You know that game kids play when there is something spooky like a scary movie and you watch between your fingers because you kinda don’t want to watch and you kinda do.  I half-watched St.Kilda half-play last night on the TV.  It was the most reluctant I have ever been to watch a game.  Gone [Read more]

The beautiful game

By Ged McMahon Early in the week I scoffed when someone referred to soccer as “the beautiful game”. Soccer has just never grabbed me. My main beef is the constant diving and staging for free kicks. This is at severe odds to the “show no pain to the opposition” approach of Aussie Rules. Last weekend [Read more]

Haiku Bob Rd 4: last of the snow

It’s fair to say I’m a little confused. Not (just) because I’m on the other side of the world while my beloved Pies enjoy their most purple of purple of patches in living memory! As a haiku poet, I’m a captive of nature and the cycle of the seasons. It’s as it should be. Part [Read more]

Following the Blues from Cambodia

by Sophie Smith Having lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for the past three years, I would’ve come home a lot earlier I think if this region of the world did not have the Australian Network! At least five games every weekend of AFL has been my saviour and watching my beloved Carlton team play is always a [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz What a round, eh? The 150th draw in VFL/AFL history (and third in four rounds), Geelong defeated Sydney by the average player-age of the Cats (27) and congratulations to Brisbane and St Kilda, who both managed to get through Round 4 without losing. And in even better news, at least one of [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  It was yet another Cakewalk for The Good Old Collingwoods on Friday night as TRP delivered the coup de grâce to The Gallant Tigers.  The Bombers & The Blues gave us, arguably, the best draw of  the season so far, in match chock-a-block [Read more]

The View From Shepparton- Rd 4

Friday night. In the unreal world of  our household decide that a combination of the delayed telecast plus the certainty of a one sided match means that I spend the evening with my daughter and her triplet girls aged 12 watching the first half of a new Blu-ray recording of Les Miserable’s. Son in law [Read more]

FPS Report RD 4: Normal Service has been resumed; thank you for your patience.

I suppose I will reach a point where Magpie domination of one sided games becomes boring but it won’t be for a while. In sixty years of following Collingwood I don’t think we have ever looked this dominant. Both of our two previous premierships, 1958 and 1990, were followed by pretty ordinary seasons. The two [Read more]

Round 4 Sydney v Geelong SCG April 16 2011

Round 4 Sydney v Geelong SCG April 16 2011 Friday arvo. Chris SMS’s seeking counsel for her footy tips. “Cats or Swans?” reads her succinct question. Three wins from three has convinced me the Cats are the real deal still and not even the fact that the game is at the SCG dents my confidence. [Read more]


Dimmer says we’re “a fair chance” tonight against Collingwood. Humble supporters can be a tad more realistic. A Tiger victory over Collingwood is about as likely as Bob Brown receiving an invitation to the BHP Christmas picnic in December. At least I can do it in comfort tonight. I like my normal seat at ground [Read more]

Mum Shows Them How to Barrack

Yesterday, Mum and I went to the ‘G for our favourite winter outing: footy. Mum is 81, and I am the eldest of her 9 kids. I am 58 and still learning not to get sucked in by annoying oppostion footy barrackers. I use my radio earpiece to block out annoying comments. Is that what [Read more]

Saturday Afternoon Spectacular

You have to give it to the AFL for innovation, today they came up with the novel idea of footy at the G on a Saturday afternoon!  You know what ,I think it could catch on, there was a very large crowd there to see the Dons play the old enemy Carlton on this sunny [Read more]

Simpson’s Fine Line

A long drive home from Tungamah was on the cards. After a 67-point victory over the Bears, Waaia had one win and two losses, and I was feeling happy. Another reason to be happy? A massive blockbuster clash at the MCG. I don’t know why, and it is puzzling, because I dislike both teams, but [Read more]

Friday night footy provides the only moment of normality in sad Numurkah

  School holidays are meant to be fun. It gives us a break from the tedious and strenuous amount of work, a chance to sleep-in, a chance to hang with your mates and catch up on a lot of sillyness. Sadly, a group of Numurkah boys took that a bit too seriously last Saturday night. [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz MEATLOAF The bad news is we didn’t get the draw were hoping for last week and we are no longer on target for 24 drawn games in this year’s home-and-away rounds. The good news is that we are still on a “2 out of 3” schedule, meaning we will still get a [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Campbell Brown proves he’s a chip off the old block.  I’ll do what I wanna do, when I wanna do it, any place, anywhere, any time.  So stick that in your pipe and smoke Guy McKenna.  But that’s the Metermaids’ problem.  The [Read more]