Twenty Twelve: A Tale Of Two Games

PC Paterson reports from two footy games he attended this year – the first featured the team he barracked for in an irrational sense, the second featured the team that lives closest to his current address. Similar margins at the end of the game, yet utterly different feelings.

The season of a Saints tragic (so far): Rounds 4 and 5

Ross Who? You’d have to live on Mars not to have read any papers, listened to any radio stations or watched any football TV over the last week before the Fremantle-St Kilda game.  What extraordinary hype, what a build up to what was essentially Round 4 football in the 2012 season.  It was all hot [Read more]

A Role To Play

I have always found voting an oddly stirring experience. Possibly because it is one of those intermittent events that binds us as individuals to something bigger – reminds us that we have the privilege and responsibility to gather ourselves to decide whose umbrella we will open over our collective heads. Last Sunday I voted in [Read more]

Rd 4 2012 FEARLESS – Bad injuries weekend. A couple of broken legs etc…

Ross Lyon returned to Etihad Stadium as the Fremantle coach on Friday night against the Saints. The boos were there from the St.Kilda faithful but Ross remained calm enough to plot a purple victory. Stephen Hill played his first blinder in Melbourne after promising for a while. A tight contest all night saw the Dockers [Read more]

A feline struggle in a sea of purple and orange

“Forget the footy!” “ It’s about Glory this weekend!” “ How long have we waited for this!” I think I heard these comments over a dozen times each on the weekend when in Brisbane to watch the A-League Grand Final. The two sporting teams that I pigeonhole under ‘By pain of death’ as far as [Read more]

Swimming For Life

Sometimes sport can surprise you in an unexpected way. It can catch you off guard and make you reassess. But perhaps it’s not the sport so much as it is the participants. Last Sunday I was at a swimming carnival. It was held at the Doug Ellis Pool on the grounds of Monash University in [Read more]

The Old Firm Saves the Day

It’s a balmy and breezy Sunday at Kardinia Park. While it’s a problematic zephyr for wig wearers, it’s a beautiful wind to unfurl a premiership flag. A flag success that many thought could not be achieved by an ageing list, a virgin coach and sans number 29. The now biennial flag unfurling conducted by retired [Read more]

the sunlight’s slant

piercing light the defender touches a nerve partly closed roof the ball hovers between flanks filling the stands with groans stubbed toe ump and player in heated discussion – the sunlight’s slant edge of winter – crossing the 50 metre line he falls over falling leaves them all behind Harry clouds adrift so many goals [Read more]

Glum? Or not so Glum?

Geelong v Richmond.  Sunday 22 April 2012. Was this the game? Following a forgettable pre-season and a shaky start to the season my cup-o-pessimism (tastes like sour grapes, and not from a good vintage) has been brimmed.  The Cats look like they’ve been staggering, not with a premiership hangover, but with premiership gout.  They’ve supped [Read more]

Round 4 Winners and Losers

Round four is done and dusted in round five is right around the corner. Before you partake in football on Wednesday be sure you are up to speed with all the happenings from the weekend just past. Winners   Essendon The Bombers must have heard the ‘worst 3 and 0 start in history’ whispers and [Read more]

Strength through loyalty

The Saints have a very ironic saying in their logo. “Fortius Quo Fidelius” Strength Through Loyalty And boy, are they lucky that we Saints fans are loyal to them, because they are certainly inconsistent. Sometimes I think it should read “We know we’re unpredictable, and don’t always win the games we should, but just stick around, [Read more]

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Four

  by Earl O’Neill Greetings Tipsters I was pretty damned close to Gary Rohan when he broke his leg but among our group, Robert, Shane and Tim were just that bit closer and they heard the bone snap. Tim picked it immediately. “I know that sound”, a broken arm sending him into premature retirement late [Read more]

From the Terrace at the Horse Shoe

  by David Buckley It was great to see John Harms and the others on the Terrace again watching a team unfurl their flag. The stadium at present looks much like a horse shoe, or a face with it’s front teeth knocked out. Standing room on the terrace  trimmed again… for more seating. It was [Read more]


  by Bernie Tuck As we get older we start thinking about what Heaven is like. Topless angels serving boutique beers and the like . I have now discovered Heaven: Saturday afternoon at the MCG. With your son. Fine day. Essendon supporters. Playing Carlton. Three quarter time. Essendon seven goals up. At the back of [Read more]

Any Port in a storm

  by Paul Harkin The morning of the match was a bit of a haze, after my 60th birthday party the night before. I hope everyone received their invitations, because only a few of you attended. The journey to the ground was uneventful, as it was hard to find a single person in Port colours [Read more]

The View From Shepparton – Round 4

Like to meet any individual who aced round 4. I suppose that such a person does exist but he / she  would also have to be clairvoyant of the year. The really good thing now though is how the whole competition has evened up.   The first game of the round had to be one [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On the Friday night The Barry Crockers out fumbled The Feeling Faints to slip in by 13 points.  On the Saturday it was The Team Who Never Let You Down’s turn to suffer the bitter ignominy of being beaten by Essendon.  Carringbush took [Read more]

Expectations Overturned

First game of footy for me this season and you couldn’t wish for a better day.  After a cool foggy morning, the sun burst through just before eleven o’clock and we were treated to a first class day, warm  with just a hint of a zephyr, love that word zephyr.  And what a picture the [Read more]

The Game They Play in Hell

WEST COAST EAGLES v HAWTHORN Subiaco Oval; 5.40pm; Saturday 21 April 2012 Football’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.  Mrs Gump certainly knew a thing or two about AFL.  The Dockers showed heart and spirit on Friday night.  Go figure.  This week the Blues managed to do what the [Read more]

Essendon win twice

Today was the first tennis match of the season. We were versing old rivals on a cold wet Saturday morning. As I am number one in my team, I play the first singles and don’t get the luxury of warming up in the doubles especially with my sore shoulder. The courts were wet under foot [Read more]