Ashes: The Mini-Series

News has come through that Hollywood is making a mini-series of the Ashes. The production has been plagued by script problems, but Matt Quartermaine’s  spies in the Land of Make Believe have let him  in on the casting (In batting order):

Click here for the report: Ashes The Mini Series


  1. Wonderful stuff Matt, laughed out loud, which is probably how we’ll take our cricket from here on in. You have to have humour when you don’t have skills.

    And here I was hoping the cricket would be a pleasant distractions from St.Kildas not so good footy year.

    I hope we learn some humility and remember this time in our lives when we once again win a game or two.


  2. Peter Flynn says

    Great job MEQ.



  3. Shrek as coach Boof Lehmann. Genius!

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