suburbs Roosters and supported them through thick and thin. His task has been to honour that legacy by passing it on to his children. [A rollicking yet poignant family story – Ed.]