Round 7 – Carlton v Port Adelaide: We were so close

Another twist in an already twisted season saw Tony Reed hit the road from the Sunny Coast down to Brisbane to watch his Blues front up to the top side Port. With never much more than a kick in it, the emotional tension accompanying the closing moments was palpable for both sets of fans.

Round 8 – Carlton v Collingwood: The appropriately titled “Unbiased Report”

Umpiring decisions made Tony Reed’s day a frustrating one during the Round 8 match between Carlton and Collingwood as can be seen by his “unbiased report.”

Round 22 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Blues have luck on their side

Carlton defeating old foe Hawthorn makes the season almost worthwhile for Tony Reed.

Round 6 – Carlton v Essendon: A Morange of a Game to Remember

Tony Reed coins a new word to describe Sunday’s contest at the ‘G.

Round 8 – Geelong v Carlton: Winter is Coming

Tony Reed is moved to an allegorical tale – or is it a spoof? Whatever, he concludes that the Blues are in long-term strife. Next report from Tony may will be a standard recount of an episode of Game of Thrones.

AFL Round 13 – Carlton v Hawthorn: The Opposite Report

Once you get your mind around this, it gets you in. [Hard to feel sympathy for scoundrel Carlton folk though – Ed]

Super Bowl Snooze Fest

Seattle leaves the best till last, writes long-time NFL fan Tony Reed, but in the end the Superbowl is a flop.

AFL Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Carlton: A blue road trip

Tony Reed rode the rollercoaster that was Carlton’s season all the way to the end.

City to Surf

I’ve always admired the stubbornness and stupidity of males – to me this is what separates us from women – we do stupid and impulsive things.  Case it point my decision to ‘run’ (and I use this word euphemistically) Sydney’s City to Surf.  The only reason why I decided to do this race was that [Read more]

Numbers just don’t add up for the Blues

By Tony Reed Like most of you out there, I just love my footy, especially the anticipated leading up to the first bounce.  It’s even better when you have a big game against traditional enemies, and it just so happens that over the next 3 weeks, Carlton plays what I consider our traditional rivals.  It [Read more]

AFL Round 7 – St Kilda v Carlton: From Twitter to Twigley

by Tony Reed Twitter Report – St Kilda v Carlton Mon 10/5/10 6.36 pm – just made train from work at Glenferrie 6.55 pm – arrived Gate 9 at Etihad.  Where’s Barb and Charles? 7.00 pm – Charles arrives with tickets.  Apparently am concession ticket holder tonight 7.10 pm – Omens good.  2 pies and [Read more]

Fifth Test, Day 3: There you have it — all preconceptions blown out the window

It’s a sad reflection of my life that I offered to write this Saturday night for the cricket report.  The once youthful, bundle of energy that I was has fallen the ways of the domestic silent majority and was happily watching SBS (not the usual late night programs) through the night to see if Australia [Read more]

AFL Round 10: Rain, beer and the footy on a front bar TV in Sydney

by Tony Reed I guess I have a confession to make from the outset when reporting on this game. I didn’t watch all of it, although I did manage to watch most of it. A bit like Carlton, I knew it was a-comin’ – in this case the rain in Sydney and hoped that this [Read more]

No Blues for these Blues by Anthony Reed

How good was the build up for this game? For a first round match, I’d never encountered anything like it – and I now live in Sydney. Fans of both Richmond and Carlton were upbeat about the future and hoping to break their respective final ducks this year, with an improving 2008. More realistically the [Read more]