The View From Shepparton- Rd 4

Friday night. In the unreal world of  our household decide that a combination of the delayed telecast plus the certainty of a one sided match means that I spend the evening with my daughter and her triplet girls aged 12 watching the first half of a new Blu-ray recording of Les Miserable’s.

Son in law David is above this sort of nonsense so he spends his time on the computer, our granddaughter Katelyn disappears into our bedroom to view some TV program which in all likelihood I would rather not know about. It certainly wasn’t the footy whatever it was..

Earlier on in the week, in the world of the gym that my wife and I frequent, I heard what happens in the real world as one bloke spoke to another in between bouts of pumping iron. “Do you know what happened last Sunday? My dickhead neighbour came around to ask me to help him fix his f***ing trailer. During the footy”.

The bloke’s mate in the gym was flabbergasted. “You’ve got to be f***ing joking”

“No,” said the bloke, ‘Fair dinkum. He wanted me to go and fix his bloody trailer during the footy. I was totally pissed off. Then Irene turns up and says  that it wouldn’t hurt me to help. During the footy. So now she’s on my bloody back as well. F***.”

The mate: ” Gees that’s total bullshit, bloody expecting you to waste time during the match”.

“Of course it is, and the worst thing is that he always coming around wanting me to do things. I’m just sick of him, he pisses me off so much, so I thought “f*** it, I am not going to. He can stick his trailer up his arse. So I told him straight, “No I can’t, can’t you see that I am watching the footy?”. Well he wasn’t very happy and Irene hasn’t spoken to me since but stuff it, why should I”

The mate, “well he won’t worry you much now”.

The bloke, “you got to be joking”.

Oh I wish that I had that fervour and strength of character not to be swayed by others.

OK so Richmond got done, but like the Powerless a few weeks back, they did have a decent third quarter which might be encouraging if one didn’t think that the Maggie’s merely took their foot off the pedal. Had I been a Richmond supporter I might have found Mick’s comments to the effect that Richmond weren’t such a bad  side a bit ingratiating. They had just lost by 71 points or whatever it was. And why has he played up Jack Riewoldt’s petulant attitude as being a good bit  of mongrel. Wouldn’t like that if I were a member of his team. Oh I forgot to say, “Well done Pies, you were miles too good and I can’t see anyone getting near you for the foreseeable future. You have a host of truly brilliant exciting players. Damn it.”

Adelaide is to the footy comp what the Australian women’s tennis team is to Federation cup, hopeless. They have done nothing for years. How Neil Craig stays in the job is beyond me. Talks about being rolled by a “powerful” Port Adelaide. As younger readers would say, “ROTFL”. And the Powerless gave them over 30 points start. To me it beggars belief that in a state where AFL is the only code there are no up and comers available for the Crows to try or Port Adelaide for that matter. Have to say that it was a great comeback win. Adelaide are playing the Lions and the Suns twice this year. What a walk up start to the finals 4 gimmes during the season and yet they are capable of losing any one of them at least.  Oh I forgot to mention that they have too copped a ferocious number of injuries so will cut them some slack for that.

Chris Scott must think that coaching is a dream. I reckon it’s amazing at times what a new coach can achieve, Adelaide take note. Everyone thought, “no Ablett no Geelong”. Somehow they manage to make team changes and it works, well at least so far this year. To win in Sydney at the SCG in the rain was a great achievement. Perhaps they can take it up to the Pies. Sydney couldn’t have been too impressed with four of Geelong’s goals coming from free kicks. Ling’s goal in the last quarter was a beauty.

Franklin came good for Hawthorn so that fixed the West Coast. All the same the Eagle’s won’t be the worst side this year.

The Sun’s had a bit of a go but have to feel sorry for Karmichael Hunt. That photograph of Liam Jurrah out positioning and out marking him will prove to all of the doubters that he isn’t up to it, however on the other hand he won’t the first to be found wanting when opposing Jurrah. Go to a game to watch him. Ablett is causing more concern with rumours about his commitment still around. The Suns at least one their first quarter. Got to start somewhere.

North Melbourne as normal will be also-rans this year. Freo have made a good start. but it is rotten luck for Suban that his season is finished

Who was the real winner in the Essendon Carlton game? Carlton for coming from over 4 goals down, or Essendon for getting back after Winderlich and Dempsey had their seasons ended within ten minutes of each other? I give the vote to Essendon and hope that like hell that they roll Collingwood next Monday.

The Melbourne Storm are going OK this year, good luck to them.

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  1. johnharms says

    A good writer must have an ear for converstion. And you heard a good one there.

  2. Pamela Sherpa says

    Can sympathise with you, re being asked to fix the f****ing trailer. Where I live -in a non Aussie Rules part of Australia the phone rings at the most ridiculous times – like when I am in the middle of watching the footy.
    I was in Shepp last week- Stayed with friends I used to teach with there and we went down to Essndon- Carlton game.. Was great to see at a live match. The only annoyance was the ridiculous sound blaring out from the speakers .Was impossible to have a conversation with the people I was sitting next too.

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    Hi Pamela,

    Hope that you enjoyed your stay in Shep

    I reckon that the whole presentation of games once at the ground smacks of commercial hype and it really makes my hackles rise.

    Why can’t “they” play a seconds match before the main game and forget all of this other bullshit. And if it cuts the ground up then too bad, let’s test the modern players on other than a billiard ball surface.

    Having said that I have to admit that the conditions at Colonial Stadium or by what ever name it goes by these days have been pretty ordinary in terms of the slipping sand but I reckon that’s different. It was supposed to be a premium surface and whoa and betide those who said that it wasn’t.

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