Discussion: Australian Open Golf

A low scoring first day. The traditional Daly circus. Pretty much the expected first day as a strong field contests the Oz Open. There’s much to discuss apart from Tiger. Your thoughts folks?  

Another successful golf weekend

  by Peter Argent Now of the Eudunda Golf Club calendar for over a decade, The JAK (Jack Knight) golf weekend just keeps getting bigger and better. This celebrates the long time club secretary’s commitment to the community and is a chance for many former Eudunda-ites to catch up. Last weekend at the course that [Read more]

Maurice Flitcroft: good old boy

This is the story of Maurice Flitcroft: golfer.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1291587/How-worlds-worst-golfer-gatecrashed-Open–truly-teed-men-blazers.html

The British Open blog

Now is not the time to tell you how I got there, but I will later. But I was at Royal St George’s in 1993 to see Norman win The Open. Given the course is on the coast at Sandwich it was a sub-editor’s delight. History and all that. I went to see The open, [Read more]

Seve: a shot of genius

The many obituaries devoted to golfing legend Seve Ballesteros are rightfully glowing. No golfer was more cavalier than Seve. And no golfer was more fearless than Seve. Very few if any golfers possess the mental and physical capabilities to win Open Championships from car parks. Check out the link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpcBFvZlyDk Physically, Seve’s skill largely [Read more]

Time for a change, Andrew

 by Bob Utber After spending an enthralling 10 hours (yes, I watched the replay just in case!) watching the final round of The Masters at Augusta I believe that Andrew Demetriou must make some urgent changes to this year’s Grand Final. We already have one momentous change playing the big game in October but I [Read more]

Masters Tension Evokes Memeories

Memories are funny things. They can flicker at the edge of your mind like a light bulb in the cellar. Others shine stronger than the brightest star in the sky, special moments that take your breath away out of sheer horror or sheer joy. One of the brightest memories I have occurred in April 1996. [Read more]

US Masters – live

This is phenomenal. Adam Scott has just lost his second t the 15 th tirght, and Tiger has just hit a half-OK second tot he 18th. A stack of players within one shot of Adam Scott at -11. And a few moe within two! Jason Day just missed from 5 feet at 14. He looked [Read more]

Almanac Golf: Tony Ongarello and the WAGS Dinner

John Harms met Tony Ongarello under unusual circumstances – during a dinner at Metropolitan Golf Club.

Well played that man

I hope that Almanac community can allow a little indulgence on my behalf as I share with you a story that I’m sure many of you have similarly experienced as parents. It might also go some way to explaining to the uninitiated why golf is the most addictive sport ever invented. I’ve got two kids, [Read more]

Golf: Mastering Augusta

by Peter Flynn The second weekend of April is always a special (I’d even go as far as to say a delicious) time for golf fans. It’s US Masters time. It’s like Christmas when you were a kid. The challenging Augusta National layout in conjunction with the tournament’s mystique and quirky traditions present a thorough [Read more]

Golf: Tiger and the seed of destruction

By John Harms It’s official. Tiger is bigger than climate change. Bigger than Copenhagen and the ETS and greenhouse gases and ozone layers. Bigger than global self-destruction. Bigger than any of the statesmen and stateswomen who are trying to understand what is happening to this planet, and what might happen to this planet, and how [Read more]