Secrets of the oldest professional longboard surfer in the world

by Nick Kossatch


MICHAEL Cottier is not a local, but he may as well be as he is currently waxing his Malibu surfboard ahead of the ‘Reef 2 Beach’ Longboard Classic next month at Agnes Water.

What makes Cottier from Ramsgate an interesting character is because he is the oldest professional longboard surfer in the world.

The 59-year-old former policeman, who grew up at the shores of Botany Bay, will be entering his 10th campaign at Agnes.

“They are loving and supporting, the people there at Agnes Water and I have won the age group and the Old Malibu merged with logger division now, but have not won the open amateur yet,” Cottier said.

When asked about his longevity in the sport, Cottier said a change of diet was the secret.

“It’s probably a number of things, but in the past two years I have changed my diet,” Cottier said.

“My previous food intake caused sore joints, now I have no grains or sugar in my life because all of them carry inflammation effects, and has little or no realfood value”.

“I have lost 27 kilograms in the past 18 months and no more knee and hip pain.”

The other recipe to having a successful surfing career is to do stretching exercises and of course to surf regularly.

Cottier explained the criteria of the famous surfing event held from February 26 to 28.

“There’s two sets of criteria with the first being a standard longboard and the second is the logging board criteria which includes one single fin in a copy of the old 1960s Malibu boards with a technological touch,” Cottier explained.

He currently ranks ninth in Australasia in the W.S.L. (World Surf League) Open Men Professional class.

Michael Cottier

Michael Cottier


– Nick Kossatch is a sports reporter at the Gladstone Observer


  1. There are not too many activities harder than surfing. Or more enjoyable.

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