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You might like to start with a comment on the Adam Scott US Masters Dinner Menu – interested to hear what you would ask for.

US Masters 2014 dinner menu


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  1. Massive second putt from A. Scott at 15. -3 handy

  2. Freddy Couple has given me hope for tackling Royal Maylands today. Same grey hair. Same gentlemanly paunch. Same swi…………………..?????

  3. I watch with the sound right down so as not to wake the Avenging Eagle. Love the names on some of the young US pros I’ve never heard of. HARRY ENGLISH. Sounds like a half brother to Johnny English and Harris Tweed (seemed to run sixth in the Cup for about 5 years running),
    I try to pick the golfers at a distance from their stance and physique, Separated at birth – Justin Rose and Adam Scott – same slim elegance. Rory Mcilroy and Jason Dufner – same barber and same burger diet.
    Scott’s menu is a ripper. Wine choice a bit de rigeur. XXXX? Or Rockford Basket Press at least. Bob OCallaghan’s marketing man should get onto it straight away for next year.
    Fremantle boy Oliver Goss has made the cut and is on track for leading amateur. Its his 20th birthday tomorrow!!

  4. This second 9 of the third round is reminding me of a final round back nine.

    Like the jostling in the pack in the third lap of a 1500m race.

    So I’ll be backing Filbert Bayi.

    Cannot find the one to kick. Maybe Bubba?

  5. Is that a rogue tibouchina among the azaleas at the back of 13?

  6. Years ago I heard the story of how going in and out of the ad. breaks, I think it was CBS, unbeknown to the viewers, used “ambient natural sound” to add to the viewing experience, as it were. Dozens of ornithologists rang in bewildered that they had heard birds that were not to be found in the Augusta area. Jim Nantz, the commentator, you know the one with the style and voice likely to give you diabetes if you listen too long, then apologized and explained to the audience. Ah, America.

  7. I got up at 3.30 this morning (Perth time). Back in bed by 5.30. Too many Americans on the leader board.
    Adam Scott must have been taking tips from my Bogey Bonanza Sale (Doubles. Triples. You want ’em, we’ve got ’em) at Royal Maylands yesterday. Or did I hear too many Brett Ogle ads for Drummond Golf as I dozed on the couch?
    Not a good weekend for great Australian sportsmen – AScott; NNaitanui; MMalthouse; Litza; Wrap and your humble scribe.
    Still the Rumanian movie outdoors at UWA last night got 2 Stars from me. The chardonnay and garlic prawn pizza was 4 Stars. Better than staying home to watch the Winged Eagles.

  8. mickey randall says

    A. Scott’s menu is solidly Australian, but reminiscent of every footballer’s profile-
    Favourite movie: anything with Adam Sandler
    Favourite band: Cold Chisel
    Favourite food: steak or seafood

    As an Adelaide boy by birth I trust Adam ensured there was also Coopers Sparkling Ale on offer. It is a beer John Daly could get his teeth into.

  9. My support is with Miguel Angel Jiminez. Record score yesterday at the Masters for a bloke over 50, tying the previous 66 of two fair players in Ben Hogan and Freddy Couples. His warm up routine videos are legendary (see the link below). I imagine he relaxed after the third round with a couple of Cubans and a good Rioja.
    I can’t see him being ashen and shaking (a la Sabatini – great story PJF) over a chip today – but if he wins – you could guarantee it for the day after.

  10. Bjorn is wearing the cheeriest shirt I’ve ever seen on a golf course.

  11. Watson, Spieth: two of the better shots you’ll see in a pairing at 11. This could be some battle. Looking for eagle-eagle from some Telesto on 13-15 to get on terms with these two.

  12. E.regnans says

    Those good ol’ boy caddy uniforms aren’t bad on the cheesey scale

  13. E.regnans says

    Like the call re: Bubba’s short attention span. Opens up a few scenarios even with 5 holes left, 3 in front.

  14. Peter Flynn says

    Bubba is home.

    Outrageous 2nd into 15.

    He’s been chummy with Spieth from practice range to now.

    Crafty mental strategy from Bubba.

  15. Bubba misses a putt (short front-right) on the 18th and play-off ensues? I wish.

  16. Peter Flynn says

    Blubber Watson

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