Richmond v Carlton by Steve Healy (Grade 9)

Richmond V Carlton

Every year, on this day it hits you. The season has started.

I hopped off the bus in Ashburton and thought about the footy season.

Another six months of happiness, frustration and pure joy awaited me. I rushed home with a spring in my step. I saw a Richmond supporter on the footpath and he gave me a look of self belief. He was ready for the season. I’m not entirely sure that I was.

It wasn’t until 7:40 when I was finally ready. I had my older brothers’ room to myself, with computer in reach and score sheet on the desk. Lemon chicken had been eaten and a good hour was spent listening to Triple M’s pre-match coverage, the main talk obviously being Ben Cousins. The umpire signalled the bounce and the game was underway, with nearly 87,000 fans looking on. I had tipped the tigers in the end, thinking that they could beat the blues on this perfect Thursday night. Cousins got a possession in the centre in the opening couple of seconds, circa Judd 2008. Richmond started well enough. Richo marked the ball inside 50 and lined up at goal. It hit the post. That poster had begun a night of horror for the yellow and black. Jarrad Waite, Richo’s opponent for the night, would kick the first goal for the year. Debutant Mitch Robinson followed up with another one, which seemed to set the tone for the game. It wasn’t to be, however, due to some gallant efforts by Tiger forward Mitch Morton. He kicked Richmond’s first two goals of the game and put them in front at the 11-minute mark. Eddie Betts kicked a ripper and Richard Hadley converted, the Blues were back in control. Richo made amends with a good set shot goal, but that would be their only goal for the next half hour.

Carlton showed dominance for the rest of the quarter, not giving Richmond a hope. Ineffective possession from Richmond didn’t help, nor did dropped marks. Another one of four players debuting for Carlton, Jeffery Gartlett, kicked a goal with his first kick. Fevola kicked a textbook goal, Fevola, who played a solid game, but never asserting much dominance, allowed other Carlton forwards to have a go. The margin was out to five goals at quarter time, and you felt that it would only get more. Richmond’s midfielders were having no influence, but Judd, Scotland and Murphy were bringing run through the middle. Ben Cousins had started fairly quietly, but still looked tidy with his disposal.

The second quarter started with a brilliant passage of play. Chris Judd was running into goal from a tight angle, and he kicked it right to the line. Fevola wasn’t too sure if he could let it go through, instead, he stuck his foot out and kicked it through sweetly. Carlton were showing extreme levels of confidence and soon the margin was out to seven goals. After this Richmond found their way back into the game but only for a short amount of time, before a couple of goals from Wiggins and Judd saw the margin 40 points at the half. It still didn’t seem like Richmond had a hope. It was finalised in the second half when Simon Wiggins started to show a presence in the forward line, and he flew over a few Richmond players for (probably) mark of the round. He couldn’t convert, but Carlton was well on top, looking to blow the margin out to extreme lengths. Mitch Morton was the only highlight for the tigers, as he kicked his fourth. After this Eddie Betts kicked two in quick succession, followed by a third just before the three quarter time siren.

Carlton won the game easily. Marc Murphy kicked a ripper from the boundary and Betts kicked his fifth. The margin could have blown out to 100, but a few Carlton misses saw the final margin at 83 points. And what’s worse, Ben Cousins came off with a left hamstring injury, to put him on the sidelines for a month. Andrew Raines came off as well.  A brilliant start to the season for Carlton players and fans, yet a dismal start to Richmond. Mitch Robinson had started his career brilliantly; he looks to be a good Carlton player. His return was three goals. Brown, Deledio, Bowden, McMahon- all big names for Richmond, had little to no influence. A good performance from an all round brilliant Carlton team saw a good win.

Richmond 3.4   6.7  8.10 9.13 (67)

Carlton 8.4  13.5 18.9  23.12(150)


Richmond: Morton 4, Richardson, Riewoldt, Schulz, Simmonds, Tambling.

Carlton: Betts 5, Robinson 3, Waite 3, Judd 2, Wiggins 2, Murphy 2, Fevola 2, Kreuzer, Hadley, Gartlett, Russell.


Richmond: Foley, Morton, Raines, Tuck, Richardson, Newman.

Carlton: Judd, Murphy, Waite, Gibbs, Simpson, Houlihan, Betts, Hadley, Scotland, Wiggins.

Umpires: Donlon, Vozzo, McLaren.

Crowd: 86,972 at the MCG.

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About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Steve Healy says

    Ok guys, a blast from the past

  2. This’ll piss Jeff off, well done Steve.

  3. Steve Healy says

    Ah haven’t the times changed?

  4. Nah I’m cool. . .
    ‘Does that eye twitch thing i do at school’
    I hated this game

  5. status- smooth legs!

  6. Steve Healy says

    Josh I think 12,000 comments would be wayy too much to handle.

    Status- fairly smooth legs, im not that hairy

  7. Mum was saying today that i’m a gorilla with my hairy legs and that i need to shave. I used to shave my ankles..

  8. lmaoo too bad steve
    guys with hair are manly!! :)

    i waxed my legs yesterday morning..its nice to go through pain early lol

  9. Steve Healy says

    ive never shaved before in my life

  10. What josh!
    dont shave!! ur not a chick.
    even i dont shave! i wax lol

  11. Steve Healy says

    I thought girls don’t like that much hair on guys.

    Or is that just chest hair?

  12. lol dont u dare steve!

  13. nah not all girls.
    me and candy like our guys manly! lol

  14. nothing wrong with chesthair

  15. I got heaps of chest hair for a 15 year old, and i’ve been shaving since year 8 :|

    Danni, i only shaved them because i used to get them taped for when i play footy and taking the tape off hurts like hell. But i’m a big boy now so i put up with the pain.

  16. Steve Healy says

    Being blonde and fair skinned like I am always means less hair,

    I always say to my family “I dont believe in shaving” hahaha.

    danni I think some footy players would shave their legs, I definitely know that swimmers and triathletes do

  17. in my opinion a guy should never wax or shave (except for his face)

  18. Steve, i love your opening few lines of this article. Really hits home that the season is about to start.

  19. ohh lol okay Josh.

    yeah i know..i dont like it though if guys do it then wats the point of girls doing it, i mean isnt that supposed to be one of the differences? lol

  20. i like the scruffy un-shaven look on some guys though. its quite attractive..

  21. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I love this piece, this is probably the first time anyone other than me has seen this article though by the looks of it lol

  22. Oh and random fact: I’ve shaved probably 50 times in my life and i haven’t cut myself once :)

  23. I remember reading it a few weeks ago but i didn’t feel the need to comment.

    Lol Danni i sometimes find myself in class rubbing my face thinking “Jeez that feels rough”

  24. really josh..i can’t tell that u shave..ur skin looks too soft..or u were so pink i couldnt tell lol :P

  25. Steve Healy says

    yeah, im not actually sure if its true that hair on legs stops you from running/swimming faster, my uncle’s a triathlete and he shaves his legs, I think he told us about it once.

    Jack Anthony always seems to be really clean shaven, people like Jimmy Bartel and Brad Sewell never are though

  26. lmaoo hahha thats so cute!
    or should i say..’manly’

  27. i love Medders with his scruffy beard!!
    :) looks good on Mooney and Bartel too

  28. Shaving over pimples sucks. .
    Talkin bout shavin i havn’t shaved for a week now i think i might tommorow CBF tonight

  29. yeah i know..i was see Supermna with some stubble!

