Crio’s Q? The Five

Channel 7 went gung-ho with the head-to-head promo of the Australian Open last week – it was all Scotty v Rory.

This was perplexing with a star such as Spieth in the field – vindicated by his Sunday 63 to capture the Stonehaven Trophy.

He is the real deal. In fact on Friday, frustrated at his lack of profile, I declared him in the top five players I’d rate to watch in the world.

The other sofa (Tom) could not let a sweeping statement such as this go unchallenged.

Here was my declared five: in no particular order:-

Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Jason Day and Jordan Spieth look set for a long, thrilling series of major battles – they are all different and magnificent.

For the record, my fifth is the great Miguel Angel Jimenez – a personal favourite.


Warming to the task (and still “off the cuff”) – I then quickly started an all-time handful:-

Seve, Shark, Trevino…all lock-ins

The next spots are difficult. Golden Bear? Probably. I never saw Arnie or legends from earlier.


Any suggestions or challenges?


  1. I’m not prepared to go five BEST ever, all I can do is reflect on my favourites to watch.

    In no particular order:

    Lee Trevino for entertainment value, natch.
    Bernhard Langer – seemed to be the epitome of getting it done without bells and whistles
    Tom Watson
    Craig Parry

  2. Nice one Crio. Must confess that like test cricket, the time it takes to truly absorb a golf tournament defeats me these days. A function of age, other priorities and not having pay TV. The US Masters is the only sacred slot on my golf watching calendar these days.
    Like Bakes I find favourites easier than best (in most sports). Tiger is automatically excluded for being a humourless, egotistical schmuck.
    Charles Pierce’s hatchet job on Tiger and celebrity “journalism” on Grantland is brilliant.
    For top 3 I can’t go beyond Bakes – Nicklaus, Trevino and Langher.
    Nicklaus for his extraordinary skill and self belief. The story of him waking in the middle of the night at St Andrews before the last round when he was well behind, and going to the window and telling his wife “the wind is up, I’ll win this”. Extraordinary.
    Trevino for making an asset of limitations – the greatest low hitting/under the wind player of all time. And making pro golf look fun.
    Langher also with the graceful, effortless swing and making the game look enjoyable. His short putting woes made him human.
    My next few are Bob Shearer (my idol growing up in the 70’s) and Teddy “Cricket” Ball (dressed like a rocker in tight pants, big belt and stovepipe pants – had the quickest swing in golf).
    Overseas the players with Peter Allis and Henry Longhurst on “Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf” (there was an American TV equivalent – Ken Venturi was on it?) were my favourites. Lanny Wadkins – who swung out of his shoes. Orville Moody – ex US Army who won the 1969 US Open – and his partner Miller Barber (the swing model for Jim Furyk on a bad day).
    Golf until the 80’s in the days of persimmon woods was a much more elegant and skilful game.

  3. Crio, you’re dislike of lefties diminishes the fun factor.
    Current players I’d go, no order, Phil Mickelson, Bubba, Rory, Jiminez, Garcia. Not saying these are the best but the ones I’d most like to watch. Sleigh would be top 10 though.
    All-time would agree with Trevino, Seve, Shark but include John Daly. Probably Tom Watson to round out the 5.

  4. Budge,
    most uncharacteristically you are too generous – I dismiss lefties and broomstickers.

  5. Matt suggested Nick O’Hern must be one of your favourites then.

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