by Andrew Gigacz


The bad news is we didn’t get the draw were hoping for last week and we are no longer on target for 24 drawn games in this year’s home-and-away rounds. The good news is that we are still on a “2 out of 3” schedule, meaning we will still get a record 16 draws, and that the first two weeks of the finals will each have games where extra time is required and the Grand Final will be a draw again.

You’re not doubting that logic are you? Surely extrapolation never lies…


Not sure what margin to put in for tonight’s Richmond v Collingwood match? Well if history is any guide, you’d be wise not to choose 31 or 43. They are the only two margins under 56 that have never been registered in games between these two teams.

If you’re after a high-ish margin, 54 might be the way to go. Three Tigers-Magpies matches have ended with that margin. But your best bet might be 36, which has come up nine times in 197 games. Next best is 20 which has occurred eight times.


And while we’re on the margins, let’s check in on the race for 2011’s MPFSD. Which, as you would all know, is the Most Popular Final Score Differential. And the news after Round 3 is that we have a three-way tie! Two results in Round 1 gave 20 the early lead, but a second draw in two weeks in Round 2 meant 0 drew (pardon the pun) level after Round 2. And then last Sunday Melbourne pipped Brisbane by 11 points after Geelong had done the same to Freo a week before.

So it’s 0, 11 and 20 out in front. Wow! This is so exciting!


You might remember that last year was the year of the “2.2 Hoodoo”, so named because on 16 of 19 occasions in 2010, teams that had a quarter-time score of 2.2(14) went on to lose the match, even if they were leading at the first break.

The only teams that were able to overcome that hoodoo were St Kilda, who did it twice, and Collingwood. And as everyone knows, those two sides made the Grand Final.

Such is the apprehension teams have about this score, not one of them has been game enough to register it as a quarter-time score thus far in 2011. If and when it does happen, if that side goes on to win, then get on them for a Grand Final berth.


On current form, which of the following sides would St Kilda defeat?

(a)   West Coast

(b)   Gold Coast

(c)   Ivory Coast

(d)   None of the above

(e)   Ivory Coast, but only if Nick Riewoldt kicks straight


But let’s not bag the Saints too much. After all their final score last week of 12.12 enable 84 to maintain a lead of one over 122 in Score Wars. 84 has bobbed up four times this year, while 122 has come up on a hat-trick of occasions.

And congratulations to the Gold Coast on scoring 7.9 (51) against the Dogs last Saturday. 51 hadn’t been seen 2009 prior to last weekend.

1 v 100

It hasn’t been on TV for years, but it’s still Eddie’s favourite game. And so far this year, scores are level. Geelong and St Kilda gave us a 1-point game in Round 1 and Carlton gave us a 100+ point margin a week later.


Last week’s Melbourne-Brisbane was widely tipped to be a massacre. It wasn’t. The Lions performed admirably in going down 71-82. Which is somewhat ironic given that 7182 is the postcode of Port Arthur.


Gold Coast’s Brandon Matera has by no means been their worst player in the Suns’ first two AFL encounters. But let’s face it, the signs for his team are just out-and-out awful. So it’s probably appropriate that his name is an anagram of ARRANT BAD OMEN

And my new column, “Omo Front Loader Concentrate” (aka “Gigs’ Soapbox”), is still coming!

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Well, here we are. The Bulldogs have won a flag. What do I do now?


  1. Brill Gigs :)

  2. Carl v Ess. 79 v 79.


    You heard it here first folks.

  3. Some turkey said there were 10 draws in 1921 on the 774 post match rap tonight Gigs.

    I told them to contact you. Yes it was my fault.

  4. They don’t seem to encourage ‘the press’ on the Ivory Coast Gigs so I suppose that one is out.

  5. #3. 5 draws in 1921, Phantom, involving 6 teams. (4 teams drew twice.)

    That’s the record for one year, so we’re on world-record pace this year.

    No more than six different sides have drawn in any one year. So we have equalled that record already.

