Almanac Life: There is a great joy in being useful

Peter Robertson explores the joy of being a useful person and making a difference to life.

Almanac Life: Elbow Dancing

During this time of Covid-19 and ‘elbow bumping’, has resulted in Peter Robertson reflecting on the symbolism and power of the handshake.

Almanac Travel: Out-of-Bounds

Whilst recently on tour, Peter Robertson got to thinking about walls, and sport’s ability to break them down.

Almanac (Fly) Fishing: ‘The Zone’ and other diversions

What a delightful Sunday afternoon meditation on ‘divertimento’ which may be a divertimento in itself. Some thoughts on fly fishing and the zone from Robbo. [Terrific – JTH]

Almanac Tennis: On Court Confessions

Robbo is thinking about tennis and the nature of the game as he turns on the TV to watch the first week of the Australian Open. Here he cites the thoughts of (the late) David Foster Wallace.

Sink or Swim?

  I have been reading the recent reports in the press that Surf Lifesaving Queensland (SLSQ) is under threat of litigation over alleged failures in their duty of care. Surf Lifesavers are a remarkable Australian phenomenon, and their red and yellow cap is as iconic as Vegemite. A volunteer organisation that was founded over 100 years ago, [Read more]

Identity Calling

How do modern Aussies define themselves, and is increasing nationalisation changing our identity?

The Importance of Being Relevant

Robbo fears that many grass-roots sporting clubs are in danger of losing relevance

Money, Money, Money…

Robbo analyses the effects of increasing revenue has had on the sporting industry.

It’s Just Not Cricket

Robbo suggests how debilitating it can be to always seek to find blame in someone or something else, in particular with regards to specific sporting issues, and the difficulty there is in resolving a satisfactory outcome for those same issues.

Almanac Olympics: Gold Medal Recriminations

Robbo wants to see a greater focus on grass roots participation for Olympic campaigns and change the Golf and Tennis classification while you are at it.

Almanac Gaming: Go Pokémon Go!

Robbo celebrates Pokémon Go! with an analysis of “what this phenomenon is telling us.” Those involved with traditional sport and leisure activities need to watch and learn.

Sport – Who’s Funding Who

Is sport a waste of taxpayers money as some claim, or is sport in fact getting a raw deal when it comes to government funding support asks Robbo.

Fishy Regulations

Robbo comments on the unintended consequences of regulation and how it might effect recreational fishing.

Eurovision Spectacles and Probity Illusions

Robbo on controversial decisions when discussing the final result of Eurovision.

The Conundrum of Sports Gambling

Is sports gambling the new smoking? Robbo looks at the history and future of a phenomenon that seems as much a part of sport than the contest itself.

I ‘Like’ Bias

In a modern virtualised world, we need to take care that we don’t get caught in a ‘Like’ vacuum and unwittingly fuel bias and stereotyping.

Cheater – Who Me?

Cheating. What is it and how do we police it? Robbo takes through a few of the issues and highlights the differences between some sports. This is a topic worthy of much discussion.

Heroes, Villains and Genetics

Robbo questions whether genetic engineering and testing will deliver the elite sportsperson.

Heroes, Villains and Dummy Spits

As the 2016 Australian Open gathers steam, what is going on with our young Aussie tennis stars and why does tennis seem to excel at dummy spits?