FEARLESS 2020 Round 16: Hi marathoners, I can see the entrance to the main stadium…

Fearless reminds us of what went on in the hubs during the spread of Round 16.

Round 16 – Sal’s Preview: Like Tiger moths to the flame

Sal Ciardulli previews Round 16 of the footy and Feehan Stakes day at the races and can’t resist a comment on the genius footballers on the Gold Coast.

Round 16 – Collingwood v Essendon: Crook in the Guts

“2017 has gone down the toilet for Collingwood. But that crook in the guts feeling will linger for a long while.” Luke Reynolds simply can not wait for season 2017 to be over for his Magpies and changes to be made.

The 2016 Age Of Consent Cup – Round 16

At this important point of the season, Earl O’Neill casts his critical eye over the teams jockeying for spots in the final eight.

AFL Round 16 – Port Adelaide v Essendon: Never Tear Us Apart

Andrew Else relishes the Bombers win over Port Adelaide. He reckons Kenny Hinkley has more to worry about now than the Adelaide Oval soundtrack.

AFL Round 16 – Gold Coast v Collingwood: Persistently Profligate Pies Eclipsed by Suns

When is too much Collingwood never enough? When they lose (unbiased opinion – Ed.) Steve Fahey pens a longer, more Collingwood-centric view for the Floreat Pica Society of Saturday night’s game on the Gold Coast.

AFL Round 16 – Carlton v St Kilda: God Bless the Children

Yvette Wroby gives thanks for the children. The ones accompanying their parents to the footy. She can’t wait for her Saints children to grow up.

AFL Round 16 – Gold Coast v Collingwood: Pies eclipsed by Suns as old and new tribes meet

Steve Fahey journeyed north to Metricon and enjoyed the old-fashioned tribal atmosphere at the game. He was less impressed by his Magpies performance and the result.

AFL Round 16- Gold Coast v Collingwood: Dust From The Distant Suns

Luke Reynolds mans up and reports on one of his Magpies most disappointing losses. Suddenly the Top 8 is looking like a Crowded House.

AFL Round 16: Winners and Losers

Classic Winners and Losers this week. Malceski, Pendlebury and Mayne among those to get the thumbs up, while Adam’s own club heads the list of Losers. Poor old Crows.

AFL Round 16 – Review: The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

The solstice is a few weeks behind us and that ol’ ‘run home to the finals’ is almost upon us. It’s getting interesting around the middle, between the tragedy that is the bottom five and the glorious dreams of the Top Seven.

AFL Round 16: The Wrap

Carlton President Stephen Kernahan has jumped to the lead of The KRudd Award for delusional excellence over the weekend for the camouflage he’s draped over the yawning cracks at Visy Park. Sir Wrapster is not sure it’s going to buoy the spirits of those at Princes Park sheltering from the bitter chills of reality.

The view from Shepparton

Karmichael Hunt you bloody ripper! I reckon that any one with an ounce of sporting blood in them would have thrilled at this great after siren winning goal. And I’ll be the first to admit it, I had argued, particularly last year, that the Suns were always going to be a team of seventeen carrying [Read more]

Fine Lines

Walking that fine line…   It’s been a week of fine lines…St.Kilda went to Brisbane without Goddard or Stevens, two of our best, who crossed that line.  Carlton were beaten by North Friday night.  That’s a line through their year and perhaps through their coach.  Judd again crossed his lines, and we are all left [Read more]

The Wrap – Round XVI

THE WRAP – ROUND XVI WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On Friday night The Miseries were singing The Blues as Good Old North Melbourne Were Really On The Ball.  The Dockers kept their chances of September Action in the realm of a mathematical possibility and those of [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap – Round 16

THE PRE WRAP – ROUND XVI FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Star Chamber has been in overdrive sending miscreants to the sin bin.  And one of their victims to the medical room.  There were lots of emails through the week, most of which would have been more [Read more]

Trying Bunal

Greetings all for another installment, Back to Melbourne and back to the reality of winter weather.  Once again no shortage of news, both worthy and unworthy.  But this week focus is on the Match Review Panel and the tribunal.  The majority of the discussion early in the week was about the injustice of the penalty [Read more]

Some thoughts on making some pizza money from Round 16.

JTH arguing the case for the Swans – yet again. Here he tries to find a winner in Round 16. http://tatts.com/news/2012/7/9/afl-round-16