Fan, Patron or Consumer?

Peter Baulderstone has been thinking and reading again (dangerous). Is bigger, faster, stronger also better?? Is the fan/patron/consumer experience better for all the cash we have thrown at players/owners/coaches/clubs over the past 50 years?

AFL Round 21 – Review: Winners and Losers

Come Brownlow night we are often talking about players potentially coming home with a wet sail. Joel Selwood is almost certainly the stand-out nominee for the “wet sail” title.

AFL Round 19 – Review: Winners and Losers

Who has the greater claim on the Ball of the Century – Shane Warne or Port’s Angus Monfries?

AFL Round 16: Winners and Losers

Classic Winners and Losers this week. Malceski, Pendlebury and Mayne among those to get the thumbs up, while Adam’s own club heads the list of Losers. Poor old Crows.

Winners and Losers: Round 2

Adam Ritchie gives us his Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers – Round 1: Proper football is back

You know when directors or actors just make the same movie over and over again? That is what Geelong v Hawthorn is like, only it’s enjoyable every single time. You can see the ending coming from a mile away, and you still look forward to it.

AFL Round 22: Winners and Losers

If the Hawks-Swans match is a sign of things to come, then September is going to be a tremendous month for footy fans (Blues fans excluded). This was football. The SCG was rocking.

Round 4 Winners and Losers

Round four is done and dusted in round five is right around the corner. Before you partake in football on Wednesday be sure you are up to speed with all the happenings from the weekend just past. Winners   Essendon The Bombers must have heard the ‘worst 3 and 0 start in history’ whispers and [Read more]