  30. Imagine if Ling grew a beard and moustache. That thought actually made me “lol”

  31. 30- rofl

  32. Steve Healy says

    I havent shaved for 15 years, 4 months, 7 days, 4 hours and 48 minutes

  33. Lingy did well in the Greatest athlete today.
    He had a crack.

  34. lucky you Steve

  35. 32- nawwww stevs still a muffin.

  36. Shavin goes alright, it’s not too bad.

    Feel sorry for the girls who have to wax/shave their legs like every 2 days haha

  37. Steve Healy says

    yeah shaving is almost a waste of time, so is hair straightening

  38. nah if u wax it takes atleast 4-5 days till u have to do it again.
    underarms takes even longer.

  39. They could always use VEET !!
    Remember that Josh hahaha

  40. …Really Steve, so are u say that i look prettyer with my natural hair than i do with straightend hair?

  41. nahhh Veet is useless!

  42. Steve Healy says

    well I dunno Danni, ive only seen you with your natural hair in a couple of photos

  43. Haha really Danni I heard Veet was the bomb lol

  44. lol i dont think i have ever taken a photo with my natural hair ever since i got my straighhtener! hmm when the weekend comes ill take one for u steve then u will say DANNI STRAIGHTENER NOW!!

  45. Steve Healy says

    5 days until the footy starts and we’re talking about shaving, I cant believe it lol.

    What do you guys think about Westhoff rucking for Port?

  46. Lol yeah.

    You can get your arms, legs, eyebrows, everything waxed at school some days for a cost. I think they even do brazillians..

  47. LOL nahh i don’t like veet the stirps are tiny and it takes ages…argggg

  48. Steve Healy says

    didnt you have your natural hair in the ones of you dancing that you sent ages? cos it looked a bit curly/wavy

  49. at school?
    lol really?

  50. Westhoff might be the answer Port are looking for, he is pretty versatlie for 199cm, and when he is resting in the forward line he is capable of kicking a couple of goals. The real battle for the Ruck is Matthew Lobbe and Jackson Trengove.

  51. nah steve those are my formal pictures and my hair is CURLED cos i needed to look different that night than i normally do.

  52. Yeah Danni we have Beauty girls.

  53. Yeah they run a beauty course at our school and you can get out of class to go get things waxed. Lol i remember in English in year 8 half of the boys went and got their legs waxed, a lot came back with the job only half-done coz they chickened out.

  54. hmmm cos i was gonna get my eyebrows done with Joshy anyways lol

  55. Status-Hating my tonsils :@

  56. Steve Healy says

    yeah they were saying Matthew Lobbe was the answer, Matthew Broadbent also did a little bit of rucking last year as well. Yeah Westhoff can play a Kurt Tippett role, even though he isnt as good as Tippett.

    Speaking of which, I cant wait for the showdown next saturday.

    This might sound stupid but how does waxing work? Do you pour wax onto your leg and use a strip or something? i’ve never understood. and is it candle wax?

  57. Lol one day Danni, one day.

    Danni can explain that Steve.

  58. Steve Healy says

    yeah Danni will be all over that question lol.

    whats wrong with your eyebrows?

  59. lol no steve u cant POUR it.
    its just normal wax not candle wax what u do is get wapot and it melts in there and you use like an ice-cream stick to spread the wax onto the hair then u put a strip of material on the wax, press it down , rip if off and yell “OOOOOUCHHHHHHHH!!”

  60. waxpot*

  61. She’s typing as we speak.

    I got the biggest monobrow going..

  62. im done typing josh lol

  63. Lol the bit where that bloke gets his chest waxed on 40 Year Old Virgin is pretty funny.

  64. Steve Healy says

    whats wapot? A certain drug sold in Western Australia?

  65. dont worry josh..i can fix it

  66. Steve Healy says

    oh sorry Danni

  67. waxpot** steve

  68. Steve Healy says

    61- again, this is where being fair skinned and blonde pays off, my eyebrows are barely visible

  69. yeah but so are ur eyelashes which kinda sucks. i love having dark eyelashes and it looks soo cute on guys.

  70. Steve, being blonde also means your percieved as dumb so it has its disadvantages.

    I’m blonde too but my eyebrows are still huge. And Danni, i’m not letting you anywhere near my brow.

  71. Steve Healy says

    come to think of it, I have no idea what my eyelashes look like, ive never noticed them

  72. I’ve been told my eyes and eyelashes are very good looking.

  73. Steve Healy says

    your not blonde, your multi-coloured

  74. lol ahahah well atleast let Hayley do the honors! :P

    lol steve thats cos u cnt see em!

  75. yes Josh we know!!
    (damn u) lol

  76. Steve Healy says

    apparently my eyes are very good looking as well

  77. I got mass eybrowS.

  78. Steve Healy says

    You can see them easily I just never notice them

  79. ohh and i can say this without getting in trouble with Adam;
    im stuck with boring brown eyes! :(

  80. Steve Healy says

    my eyes are blue, same as everyone else in my family

  81. i like hazel-greeny eyes :(

  82. Same Danni !
    There not that bad mine are getting lighter :S
    Think there goin green

  83. Steve Healy says

    well some people say my eyes are a mixture of blue,green and hazel, but I really dont know

  84. aww ur lucky then!
    mine are just brown…i try to do anything i can with my eyemake up to make em look lighter and it does work.

  85. hmmm i thought urs are jst blue steve.

  86. Mine are green.

    Bloody can’t wait till friday. Already got a Chicken Parma planned for the night.

  87. i cnt wait to look into Supermans’ eyes….

  88. yes josh..we KNOW (damn u again)
    not that i saw much of em cos someone was looking away a lot! lol

  89. Yeah I been waitin for em to change. .
    Everyone else in my familys change.

  90. Steve Healy says

    Does anyone else hate it when Mum calls you for dinner (or tea in Josh’s case) and your watching the footy?

  91. mann..Jeff u are so lucky! :(

  92. 90 – that never happens cos im lebo and our dinner is right when i get home from school. or around 3 on weekends.

  93. Steve Healy says

    3???? what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill never undersatnd those cultures

  94. WHAT!?

    And no, i’ve never had that problem coz i have tea around 6-7.

  95. By the way, why are you damning me Danni?

  96. yeah i eat dinner as soon as i get home from school and then snack all the way till bedtime.

  97. Ima look weird with green eyes lol.

  98. lol cos u have nice eyes!

  99. 97- nah u wont u will look LUCKY!!

  100. Oh right. Yes, sucks to be you.

    Wow, what a night for the Almanac, Danielle drops a bombshell that she has tea at three..

  101. We won cricket easy again. .
    Got them all out for 150somethin.
    I was worried until Ryan Harris started to fire

  102. Steve Healy says

    oh well, maybe I always have the problem cos Mum has to cook for a big family. Not that I ever sacrifice the footy anyway lol

    Oh yeah Danni, that’d explain why you eat ice-cream and chocolate bars at anglo-saxan dinner time

  103. LMAOO whats so bad about that my friends that are Italian are the same.

  104. Haha Josh will I look weird/weirder with green eyes?

  105. 102- LMAOO exactly steve. :)

  106. Steve Healy says

    I know Josh, its the biggest bombshell since Danni said she wears glasses while driving and Michael said he cant wear anything while driving cos he’s not allowed to drive.

