Almanac Memoir: The late Herald

Andrew Gaylard revives memories of a Colac weekend in the 1960s, where the tempo was set by the Saturday afternoon VFL footy, and the late edition of the Herald was a particular treat.

Almanac Footy Teams – Political Football

Who’d you vote for? Andrew Gaylard has come with a footy team of leaders who have been either Prime Minister or President of their country.

Sidds, the line doesn’t move

Why do fast bowlers lose wickets to front-foot no-balls? It’s completely avoidable, writes Andrew Gaylard.


I look at all our coaches nowadays And listen to them holding forth post-game: The stream of phrases, sausages, all the same, Ground up, churned out, consumable clichés. Where are the masters of the pithy phrase Whose wisdom, wit – and frequent lack of shame! – Brought World of Sport and Football Inquest fame? The [Read more]

Poetry: The Geometry of Tom Harley

The Geometry of Tom Harley  by Andrew Gaylard That these two lines will meet there is no doubt: A burly forward leading from the square, The footy’s arc descending through the air; They will converge just thirty metres out. Then from an angle, running back without A hesitation and without a care For safety, just [Read more]