Round 17 Double Bill – GWS Giants v Richmond in Sydney & North Melbourne v Sydney at Docklands: Two Jacks, Two Young Giants and a couple of Beanstalks

Mark O’Sullivan ‘due more to accident than outstanding planning’, saw both Sydney based AFL teams play their Round 17 games in the one weekend and he couldn’t have asked for two more exciting victories to get along to. Check out his dual match report.

AFLW Round 6 – GWS Giants v Western Bulldogs: Fridge & Dally & Burrito & Cora & Gummo & Erin & Barr & Alicia

Mark O’Sullivan was in Canberra on Saturday night to watch his Giants take on the premiership favourite Bulldogs wearing his custom made GWS shirt. Though choosing only five names to print on it did prove to be difficult, especially when so many Giants women stood tall on the night.

AFLW Round 4 – Giants v Adelaide: A New Icon is Born – Pepa Burrito

Mark O’Sullivan braved the elements to witness the first draw of the AFLW Season when the Giants took on Adelaide on Sunday. Despite a great contest, it was something in the post match interview with Pepa Randall that really caught his eye…

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: Caught in the Richmond Wave – the Orange Year is Over 

After making the trip to Melbourne, Mark O’Sullivan wonders where to next for the Giants. At least he got to enjoy the Dior and Hokusai exhibitions at the NGV.

Finals Week 2 – GWS v West Coast: Megaphones and music united – The defiant Giants march on

Mark O’Sullivan embraced classical music to reflect the style of play and success of the Giants making another preliminary final.

Adding to the Giants’ Mythos – the Adelaide First Qualifying Final

Mark O’Sullivan places the GWS final against Adelaide into the club’s emerging history, with a first-hand account of its impact during its early days.

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Youth, teamwork and matching – My birthday extravaganza

Mark O’Sullivan flew down to Melbourne on his birthday to watch his Giants in action. Not only did he enjoy the win, he took in plenty of Melbourne’s culture and food.

Round 19 – GWS v Fremantle: Many questions, a couple of answers

Mark O’Sullivan was left with many questions about the Giants after their win over Fremantle on the weekend. However, a win does ease off most of the pressure for another week.

Round 18 – Richmond v GWS: Flying away – the Giants away game problem

Mark O’Sullivan is a passionate GWS fan. He responds to those who criticise GWS as an artificial construct.

Round 16 – Hawthorn v GWS: Fireworks and Crazy Rollercoaster Rides

Mark O’Sullivan plays Fixture Lotto when choosing family getaways and this one takes him to Launceston where he sees the draw and heads off to see the Tassie Symphony Orchestra.

Round 11 – GWS v Essendon: The Bell Frogs and Schnitzenstein are Here to Stay

Mark O’Sullivan watched his Giants get the better of a tough Essendon. The game was also the first time the attendance at a GWS home game was greater than that of the NRL game next door. Great signs for footy in western Sydney.

Round 10 – West Coast v Greater Western Sydney: Champagne and Chips – Our percussion of Giants’ supporters tasting one of the sweetest victories of all

Mark O’Sullivan was driving while listening on the radio to a memorable match for GWS fans. The Giants held off the Eagles against the odds, proving they are ready for the premiership tilt.