Crio’s Q? Part of the furniture

If I mentioned that Ivor Robson was retiring, the penny mightn’t drop.

It is his voice which will strike a chord.

The players waited on the first tee last night. Only Ivor could send them “on their way”.

He did so for the last time at the International in Munich as he will throughout what appears to be his valedictory tour of Europe.

It won’t seem the same.

The Open Championship has been held since 1860 and, despite reports alleging he’s not been there throughout, it seems that Ivor’s intros have been “part of the furniture” for at least our viewing lives.

He’s the type of character who probably wants to slink off to retirement but, doubtless, the players and admirers will make a fuss – youtube is full of impersonations of his distinctive “On the first tee…” tonality.

Good luck to whoever succeeds him!

Obviously, everything has a “use by” – even Jack Styring gave away the picnics.

The world moves on pretty quickly, but it is wonderful how some characters (without bluster or intent) can become identified with an event.

Nugget Rees, it is to be hoped, still has some Adelaide Oval Tests in him!

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