US Masters – Final Nine Holes Blog (the tradition continues)

As the players turn for home, add your commentary on what’s happening.


  1. J. Spieth breaks the record for most birdies in a US Masters. Holing them from everywhere – but hitting it so close helps. Has he got enough mental energy in reserve? He’s held it together for a very long time.

  2. Augusta back nine: the ultimate in risk and reward sport. Absolutely set up for drama. But today?

  3. haiku bob says

    nearing dusk ~
    the golfer shouts
    to his ball

  4. haiku bob says

    Amazing performance from Spieth.
    We’re all losing more sleep over this than him!

  5. haiku bob says

    fading light ~
    the occasional thwack
    of a golf ball

  6. A new generation. They prefer One Direction. Personally I take several on each hole.

  7. haiku bob says

    falling petals ~
    the past-champion
    drops another stroke

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