  107. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Danni I didnt wanna put “normal” dinner time cos im pro- other cultures

  108. its the european lifestyle :)

  109. lol i look bloddy smart with my glasses, everyone says i look like a lawyer. lol

  110. I don’t think you got your story right about Michael.

    Jeff, i don’t look at your eyes to be honest.

    And if Mum did serve tea at footy time, i would be excused from the table to eat in the loungeroom, even though i do all the time.

  111. Steve Healy says

    Does that mean you dont have lunch Danni? and what about if your watching the footy on a saturday/sunday afternoon what happens then?

  112. Michael Allan says

    Hey Guys

    Danielle – you so crazy.

    Who has dinner at 3?

  113. i eat in the tv area if for some reason mum makes dinner at 2:00 and the footy is on.

  114. Lebos Mikey. lol

  115. Steve Healy says

    Yeah well they’d definitely be more understanding when the footy’s on in your household

  116. Hmmm I suppose I twitch my eye too much ey

  117. Michael Allan says

    Btw the best quote ever on footy almanac goes to Danielle with


    Laughed so hard when I read. I’m gonna use it as often as possible.

  118. lol funny u say that steve. if dads home and Collingwood is playing and mum tells me to do the dishes dad tell her that i will do em after the footy is over. lol
    last night when i told him i wanted him to take me to the famday i said to him
    “Dadddddddddddyyyyyy u know how u love me?”
    DAD: “yes..wait..what do u want now?”

  119. Steve Healy says

    do you always eat lebanese food for lunch Danni?

  120. 117- LMAOO mikey :)

  121. 119- nope not neccesarily

  122. I got four periods in a row with this idiot tomorrow. Kill me.

  123. Lol when i voluntarily do the dishes, Mum walks in and goes “Whoa, what do you want?” she knows me so well.

  124. I have to do the dishes :|
    Owell i get $50 a week for it.

  125. lol haha.
    nahh im always like
    “Daaaaddyyyyy you say im ur favourite princess right?”
    im such a Daddy’s girl :)

  126. Michael Allan says

    Danni just cause you eat a large meal at 3 doesnt meant it’s dinner. It’s called having a large afternoon tea and a small dinner. It’s defined as dinner due to it’s time frame not due to how large the meal is.

  127. Steve Healy says

    ive only done the dishes about twice in my lifetime lol.

    hmmm i cant believe you danni lol

  128. 124- meanwhile i get
    “Danielle u didnt scrub this properly do it again!”

  129. $50? Jeez. Am i the only one who doesn’t get pocket money?

  130. 127- lol steve what cnt u believe?

  131. 126: I can’t believe you two are arguing over tea. Can’t we all get along?

  132. 126- i call it dinner and i dont really care aslong as i EAT lol

  133. 131- Josh u know Mikey loves to argue with me.

  134. Steve Healy says

    $50 a week. I dont get any money from my parents unless I ask for $30 or so when I go out with friends, ive never even handled more than $50 in my life!

  135. Michael Allan says

    Mum puts money in the bank I think so I guess that’s my pocket money as well as my job at Kmart.My onlyu chore is putting out the recycling rubbish bin which is once a fortnight. It’s a good life.

  136. Steve Healy says


  137. Tea is its name !
    Yeah $50 for the dishes isn’t that much

  138. lol steve- i try not to take more than $100 when i go out with friends cos i WILL spend it all!

  139. Steve Healy says

    Danni I cant believe your life: Can I have this? yes, Can I have that: yes, actually take 2 cos I love you

  140. The most amount of money i have been given at once was $250, which i’ve been given twice actually.

  141. What cnt u believe Steve? comment 127

  142. lmaooo i told u im spoilt, im a Princess Healy what do u expect!

  143. Steve Healy says

    $100! $100! $100! Is there that sort of money on the floor of your house Danni?

  144. Steve, its the same with me. I’ll be walking through Big W and i’m like “Oh can i get this shirt?” Mum goes “Chuck it in” and its the same with everything else.

  145. I get 100 bucks from work most weeks ! only get 10bucks an hour :|

  146. but Dad knows how girls are, we like to buy lots of clothes and makeup and stuff so he never wants me not to be able to buy something i have my eye on.

  147. Steve Healy says

    Its called dinner Jeff, dont worry, the dinner signal will get to Waaia/Numurkah soon

  148. Michael Allan says

    I’ve handled the $350 but that was at Kmart and i just took it from the register and gave it to the customer so I didn’t do much with it lol.

  149. Ever since i started writing for the Almanac and working on these radio stations its an understatement to say that i’ve been spoilt.

  150. Listen Steve us old mates up the bush love tea what the fruit is dinner ?

  151. lol well ive been told that if i get a high enter…i get a shiney new car!!

  152. Michael Allan says

    I’m with Healy on this one. I always get called to come get my din dins.

  153. Lol how does life treat you at Kmart Michael? The kids that work there in Shepp look like kids who would rather die than spend their day in the shop.

  154. Lucky you Danni I get dads old 1976 torana gonna do it up though

  155. Steve Healy says

    i dont want to get a job (other than the almanac) because:

    1. I’m too lazy, I like to relax when im not at school
    2. I’d be a terrible worker, i’d probably doze off every now and then cos I wouldn’t turn up

    and my greatest fear: 3. I’d be rostered on while there are footy matches on

  156. Michael Allan says

    Danni that’s not how it works. If you get a high enter you get accepted into a better course, you don’t get given cars for it.

  157. 156- yeah i know that but dads throwing in the car as motivation and a pressie!

  158. Steve Healy says

    a car as a present. You mean a toy car?

  159. Healy and Allan, your both idiots. Dinner sounds so..classy. Tea sounds a lot better and suits us country kids to a tee ;)

  160. Michael Allan says

    153- lol, KMart gets pretty boring but it’;s worth it for the money.

  161. Here, here Josh tea is the only way to say it

  162. 158- no Healy i mean a real car u know..

  163. Steve Healy says

    dinner sounds classy? Tea does, and it sounds really posh as well. Tea is a drink, not a meal

  164. Vrrrooooooommm!

  165. when i hear TEA i think of..tea as in the hot herbal stuff.

  166. 162- hahaha lol even i have to laugh ta myself

  167. This sounds like Danni driving: Vrrroooomm, beep beep!! CRASH!!

  168. 167- lmaoo

  169. ohhh i wonder if airbags come in pink

  170. Michael Allan says

    tea is more old fashioned than dinner. Besides tea traditionally is what you have before dinner. Just like supper is what your supposed to have afterwards. At leasrt I think that’s how it works.

    Danni, what type of enter would get you that car?

  171. Steve Healy says

    But dont you already have a car from your grandparents Danni?

    And you say your not rich, how can you have a car as a motivational present.

