Opportunity for a young commentator

Keiran Deck presents an opening for an aspiring commentator to try their hand at the Australian Volleyball League finals this Saturday. A great opportunity.

Almanac Nudity: “We’ve Got a Freaker!” (from The Guardian)

Tomorrow will mark 41 years since English Test cricket’s first streaker, an incident remembered John Ashdown in The Guardian.

Fox Footy Banter … blah blah!

Insight or trivial banter. Commentary of Fox Footy could do with a bit of a lift and Dermie, you’re in the spotlight.

The Commentary Box: Melbourne’s Mangled Metaphors

Whilst the Round 2 loss by the Demons against the Dons opened the floodgates to Pandora’s box of worms for the MFC, hidden out of view amongst the commentary that evening were a few gems of mangled language that deserve a second repeating.

Winners and Losers – Round 1: Proper football is back

You know when directors or actors just make the same movie over and over again? That is what Geelong v Hawthorn is like, only it’s enjoyable every single time. You can see the ending coming from a mile away, and you still look forward to it.

Third Test – Day 3: Will Mr Kyly Boldy ‘go boldly…’?

Tony Roberts talks Nine’s jingoistic coverage, pop-gun attacks and Australia’s reversal of fortune.

If it moves, Brand it. If it doesn’t, sponsor it anyway.

With even the AFL Trade and Free Agency period now having a sponsor with Gillette plastered over everything, can it be too long before commentary of the opening round sounds like this….