Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: Roaring Tigers and Emotional Yoshi


Saturday, 23 September 2017
4:45 pm
Melbourne Cricket Ground


A week ago, my Tigers diehard mate asked me if I would be at Coolabah or not. I checked my rota and found it would be my day off on the game day, and then replied with yes.

While I was walking town in Kyoto to head to a train station for an Osaka bound train, I talked to an Australian couple. They pointed my St Kilda cap and we started talking about footy. They asked me if I was watching final footy or not, and I told them I was going to Coolabah and meet my friend. They planned to go to Pig and Whistle, a British pub in Kyoto who advertise live footy coverage.

On my arrival at Coolabah, I messaged the Tiger and found he was in Melbourne. He also told me his son was in Fukuoka to see his sister who is an exchange student.

To be honest, I didn’t need to be there as he was not there. Instead I could be at Pig and Whistle, although I think not many staff members have interests in footy.

Some footy supporters were at the pub including a fellow Sainter. Later two Richmond supporters came in, and one of them has lived in Osaka for several years and has a Japanese wife.

Neither teams are not fancy for me, but I roared when Richmond kicked two goals in the first two minutes of the game. They hit out, handballed and kicked so quick!

But Giants responded well like whatever they wanted as babies. Talented boys turned over and created space to score goals.

Babies’ cries took over Tigers’ roaring? Or Giants’ shaking the ground beat Tigers’ attacking?

After GWS’ three goals in a row, Richmond responded two goals in a row. Their 27 points (four goals and three behinds) in the first quarter were highest score (as a quarter based) in final’s footy since 1982.

The second quarter was dominated by Giants more as they kicked two goals and one by Richmond. It was the slow quarter and the margin narrowed into one – Richmond still led.

Tigers roared a lot at the third quarter and the last quarter – kicked six goals at the third quarter and four at the last quarter.

Daniel Rioli’s swifts around the goal square were fast and skillful, and express actions of the typical small forward. He kicked three goals at the third quarter, making four in the entire game and his most goals in career.

Dustin Martin roared everywhere as always. He took marks and kicked towards his teammates assisting scoring goals. The last two goals at the third quarter and the first goal at the last quarter were kicked by Dusty.

Jack Riewoldt had a quiet day, but shot a goal at the last quarter. He didn’t need to hide his talents.

Tiger supporters at Coolabah were happy when the final siren sounded. One of them would be back at the pub on Saturday and we will see each other again.

Another one I have already mentioned was impressed me following footy and Saints. I showed him my first Footy Almanac article of how I became a St Kilda supporter.

And he was happy I was singing the club song.

Now the Grand Final is being played by Adelaide and Richmond. I am in complicated situations to decide who to support.

I don’t want to see non-Victorian clubs’ more successful than St Kilda or Bulldogs. And Crows won their first flag in 1997 beating my Saints.

For Richmond, I am not happy what my mate has done this time. I have other good Tiger supporting friends, but have been broken heart. I am emotional because I trust mates with loyalty and faith.

Maybe I will be hundred percent neutral and just enjoy the atmosphere. Clapping hands when players kick goals and congratulating the winner and showing empathy to the opponent supporters will happen to me.


RICHMOND 4.3 5.7 11.11 15.13 (103)
GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY 3.3 5.6 6.10 9.13 (67)

Richmond: Rioli 4, Martin 3, Butler 2, Lambert, Caddy, Castagna, Townsend, Edwards, Riewoldt
Greater Western Sydney: Himmelberg 4, Ward 3, Kelly, Patton

Richmond: Cotchin, Rioli, Martin, Grimes, Rance, Lambert, Prestia
Greater Western Sydney: Ward, Kelly, Tomlinson, Scully, Davis, Himmelberg

Umpires: Nicholls, Meredith, Ryan

Official crowd: 94,258


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