    149- Yeah you’ve done well to get all that Josh, well done

  172. Hey buddy, VROOOM, havin fun. . DW guys Josh gets it.
    Tea is 10times better then dinner

  173. Michael, it goes like this:

    Play Lunch
    Afternoon Snack

  174. umm i think dad said 90+
    then mum was all
    “dont say that to her! what if we cnt get her a car.”
    ME: “dont worry mum ill prob fail anyways so relax!”

  175. Steve Healy says

    well you cant compare them Jeff. Tea is country dilect and dinner is normal dilect

  176. Michael Allan says

    lol comment 171 responds to comment 149. That’s a poor reaction time.


  177. 171- yeah my car is for me to learn with.
    and as for the motivation dad wants me to do my best.

  178. 176- lmao

  179. Michael Allan says

    PLAY LUNCH? What are you? five years old?

  180. Steve Healy says

    My brother Paul got 98.2

    No one’s responded to my 155

  181. play lunch? u mean RECESS?

  182. Well said Josh.
    Steve yes but call it tea for 1 day and you’ll be hooked

  183. 155- LMAOOO AT the fear

  184. Play Lunch is pretty awesome. .

  185. Michael, recess sounds so..

    Well to put it better, play lunch is keeping the tradition of primary school alive.

  186. 180- damnnn one of my cousins got 99.something

  187. And here’s the clincher, dinner takes a lot of time to say, while tea just rolls off your tongue effortlesly.

  188. Steve Healy says

    supper? what the hell is supper?

  189. 188- rofl

  190. Michael Allan says

    180 – My sis gopt 99.1 how the hell do I beat that?

    How are we supposed to respond to that Healy? That’s your porogative and although it added to the convo it didn’t leave much room for us to expand on.

    And while where at it I’m constantly ignored by you guys!!!

  191. Its like a dessert for dessert. I never have it, on school camp dessert is your ice-cream and your pudding, while supper is like a biscuit and milo right before bed. But yeah i only have supper on school camps.

  192. The saying should be Your tea is served.
    Your dinner is served sounds dud as

  193. Steve Healy says

    Its this:

    Afternoon tea

    and snacks in between :)

    183- Danni I cant give away my footy

  194. lol join tha club Mikey..i have 2 dentists and an accountant to top!

  195. 190. You just need to work hard Michael and you might be able to beat your sister

  196. Ignored? Coming from the guy who has like a four week hiatus on the Almanac and also doesn’t tell us that he is going on holidays to NZ..

    HEAVY BREAKFAST (on weekends)
    DINNER (heavy meal)
    SNACK till bedtime


  198. Steve Healy says

    Michael, im the one who’s always ignored.

    I’ve saod so many funny things and interesting footy things and Danni replies by saying something like: Status- hungry

  199. Michael Allan says

    187 – Geez your a complainer Josh. Your wingeing that a word has two sylaables in it. I thought country boys were supposed to be tough and no sooky sooky la las.

    193 – Spot on.


  200. 198- Well im Hungry Healy, i cant help it.

  201. Nah its this:
    Play Lunch
    Snack time
    and then the great after tea snack !

  202. Steve Healy says

    191- thats wrong your dinner is served sounds official and your tea is served sounds like a joke

    what the?????

  204. Michael Allan says

    198 – ha ha, ignore Danni Healy, she’s self absorbed. She’s getting a car for finishing year 12 for crying out loud. How could you not want to talk about what your doing?

  205. You wanna take this outside Michael? No one disrespects the country. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.


  206. i eat dessert for breakfast, througout the day and b4 bed.

  207. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you have ignored me a fair few times, sorry if you dont mean to but thats just from my point of view

  208. not self-absorbed!!

  209. Yeah your right Steve, sorry Josh i’m with these guys Dinner is the way to say it. .

  210. 197: What’s your idea of a heavy breakfast?

  211. 207- Steve what are u on about..i mean u might say something footy realted which i wont have anything to say about cos im not like u and know all that stuff.

  212. Michael Allan says

    202 – roflmao, HEALY IS ON FIRE TONIGHT!!!

    Honestly you country folk sound like toddlers the way you refer to meals. lol

  213. if its lebo its like a variet of stuff like fried eggs anything involing bread or breakfast lebo sweets.

    if nto lebo, then id say pancakes.

  214. Teva Treva(michael)

  215. Steve Healy says

    Michael, are you breaking a record of saying HEALY is caps the most times.

    Ok, im sorry Danni, it might just be from how I see it

  216. Michael is always on fire. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :|

    I say we get an elders opinion on this matter. What’s the bet JTH, Gigs or Daff call it tea?

  217. I bet they do !

  218. Steve Healy says

    Yeah do you guys use Crayons and sit on small plastic chairs and tables? lol

  219. 215- steve i wont say stuff to all ur smart footy stuff cos its not relevant and i dont wnat to look stupid. :(

    Mikey im not-self absorbed okay, you hardly know me so cnt make that judgement.

  220. Michael Allan says

    What aboout the cricket. They hasve tea at about 4:00 they’d still have DINNER after the game.

    Isn’t that right HEALY!!!

  221. :| Steve Mohammad asif we would 8)

  222. Steve Healy says

    Josh they tend to avoid our conversations cos of the barrage of comments, especially on a night like this where we have to use comment numbers to reply to other comments

  223. Ha, yeah i wonder why we hardly know you..

    And Danni, you would never look stupid on this website. People know more about footy than others, you have more footy knowledge than most of the guys at my school. Its just that your up against the likes of Damo and Steve who truly know their stuff.

    By the way, i’m impressed that we have racked up so many comments tonight on the tea/dinner debate, also without two of our main contributors in Damo and Adam.

  224. Michael Allan says

    219 – Did Danni just say that the “smart footy stuff” was not relevant on

    HAHAHAHA. That makes me laugh Danni.

    Btw I don’t actually think your self absorbed , it;”s just funny wjhen you come in with yiour random comments abiout what your doing.

  225. Steve Healy says


  226. 222: Lol yeah they probably leave a comment on an article and wait 10 minutes to see if there is a reply and find a huge number of comments from us in that time.

  227. Steve Healy says

    224- Michael’s got a point Danni, you cant act like that towards a comment about footy on a footy website, even though it isnt even the footy season yet

  228. Off to have a shower farking tonsils i tell ya ! cya Boys and Girl

  229. no Mikey I DID NOT SAY THAT i meant that my REPLY to that ‘smart footy stuff’ wouldnt be relevant cos it would suck compared to somethin freakish steve would say.

    you cant go saying that im self-absorbed one minute and then brush it off the next.

  230. Michael Allan says

    223 – Your up against the likes of Damo and Steve? What about me? Just because I can face facts that north wont make the top 8 and you can’t. :D

  231. 224: I think if we only talked about footy, we wouldn’t talk as much and wouldn’t be the great friends that we are.

  232. 231- ohh yeah arguing like this great friends.

  233. Steve Healy says

    Michael, im sorry if this sounds offensive but when it comes to stats you dont know as much as me or Damo, not general footy knowledge though

  234. Now now Michael, you have to admit Steve knows his stuff, and Damo is not far behind him. But you would know more than me since my knowledge of the game only branches from the mid noughties.

    Yeah im off for a shower too, be back soon.

