Could we please review the Review?

by John Butler An issue which has already commanded far too much attention this summer is the new review/referral system. So naturally I’m going to add to the clamour. My initial judgement on the changes made to this system were along the lines of “much ado about nothing”; that it would be just another of [Read more]

Logic from the backyard

by Patrick O’Keeffe Some of the hardest fought cricket matches I ever played took place in backyards and driveways. And I’m not just saying that. As pleasantries were dispensed with, friends became bitter enemies. Every ball was delivered with ferocity, while the batsmen rarely gave their wicket away cheaply. When they did, they would channel [Read more]

Second Test, Day 3: A classic day of cricket

by Chris Riordan I heard an ABC Radio cricket promo refer to “the rhythm of summer”. I like that. Cricket on the radio is synonymous with holidays, sunshine…a myriad of memories in which cricket is sometimes at the foreground but just as often is the backing beat to this great time of the year. It [Read more]

Second Test, Day 2: Aussies’ effort all well and good, but did you hear about Mumbai?

West Indies 451; Australia 0/174 I awoke before dawn on Saturday to pore over the many elements of the impending contest, and then spent much of the morning attending to the nuts and bolts of getting to the big event – next year’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa, that is. By breakfast, I had [Read more]

Second Test, Day 2 – A change of fortune for West Indies and Clifton Hill

by Andrew Gigacz From the outside, the parallels between the current West Indies team and the Clifton Hill 5th XI may not appear obvious. Actually, even from the inside, they probably aren’t apparent to anyone but me. And in truth, they did not even manifest themselves in my mind until I woke up on Day [Read more]

Second Test, Day 1: A uniform performance from a team that doesn’t know how to play the Safe way..

By Steve Healy After spending my first holiday morning at the uniform shop with my Mum, the cricket couldn’t have come at a better time: The West Indies won the toss and elected to bat, Adrian Barath and Chris Gayle strolled onto the brilliant Adelaide surface at the picturesque Adelaide Oval, with an attacking mindset. [Read more]

Second Test, Day 1 – Bravo Bravado

by John Butler The lead up to this game was again dominated by dire prognostications on the state of Test cricket, the state of West Indies cricket and various predictions on the state of the Earth (emanating mainly from Canberra). I leave the state of the Earth to those better informed, but can’t help feeling [Read more]

Cricket: Love of the game develops into family adventure

By Darren Dawson Cricket has consumed great slabs of my time over the past thirty summers. It’s cost me many life experiences: trips to the surf coast with mates as a teenager, weekends away with friends, long summer holidays with my young family. The only Derby days I ever attended were when the cricket was [Read more]

Cricket: I was there as Slasher took on Windies in best Test at Adelaide Oval

By Peter Schumacher I was at the Fourth Test match between Australia and the West Indies at Adelaide from 27 January to 1 February 1961 for 4 of the 5 days, and on that memorable fifth day I was present in the outer  in the general vicinity of where the Chappell Stands are now located. [Read more]

West Indies batting is bad news

By Steve Healy It was a day that started with the West Indies at the crease, and ended with the West Indies at the crease, a day where 15 wickets fell, all West Indian ones. Adrian Barath was the clear highlight of the day, with an inspiring 2nd innings century on debut, in a West [Read more]

First Test, Day 2: Gabba Test not quite the same when you’re working in Canberra

by John Harms I’m always at this Gabba Test. Mainly because I haven’t had a job since 1991, when the West Indies still ruled the earth and had blokes who could bowl quicker than any radar gun said they could – or says this current crop can. But life moves on. And I start the [Read more]

Day One: Two exams and one Test

First Test: Australia V West Indies, Day 1 By Steve Healy Exams. They’re not as bad as you think, especially when you get to go home early. All day, my mind is on the cricket and of course the Draft, not school work. I get through my science exam unscathed, but then again, where will [Read more]

No balls a problem for Windies bowlers – and Tommy

1st Test Gabba: Australia v West Indies- Day one by John Butler Preoccupations on a sunny Brisbane day Another Test season begins amid rain clouds over scenic Mount Helen (my humble abode). Break the champagne over the bow, or rather, wheel out Greigy and Heals for another pitch report. For a pitch that looks like [Read more]

First Test, Day 1: Ivins on edge in the office; Aussies have edge on the field

By Tim Ivins That there is excitement leading up to the first test has been a testament to the Cricket Australia’s spin doctors. Articles of Hauritz developing a ball that will actually spin and the future of test cricket have created interest in the media. The bagmen clearly think the West Indies loss to Bangladesh [Read more]

What can we reasonably expect from the First Test?

by Chris Riordan What are reasonable expectations for this cricket test? If Australia make 500 it is due to the visitors’ popgun attack. Windies get 300, we lack penetration. Tourists always struggle here anyway, which is why Sth Africa was such a jolt recently, as was Australia’s retaliation on their soil. Aussie supporters, despite noble [Read more]

Fifth Test: A good night spoiled as Punter’s exit sums up series

by John Harms I’m feeling really ripped off. About the cricket. Even more ripped off than I felt in 1975 when those activists dug up the pitch at Headingley and McCosker and Walters didn’t get the chance to chase the huge total England had set for them. They would have got `em. My 13-year-old mind [Read more]

Cricket: No need to panic; Australians just need to take block and start again

In an age in which media inquisitions are compulsory and reflexive, the loss of the Ashes will inevitably prompt a torrent of opinion on the source of failure, closely aligned with a rousing chorus of “What is to be done?” In this environment I am (perhaps unwisely) tempted to add some thoughts to the hubbub.

Fifth Test, Day 3: There you have it — all preconceptions blown out the window

It’s a sad reflection of my life that I offered to write this Saturday night for the cricket report.  The once youthful, bundle of energy that I was has fallen the ways of the domestic silent majority and was happily watching SBS (not the usual late night programs) through the night to see if Australia [Read more]

Fifth Test, Day 4: We’ve been stitched up

The denouement to this topsy-turvy and at times indecipherable series came at 5.48 pm on Day 4 with the dismissal of Mike Hussey for 121. Australia were bowled all out for 348 and lost the deciding fifth Test by 197 runs. England’s crew of battlers and journeymen (Strauss and Flintoff excluded) prevailed 2-1 to regain [Read more]

Fifth Test, Day 3: We’re in Big Trouble

Australia went into the third day of the Fifth Test looking down the barrel. The Poms, who cling to the weapon that can blow us away, are as surprised as anybody that they indeed hold the upper hand. As the third day begins England is 3/58 with a 230-run lead. Before this Test got under [Read more]