Your Masters thoughts?

I know it’s always like this but with Tiger going from everything, Jason Day with the smile of the wandering fatalist, Angel with his love for the home stretch, this could be anything.

How are you seeing it all?

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  1. Absolutely loving the Warrnambool Golf Club and that folksy Rob Waters is on the scene.

  2. J. Day: superb from the 13th bunker. The boy from Beaudesert is a chance,

    Beaudesert: must go there in your life-time.

  3. How come I have to get up at 4am to see what you Eastern Staters can get at 6? How come it takes 2 hours to get the pictures across the Nullabor? Bloody TV networks. Bloody AFL with all that travel. Bloody Canberra.
    I love watching Adam Scott because his game is so much like mine (the putting part). There is something about Leishman’s face that reminds me of Mike Clayton (vaguely hangdog). Love the fight in Day – he keeps smiling and swinging – like a boxer who doesn’t know when to stay down.
    I love Cabrera’s ‘backyard’ golf swing. He is like a rottweiller – he won’t let go. One of our boys will have to make a run at him. He’s not going to come back. Only trouble with ‘An-hell’ is that he’s Argentinian. Can we get him on a boat for a quick naturalisation??? Two wins in America – both Majors. What a guy.

  4. Surely one of the Aussies can do it? Jason Day probably the best show but Leishman would be the fairytale.

  5. Come on Knackers – sing along in one voice. Fan support will get our boys home this year:

    “Its been a long time hookin’
    Not winnin’ always lookin’
    The Masters has always been our dream dream

    They’ve won all the rest you know
    And proven they’re the best you know
    But Greggy never wore the baggy green

    Scotty;’s pounding drives like a machine
    Lieshy’s scarin’ Yanks – lookin’ mean
    Jase knows all the trick-ets
    Aussies in the thickets
    This Masters’ just the best we’ve ever seen

    Come on Aussie, come on, come on
    Come on Aussie, come on

  6. Uh oh. Rottweiller’s bite.

  7. Barracking for Adam Scott is like barracking for St Kilda. I’ve got my eyes closed. Just one more birdie. Please. Please. Please…………………

  8. J Day just had his ruined.

  9. I love to say Ahhhnhell. I’m getting superstitious though. Hoping I’m not sending my vibes down the wrong way.

  10. Andrew Weiss says

    Any bloke that has the name Angel should not even be eligable to play at the masters. At least both of Adam Scotts name are manly.

  11. Scott birdies 18!

  12. Andrew Weiss says

    Yes!!!!!!! What a put Adam Scott on the 18th. 1 shot up. Will that be enough to win it. Love the celebration. Lets hope there is no help from above for Angel now.

  13. Commentators – “Adam Scoooootttt. Unreal !!”

  14. Cabrera fights back – within 3 feet.

    This is sport at its best.

  15. Uh oh. Bloody rottweillers never let go.

  16. Andrew Weiss says

    Here we go. An Australian in another play off for a major. Surely it is time for an Aussie to win one of these. Looks like the commentators are going with the religious theme as well saying that this could be the year for Argentina. First the new pope in Argentinian and now possibly a masters champion. Lets hope not

  17. Battle of nerves. Marvellous stuff.

  18. Scott you legend. Nerves of steel. Huge day for Aussie sport.

  19. Andrew Weiss says

    Yes, He has done it. What a last couple of holes. Great golf by both players. This is what makes winning a masters so special and so hard. Yet again it is a couple of centimetres between winning and coming second. Credit to both golfers. Great to see sportsmanship by both Adam and Angel when the pressure is on. Congrats Adam. Might have to go out and round myself now.

  20. As big as Cadel Evans’ win?

  21. Wonderful. All the sweeter for past disappointments. And Cabrera made him earn it 3 times over.
    Scott was a Zen master all day. I didn’t see one false shot. Just no putts until it mattered.

  22. Late for work but well woth it! Great to see Adam Scott win it, had goosebumps watching him put on the Green Jacket. At least the equal of Evans’ great win, but given the many near misses we have had over many years I reckon slighty more signifigant in my opinion.

  23. Peter Flynn says


    When it counted he made the putts.

    The putter has been his achilles heel.

    Cabrera is a class act. A latter day Lee Trevino.

    Dips, this is the best sporting eent on the planet.

  24. Peter Flynn says

    Another major for Steve Williams.

    He thinks he is a glofer.

  25. Magnificent stuff.

    A worthy and humble winner. And the runner-up covered himself in glory as well.

    Best TV sporting event I’ve witnessed.

  26. Peter Flynn says

    I can’t type.

  27. Maybe Steve Williams IS a glofer.

    Definition of “Glofer”: a caddy who thinks he’s a golfer (particularly following major win).

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