  235. Steve Healy says

    231- Yeah, but alot of the time I think we dont talk about footy enough and that this is turning into a social network and not a footy website

  236. gee i wish Adam would get back on.

  237. Michael Allan says

    229 – ok soz Danni, but they way you typed it it did sound like you thought the footy comments were irrelevent.

    And as for the self absorbed thing, theres not much more I can say but I truly meant it as a joke. I was just supporting my main man HEALY!!!

  238. Steve Healy says

    Damo definitely knows more general footy knowledge than I do, like where players were recruited from and individual moments in a game and stuf like that. But I know more on the stats side of things

  239. so your saying Steve thinks im self absorbed?

  240. Steve Healy says

    I wish Damo got on, he always seems to calm everyone down with his intelligent and understanding comments

  241. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I dont have anything against you, I’d even go as far as saying I love you

  242. Michael Allan says

    235 – I agree entirely, one day as the website grows in poularity JTH or Daff may ask us to stop cause of our rambling.

    233, 234 – Yes guys, therew was a touch of tounge in cheek with my comments. You guys remember matches alot better than I do.

  243. Steve Healy says

    -even though you can annoy me a little bit sometimes

  244. Michael Allan says

    not at all, i’m pretty sure i’m the one who used the phrase self absorbed not HEALY!!!

    241 – Aww shucks I love all you guys!!!

  245. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Michael I always worry about that as well, but I dont think they’d get too angry at us cos we love the almanac so much and are the most commited knackers (arguably)

  246. umm Mikey 241- was meant for me :P

  247. 245- i dont now if u notice but every convo does in the end, end up with soem sort of footy mentioned

  248. Michael Allan says

    It’s not like they’d stop us from contrbuting I just think they’d tell us to go easy on the comments. When the footy season gets back up I think we should cut back and use MSN or whatnot.

  249. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I love everyone here as well. I love footy. You guys love footy. I love the Almanac. You guys love the Almanac

  250. 248- dont worry about that give me one week and u will porb harldy hear a word off me and Adam once the Sac Attack starts.

  251. Steve Healy says

    I dunno Michael, I just love commenting on the almanac

  252. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I was wondering when you’d start to disappear Danni, cos I remember you saying when you start year 12 you’d hardly be on

  253. Michael Allan says

    247 – Danni I know that but there’s not enough of it to warrant it as footyalmanac appropriate foruming.

    THis convo for example would be much more appropriate for a place like facebook or msn.

  254. 252- yeah thats comming steve, trust me the teachers warned us that by the second week were gonna get hit hard.
    ull porh even miss me and my lovey-dovey Jack Anthony rants.

  255. Steve Healy says

    I dont agree Michael, I love seeing all our conversations on the site and how many comments we all contribute. I dunno maybe thats just me

  256. Michael Allan says

    Anyway I’m off now.

    I rekon Dinner proved victorious over tea in the dispute over naming rights. The cricket call seemed to give closure to it all.


  257. Steve Healy says

    yeah carn the dinners! we won the evening meal war

  258. Anyways I better go pack my bag, fix my hair, id hate to look bodgey for school..

    night steve

  259. Problem is not all of us have MSN. Only Michael, Steve, myself and Adam do, even though Adam doesn’t appear often and i hardly talk to Michael on msn compared to Steve.

    Yes i agree with Steve, you are a special bunch you lot.

  260. Steve Healy says

    Yeah we are, MSN isnt working on this laptop by the way so im not on.

    cya Danni, dont you think its wierd that when one of us leaves another follows?

  261. Hmm, i felt there was a bit of biased opinion going on tonight.

    I sometimes worry that JTH and Daff talk to each other and say “Jeez those kids are annoying with all their comments” or something along those lines.

  262. Steve Healy says

    By the way I watched West Coast V Hawthorn earlier today- brilliant match, it was outstanding from quarter time and there were numerous freakish goals

  263. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but JTH and Daff are both good blokes so I don’t think they’d say anything like that, and plus we’re probably only helping website popularity.

    Hey Josh, would it be fair to say that me and Damo are the ones who are willing to talk about footy the most on this website?

  264. West Coast v Hawthorn from when?

    I wouldn’t say that Steve. I’m more than willing to talk about footy. Sometimes this talk about how school is is very boring. I think i was the only person to reply to your comment above about Westhoff playing the Ruck for Port Adelaide. Once the footy actually starts, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

  265. Steve Healy says

    hmmm we’ve gone through about 500 comments today.

    92 Elim final at Subiaco, West Coast wins 14.16 100 to 12.15 87

    Yeah I think when the footy starts we’ll all be talking about footy way more as well.

    But a lot of the time I say something intersting about footy, Damo replies but you follow Danni’s lead of replying things about school/music/driving or something like that

  266. And while we are on the topic, i was a little disappointed with the comments i recieved on my latest article of the North memorable matches. I thought i would get a bucketload of comments about those matches or other great games, i still did get comments about it but after a while it just turned into another thread to talk in.

  267. Steve Healy says

    Well we did at the start, like I mentioned the Melbourne V Roos game in 2006 but yeah these days we seem to go off-topic very quickly

  268. That’s coz i find Danni is one of the few people i can talk to about school or music. You know as much as i do that talking about footy non-stop can get stale, and during the off-season i have different things on my mind, but once West Coast and Essendon run out on Friday night a football will be at the front of my brain for the next 40 weeks.

  269. Michael Allan says

    263 – Once again I’m left off a list. I’d love to talk about footy over other stuff and I’m very opinionated on certain topics and would love to discuss them.

    266 – I feel that once the thread turns into another “convo” all other posters are scared away from commenting on that article.

  270. Steve Healy says

    Fair enough Josh, maybe you and Danni might like things other than footy alot more than me, Damo, Michael and perhaps Adam

  271. 269: Regarding comment 263, Michael your rarely on the Almanac, but i do understand that with Kmart commitments and year 11 homework the Almanac wouldn’t be your main priority like mine or Steve’s. But when you are online, your a very valued poster with a lot of opinionated comments.

  272. Steve Healy says

    269- sorry mate, I dont mean to leave you out its just you haven’t been on as much as everyone recently but im not doing it deliberately.

    I dont think there are many other posters around about this time anyway, we’re the main ones apart from the occassional cameo from Gigs, JTH, Daff and a few others

  273. Steve, footy will always be my number one hobby in life, but during the off-season its dangerous to think about it too much because it simply gets depressing that the season is still 2-3 months away. But like i said, with the opening game only a few days away, you’ll be hearing a lot less about my personal life and more about my opinion on football matters.

  274. Steve Healy says

    well same with me to an extent Josh, but I think there have been many footy matters in the course of the off-season that we haven’t talked about enough

  275. Michael Allan says

    272 – No worries Healy the main reason that I havn’t been on is cause it’s not footy season so I do forget to get on this website.

    Like Josh, i’ll swing into full gear when footy season comes around.

    Btw I’m gone for good now. lol

  276. Well with the Andrew Lovett/Carlton booze cruise matters, i don’t think we are educated enough to have a serious opinion on it.

  277. Steve Healy says

    When I go onto the computer the Almanac is almost always the first thing I go on

  278. Once again, Michael has left me out. I also made a comment to him that i thought was fair, and he disregarded it by following up on Steve’s comment. Oh Wells.