  6. Incidentally…

    THE YEAR: ’11.

    a) Previous year’s flag won by Collingwood.
    b) 3 draws in the first 4 rounds.
    c) A draw between Carlton and Essendon.

    By the way, I’m referring to the year 1911.

  7. And finally (for now)…

    Richmond were 2.2 (14) at quarter-time last night. The 2.2 hoodoo lives on!

  8. #4. Cutting edge black humour, Phantom. Love it.

  9. Phil Dimitriadis says

    3 out of 4 Draws Gigs. The planets are aligning to some degree in regards to the Meatloaf scale. I flippantly tipped a draw between Essendon and Carlton, but didn’t have the kahunas to put money on it. More fool me I guess (:

  10. During the 2nd quarter of the game at the SCG last night it was looking like an ‘umpire assisted’ draw as the Swans were getting some very dodgy decisions; but common sense prevailed.

  11. John Butler says

    Phantom, I thought the Cats didn’t do so badly from the umps early on.

    You’re not a one-eyed pussy cat are you? :)

  12. Peter Flynn says


    Nice work on the Fibonacci sequence in yesterday’s Jimmy Page.



  13. John,

    as you would have no doubt gleaned by now I am an objective, open minded, considerate, sensitive, new age football supporter.

    It’s not my fault if the ‘wet maggots’ missed obvious unlawful attacks on Cats players at crucial times early in the game to creat scoring opportunities for the ugly ducklings. Free kicks were 8 3 in their favour at one stage.

    You weren’t watching pay tv were you?

  14. Andrew Fithall says

    #7 Can you really call it a hoodoo when the eventual losing team is 2.2 14 at quarter time but the eventual winning team is already 40 points ahead?

  15. #14. AF, while the old saying that “one quarter time score of 2.2 doth not a hoodoo make” is true, the fact remains that we have now had 17 occurrences of this phenomenon in 20 games, and that teams that manage to overcome it and win have played in the GF. In several instances, the side that’s been 2.2 at quarter time has actually been winning.

    Looking at an isolated event in a sequence doesn’t tell us much, although I agree it can sometimes be a worthwhile effort. For example, looking at Collingwood’s sequence last year, I think (and I reckon Phantom would too) it’s worth revisting their Round 9 performance.

  16. I am not sure what tree you are barking up there Gigs, but….

    there is much talk about how Geelong can recover from the prelim flogging it got last year from Collywood. Ther is a precident of momouth proportions. Collywood copped the same sort of touch up from the Cats the year before and went on to win a flag next year after reversing the problem against the same team in the same match.

    We fear not history, Collywood coaches and players. We do, however, fear Dr David Panton.

  17. Just barking up the tree of reminding AF of Collingwood’s biggest loss last year, Phantom. The Round 9 loss to Geelong.

    Now can you please explain which tree you’re barking up with the David Panton comment?

  18. Gigs,

    South Australian anti cat campaigner. “I like cats but can’t eat a whole one” and ‘so many cats, so few recipes’.

    He has gone quiet lately but has in the past upset a lot of little old ‘tibbles’ and ‘mooshkin’ owning grannies.

    He wears a cat skin hat a’la Davey Crockett. I like him actually.

    We once had a black cat that just turned up and the kids found it before I could make a pre-emptive strike. I called him Keating. I didn’t necessarily want him but knew I was stuck with him.

  19. Reminds me of WC Fields when asked if he liked children: “I do if they’re properly cooked.”

  20. #10 Phantom. Totally correct. Umpiring was horrible. The holding the man free to Adam Goodes when a Geelong player had the temerity to tackle him and he simply put his arms in the air, whereby the ball fell to the grouind at his feet, was a classic example of one great big fat fact – the umpires have NO IDEA.

  21. Dips,

    good to see you are an objective, open minded, considerate, sensitive, new age football supporter as well.

    I will admit error on one count. They were ‘saturated maggots’, not simply wet, early in the game but they did do pennance later on.

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