  279. Same, it’s my homepage and i’m constantly updating it to see if new comments are coming. But i can’t wait for us to have a night like this, where we rack up 300 comments in a night, talking about football, not what we call our nightly meal etc.

  280. By the way, tonight’s been a bit of a crazy night for the Almanac. I think it’s changed how we will talk to each other from now on.

  281. It’s mk guys you all get noticed alot more then me . .

  282. Steve Healy says

    yeah same. The reason why im always on the almanac so much is cos the first time I opened up the 08 almanac I thought: this is heaven on paper! and that it could be me joining this great community.

    Yeah, I loved the night where we did the quiz, that was a brilliant night

  283. Your a noob, you’ll get noticed in due time.

    I’m off, cya in photography or art tomorrow mornin, whichever we have first. :|

  284. Hmmmmmm mk.
    Cya mate

  285. Steve Healy says

    Jeff, dont worrry, your new here and if you put some consistent form on this site through writing pieces you’ll definitely be a shoe-in

  286. Thanks Steve ;) , Anyways I think it’s time I call it a night.
    Cya Steve

  287. R.I.P Black Saturday victims as well.

  288. Here, here Josh

  289. Steve Healy says

    yeah I forgot that too Josh R.I.P victims

    cya Jeff

  290. Yeah i’m off for real now. Hopefully this week goes quick for all of us.

    Cya mate. Not long to go ;)

  291. Steve Healy says

    yep only 5 days I cant wait till next weekend ill be doing 5 reports (one on Melb-intra club)

  292. I feel sorry for JTH and Daff, they’ll be getting around 21 reports from us teenagers each weekened.


  293. Steve Healy says

    yeah same with me Josh lol cya

  294. Steve Healy says

    News- Stokes has escaped with a ban until Round 8 (He’s ineligible for selection until then)- good result for Geelong if you ask me. Along with a $5,000 fine, and he’ll be able to still train at the club by himself and from Round 1 to 4 he can train with the club’s VFL listed players, from rounds 5 to 7 he can train with the club’s VFL squad and he’ll be able to play in the VFL in that period

  295. Hmm..interesting.

    Kick him out.

  296. Steve Healy says

    He’s lucky thats for sure, I didn’t really wanna see such a valuable player have to quit though, so i’m happy.

    Dream team coaches will be happy as well since Stokes is the best bargain of 2010 according to the nab cup record lol

  297. Steve Healy says

    its so hot today, luckily we got air conditioning a few days ago, but thats in our loungeroom and the air doesn’t spread at all, in my room its as boiling as always

  298. I got the fan going on level 2, it was so hot in the kitchen at school with hair nets and aprons on while using the stove. Lucky they had ice-cold water for us to drink.

    Status – writing an email to the NMFC

  299. Steve Healy says

    Really, what about?

  300. Just something, if it works, Danni’s gonna regret not coming with us.

  301. Hair nets…lol.

    It was boiling today. I wanted to type up something on the computers in the school library, but I was kicked out. The conversation between me and the library woman went something like this:
    Lib: The library’s closed, can you please leave?
    Me: Why is it closed?
    Lib: Can you please leave the library? We’re closing up.
    *Me and all the other people get herded out of the library*
    Me (walking away): Well at least you had a good reason… :|

  302. Steve Healy says

    The rooms? Yeah do what it takes Josh, see if Danni changes her mind.

    I cant believe there’s only 4 days till the nab cup, ive been counting down since over 60 days

  303. Adam, that’s nothing compared to our library teacher. This is what happened during the middle of last year after I had an article written about me in the Age:

    I had gone to the library during Art to get the newspaper and show my friends in class, and the teacher sneaked up on me as i was checking to see if i had the right paper.

    Her: What do you think your doing?
    Me: Um, reading the paper and about to take it to Art, why?
    Her: Go back to class, leave the paper with you
    Me: But, i want to show my friends something
    Her: Go back to class, drop the paper now
    Me: What’s the deal? I just wanna sho..
    Me: (Picks paper up and walks off)
    Her: I said leave the paper!
    Me: (rips the paper in half and drops on the ground and walks out)

    Yeah we had a choice of hair nets or bandana’s.

  304. Steve Healy says

    hahaha Josh what the hell were you thinking, ripping up the age?

  305. Should have said you needed it for English.

    There aren’t a lot of easygoing librarians thats for sure.

  306. Steve Healy says

    Bloody hell, librarians must only get hired if they know how to argue, I hate it when im caught on dream team or AFL website.

  307. Steve Healy says

    By the way, 306- David Neitz’s game total

  308. They changed the configuration of the library at my school recently – instead of the computers being in rows side on to the library women’s view, allowing a chance to minimise Supercoach or whatever you don’t want to be caught doing – the computers are now all in one row along the side of the library for easy visibility :(

  309. Steve Healy says

    hahaha last year, they turned off some of the computers because some of them “interrupted the reading area”, bloody b*tches there’s always about 20 people who need to do work

  310. Yeah one of our comptuer rooms used to have rows and it was easy to play stick cricket and go on the AFL website while the teacher was at the other end of the room but now its just two rows of computers along the sides with tables in the middle. I hate it.

    Supercoach and Dream Team are banned at my school. They blocked them.

  311. Ouch.

    I’m tired…I got more homework last week than I have in any other week, ever.

  312. I’m still yet to recieve any homework at all.

  313. Steve Healy says

    I remember in primary school everything was blocked, even google.

    Only facebook and some other websites are blocked at my school, but I dont know how long thats gonna last for

  314. There is a code to unblock all blocked websites at our school but only a few people know it.

    Today we started talking about the Ku Klux Klan and Malcolm X in English.

  315. Steve Healy says

    Did you talk about the Freo players lol?

  316. Lol no but its the first thing that came to mind.

  317. Did anyone hear about Nick Naitanui’s dreads? No he’s not chopping them off, he’s dyeing them blue and yellow to raise money for cancer.


  318. Steve Healy says

    What??? Where’d you hear that Adam?

  319. Yeah i read about that just before, i hope he keeps it like that for the rest of the season.

  320. Pffft you wouldn’t know Steve, in the HS of course.

  321. He’ll look like he’s got a plant mounted on his head.

  322. At least its going to a good cause.

    Did you see Aaron Edwards’ new tatoo Adam?

  323. Yeah…it would be even more appropriate if North were relocating to the Gold Coast.

  324. Damian Watson says

    G’day guys,

    I’m still kicking myself for missing the banter last night I had company over, anyway it was a good read.

    I’ve never been a fan of dreadlocks since that spider story!

    Anyway I’m off to have DINNER not Tea Josh Dinner! lol

  325. Adam, don’t speak of the Gold Coast.

    K Damo, i think i’m having tea soon as well. Lol

  326. If anyone wants a laugh, here’s a video one of my teachers showed me in class today, it’s funny as.

    I missed the banter too, I had basketball, a lot of homework and a dodgy connection.

  327. Oh, and Josh – Dinner.

  328. Steve Healy says

    its dinner Josh you idiot.

    Sorry guys internet crashed

  329. What? Are you guys trying to tell me your having tea?

    Lol funny vid Adam, i could use one of those chocolate bars. In P.E today we started a new sport: Ultimate Frisbee. The teachers showed us heaps of highlights from the championships in America, it’s pretty full on.

  330. By the way, i’m off for tea.

  331. Steve Healy says

    Have a nice dinner

  332. Tea implies that he’s going for a cuppa. Therefore dinner wins, as you can tell exactly what it means.

  333. Steve Healy says

    Spot on Adam, tea makes no sense it all

  334. I was talking to Mum about it when i got home from school and she said dinner can mean numerous things, and that Tea is the correct way of saying it. By the way i had some nice steak, finely cooked too.

  335. Steve Healy says

    Your Mum’s wrong Josh, what else can dinner mean?

  336. She said something about dinner means your snack you have around 2-3 in the arvo, but seriously this talk about the dinner-tea debate is boring.

    What do you guys think will fill these spaces for 2010?

    Goal of the Year:
    Mark of the Year:
    Rising Star:
    Norm Smith:

    Any anymore you can think of, like Steve said its about time we started talking about football.

  337. AND anymore you can think of *

  338. Steve Healy says

    Goal: Robbie Nahas, he’ll recieve a kick that goes over his head about 50 out in the left forward pocket, picking the ball up with one hand, weave around a couple of opponents before left footing a drop punt from 25 out, literally right on the boundary. It’ll be at the MCG to the Punt Rd end

    Mark: Kurt Tippett, Tyson Edwards will deliver a flat out pass to him in the pocket, Tipett will run hard. he’ll put one knee on Scarlett’s shoulder before completing the mark in both hands and falling forwards.

    Brownlow: two way tie between Montagna and Ablett with 25 votes, Luke Hodge will follow with 24.

    Norm Smith: Gary Ablett, will win it in a losing side against the Bulldogs

  339. Steve Healy says

    AFL PA award: Gary Ablett for the 4th year in a row

    Nab cup: Adelaide, Bernie Vince Michael Tuck medal

  340. Damian Watson says

    Well for me it is too early to adjudicate who will win mark or goal of the year as far as I’m concerned that could be anyone, even Toovey lol.

    Brownlow: Joel Selwood my smokey would possibly be Callan Ward he will be a star in the midfield in coming years in that young Doggies brigade.

    Norm Smith: Nick Riewoldt

  341. Hmm interesting.

    Goal: Patrick Veszpremi. He’ll recieve the ball about 35m out from goal on the boundary line, duck and weave around a few opponents like Joel Bowden did in 2003, then slot the goal with a checkside against Richmond at the SCG in Round 3.

    Mark: Jonathan Brown. Will run back towards a big pack of players including Fevola and Brian Lake and will fearlessly jump and grab the ball in a chest-mark.

    Rising Star: Hard to go past Cunnington, Martin or Sheppard.

    Brownlow: Two way tie between Adam Goodes and Scott Pendlebury

    Norm Smith: Daniel Cross in a flawless display against Adelaide.

  342. Steve Healy says

    Interesting Josh.

    Trengrove will be rising star in my eyes

  343. Oh and Selwood will win the Brownlow this year or next year, no doubt about it.

  344. Steve Healy says

    Selwood will definitely be Geelong’s next captain, but he’ll probably have to wait another four seasons until Ling retires an he’ll be 25 by then

  345. Stanton should win a Brownlow in a few years as well.

  346. Steve Healy says

    No, Stanton isn’t good enough.

  347. Steve Healy says

    just had dinner then

  348. Steve Healy says

    I wonder where Danni is tonight? I wonder if the Sac-attack has started yet…

  349. Stanton’s too much of a Charlotte to win a Charlie.

    Goal of the year: Daniel Rich, he will grab the ball from a boundary throw in, take one step and boot it through post high from 70m.
    Mark of the year: Nick Naitanui. Will leap on top of Aaron Sandilands during a derby and grab the ball 5m above the ground.
    Rising star: Dustin Martin pips Trengove. Tom Swift to be a contender also.
    Norm Smith: Adam Cooney, will have a day out in the grand final.
    NAB Cup: Hawthorn, but seriously, who cares?

  350. Actually, I just realised what I said.

    NAB Cup: St Kilda, but seriously, who cares?

  351. Sac attack doesn’t sound healthy.

  352. The people who load those rocket launchers with the most amount of confetti in the world obviously care. Lol

  353. Steve Healy says


    Stanton’s too inconsistent but at his best is really good. He’s the sort of player who gets 5-10 brownlow votes every season

  354. I thought Cooney would never win a Brownlow but he did, it really shocked me that night because i though Ablett was a shoe-in. But don’t disregard Stanton just yet, anything can happen in AFL, that’s whats so good about the sport.

  355. The NAB cup’s not about winning, it’s about seeing young players, planning your Supercoach and kicking supergoals.

  356. Yeah true, Supergoals are a great inovation by the AFL.

    I like the new rule that will be trialled, the one where players can decide if there was advantage, not the umpires. Will be interesting to see how that pans out.

  357. Steve Healy says

    Yeah but the players still give a good go for the prize and respect. Cooney played well enough to win the brownlow in 2008, I knew he’d finish in the top 5 that year at least. He was one of the frontrunners at the start of the season too

  358. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it will Josh, but it might waste some time, and I’m questioning that one about players who deliberately drag the ball under a player are pinged for holding the ball

  359. Deledio’s more chance to win a Brownlow than Stanton.

  360. 358: The AFL expects the umpires to see everything. How will they be able to see if a player drags the ball under an opponent when they can’t say a push in the back/high tackle etc.

    Geelong was more of a chance to win 19 straight in 2009, they didn’t. St Kilda did. Anything can happen Adam.

  361. Steve Healy says

    Deledio would be good enough to win one if he played for St.Kilda or Geelong.

    Towards the end of last season, watching Richmond games it seemed like Deledio and Cousins were the only players who could find the ball and use it

  362. Steve Healy says

    In some ways, I can’t believe St.Kilda won 19 in a row and lost 2 by under a kick, they really didn’t seem to be THAT good.

  363. Yeah, its coz they were really good in defence but rarely blew the opposition away. You would have noticed it if they kicked 20 goals each week, but it was their opposition kicking only 6-7 goals each week that not many people saw.

  364. Steve Healy says

    There defence was the best i’ve ever seen, but I think they still had some flaws, I don’t think they gave a four quarter effort often enough

  365. Neither did Geelong in the second half of the year, they were better in 2008 yet won the premiership against a side that was hell-bent on winning it when they had lousy form.

  366. Steve Healy says

    The saints averaged 63.8 points against BTW

  367. Steve Healy says

    I had no idea who’d win the grand final, because neither team were on fire going into it. but in the end I backed Geelong because they have proven they can perform on the big stage. And as you already know, I tipped the right margin of course :)

  368. St Kilda’s most complete game last year was probably Round 3 against West Coast and Round 16 against the Crows.

  369. Your just lucky Max Rooke decided to have that shot on goal lol.

  370. Steve Healy says

    Round 3 against West Coast was their best I’d say, followed by the week later against Freo and the week after that against Port. Well, really they had multiple great games obviously but I’d put the Adelaide game a bit behind them cos they started slowly

  371. Steve Healy says

    I knew he would Josh lol

  372. Anyone else watching the Super Bowl on ONE HD?

    Yes, I know its delayed, no, i don’t know the result. Noone spoil it.

  373. Damian Watson says

    I agree that match against the Eagles was the Saints most dominant performance over the four quarters but I believe that match against Adelaide was the victory that kickstarted their dominance and the confidence that they could match it with the sides in the top throng of the ladder.

    I remember nobody really gave the Saints a chance in that match especially as the crows defeated Collingwood in Melbourne the previous week.

  374. I watched it earlyer Adam.
    DW I won’t spoil it for you.
    Good match in the end though.

  375. Crows v Saints was the first report i did for the Almanac that didn’t involve North Melbourne.

    If the Saints are going to repeat what they did in ’09, they need to keep up their form in defence, and i don’t know if they can do that.

  376. My P.E teacher and me both think that Adelaide will make the Grand Final. When i walked into class today he goes “Crawf reckons Morabito for the Rising Star, what do you think?” Lol

  377. Damian Watson says

    lol yeah I think Crawf predicted a Bulldogs premiership.

    Yeah the Saints still need to maintain their stranglehold in defence if they want to be contender.

    Who was in the Half Time show at the superbowl?

  378. Steve Healy says

    Crawf certainly takes punts in his predictions, but a lot of them do pay off.

    I’m doing a nab cup preview at the moment

  379. The Who.

  380. Steve Healy says

    I want to watch the superbowl but my family’s watching something else, I think its replayed again, ill watch it then

  381. Damian Watson says

    Really? cool I hope they play ‘Magic Bus’.

    Looking forward to reading it Steve.

  382. Lol the article about GWS’ major stuff up on the Superfooty website is pretty funny. But where is the best of the blog with Crawf that was on today??

  383. Steve Healy says

    I hate how all those blogs are held at midday during school hours, it really annoys me.

    Yeah it should be one of my finest Damo

  384. Yeah its as if the AFL and the Herald Sun think kids wouldn’t wanna talk to Crawf.

    You must work pretty hard for it to be your finest Steve.

  385. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, it should be on Saturday’s at noon instead.

    Good point Josh

  386. Damian Watson says

    Do The Age have many blogs with their journos?

    Yeah Steve it’s always hard to go beyond perfection lol.

  387. Steve Healy says

    Yeah they have heaps of blogs with Rohan Connolly and others

  388. Do the Age have a website?

  389. Also Damo, i was thinking during Maths today, Steve’s hero is Jurrah, mine is Ziebell, Adam and Michael’s is Cotchin/Deledio/Cousins, Danni’s is Jack Anthony, who is your favourite player?

  390. Damian Watson says

    Who else but the legendary benchmark of the modern game…. Chris Judd!!!

  391. Ah ok, if i went for Carlton my hero would be Marc Murphy. Not someone who eye-gouges people then tries to shift the blame.

  392. Steve Healy says

    you can’t change your hero Josh, yours is Ben Warren.

    and very funny, the age’s is, its a great site.

    Great to see my Uncle’s wive’s cousins son is your hero Damo

  393. Oh and i got worried yesterday reading the NAB Cup record, on the page with the North Melbourne list, above where it has the stats to write in for the NAB Cup games, it says “NAB Cup Round 1, Geelong (TIO Stadium)” I was like oh no i hope the game hasn’t been rescheudled to Darwin.

  394. Damian Watson says

    Well to be honest Chris Judd is my favourite player because of the way he inspires his teammates with his deeds and work rate on the field.

    I don’t nessarily have any time for heroes at Carlton with some of the events of the past six months but the footy goes on.

  395. Steve Healy says

    Yeah that was a bad mistake Josh. Right you are Damo

  396. Damian Watson says

    But to this day I still can’t quite understand why Juddy eye goughed Rischitelli because he was unprovoked and it’s something that never needed to occur.

    It’s like that Hoppowate incident in the rugby league a few years ago.

  397. Steve Healy says

    Same, I have no idea why Judd did what he did and he will feel the same way until Round 4 this season

  398. Yeah, the eye-gouging was bad, but trying to explain it and making it sound ridiculous was worse. I lost respect for Judd but i hope i can get that back.

    Damo, its great that players like Murphy, Gibbs, Kreuzer, Russell, Simpson, Carrazzo, Scotland and Thornton didn’t do anything bad over the past few months.

  399. Steve Healy says

    I wouldnt quite call Russell a great player, but I see your point Josh

  400. Damian Watson says

    That’s correct although those last three don’t dispose of the ball too well when they are under immense pressure even if they are key factors to the side.

    But Juddy has the ability to ignite the rest of hios teammates and break away from the pack with ease and despite his misdemeanours last year you have to admit he has helped tilt Carlton back towards success, that’s why I admire him.

  401. He’s one of the young, upcoming players and it’s good he stayed out of trouble.

    I spilt cream and powder all over the kitchen bench in Cooking today, i should watch what i’m doing when i’m stirring instead of talking to someone else.

  402. Finished watching the Superbowl. Good finish to the game…and the head coach got orange Gatorade tipped over him!

    Wasn’t impressed with Judd at all, its no wonder Rischitelli didn’t want to come to Carlton.

  403. Steve Healy says

    Hmmm bad luck Josh, luckily we don’t do cooking at De La Salle

  404. Lol i remember reading in the HS they had bets on what colour Gatorade would be poured over the coach. They should do that in AFL, imagine pouring a massive bucket of Gatorade over Leigh Matthews, he wouldn’t be happy.

    Cooking is actually alright because you get food for free really, and most times you choose what you want to cook.

  405. You don’t do cooking? That’s weird.

  406. At my school I never heard of anyone choosing what they wanted to cook, although I haven’t done Food since we had to in year 8 (NASTIEST teacher ever, made me scared of kitchens pretty much)

  407. We only have two food teachers, both are really bad but we have a helper (a student’s mum) and she’s really nice so when we need help we just ask her.

  408. By the way, i hope Jeff actually wakes up tomorrow and comes to school. :|

  409. That nasty food teacher I mentioned has left the school now – coincidentally, she lives one street away from me.

    I saw the gatorade bets in the Hun too, I was thinking orange.

    What did everyone think of Stokes’ punishment? 7 games and a $5000 fine? I think its too lenient.

  410. I prefer Powerade to Gatorade, blue is my favourite. Dunno if i would like to wear it though.

    Stokes got off too easy, he should be banned for a year.

  411. And a $5000 fine is nothing. Lebron got 5 times that much for kicking a water bottle, it’s not illegal to kick a water bottle, but IT IS ILLEGAL TO TRAFFIC DRUGS.
    I think 15 games, a year seems very harsh.

  412. Now i’m not very up with it with the rules regarding drugs in the AFL, but i thought if a player is caught in possession of drugs, whether using them or not, it’s a year ban and councelling?

  413. Nonetheless, a year seems harsh, and it’s also punishing Stokes’ teammates who had nothing to do with what he was doing. I think the best part of a season, but not a whole season, seems reasonable.

  414. But i suppose he did a lot of damage to his footy career whether he is back in Round 8 or not. If he gets delisted, who would pick him up? If he gets dropped, it’s always going to be harder for him to be recalled back into the side now.

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