Almanac Cricket: Headingley 1930 – the first triple century in Test cricket

From the Footy Almanac archives we reprise Andrew Starkie’s wonderful account of Don Bradman’s history making first triple century in Test cricket in 1930.

Australia v India – First Test, Day 1: Heavyweight Bout Begins

Smokie Dawson presents his Day 1 report of the 1st Test clash Australia v India in Adelaide. The two heavyweights of Test cricket slug it out with the Aussies slightly ahead.

Almanac Cricket: Why it’s too soon to unleash Cameron Green

Dan Hoban names his 17 man squad for the First Test in Adelaide. He also weighs in on the potential selection of Cameron Green.

Almanac Cricket: Never invite a prospective romantic partner to come see you play cricket!

Cricket season is just around the corner, and Craig Dodson has a vital message for all young cricketers looking to impress anyone over the coming months.

Almanac Poetry (in the time of COVID): (Uncle) Bob Cullen

Kieran Dempsey is dreaming of normal life and reveals the things that matter to his subconscious: an uncle, a vist to the pub, an evening session of Test cricket.

Almanac Life: An Innocent Man

Smokie muses on the wrongful arrest of one of his mates at the 1985 Boxing Day Test match.

Evading Father Time: Kade Simpson and Jimmy Anderson

Shane Thomas reflects on the sense of comfort in this trying time, borne of watching two sporting greats who continue to duck and weave around the grips of Father Time: Jimmy Anderson and Kade Simpson.

Book Extract: ‘A View of Australia From Fine Leg’

In another excerpt from Craig Dodson’s ‘A View of Australia From Fine Leg’, Craig battles the fear of bushfire in country Australia while meeting a wonderful turning pitch.

Almanac Cricket: Sir Everton Weekes – a tribute

Bob Utber is one of the lucky few who got to watch the West Indies’ three W’s tour Australia in 1951-52. Although the late Sir Everton Weekes may not have flourished down under, he still left his mark on Aussie crowds.

Almanac Life: Cricket With My Sons

A flashback to almost 11 years ago when Smokie first posted this piece about playing cricket with his sons.

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Hadi Ehtsham: The BBL Melbourne Derby

Parade College Grade 9 student Hadi Ehtsham tells the tale of going to watch the Melbourne Stars play the Renegades in a derby over the 2019/20 season. Watching Glenn Maxwell blast his team to victory, Hadi’s joy is difficult to contain.

Local cricket: F Grade injustice!

You be the judge. Was David Bridie robbed on the weekend?

The Fieldsman in the Floppy White Hat

Fielding at slip on a windy day, nestled under your Greg Chappell hat, then hey! Damian Balassone’s version is far more evocative and poetic!

Almanac Cricket – A view of Australia from fine leg: Match 4 – Rupertswood Cricket Club

Craig Dodson’s cricketing odyssey reaches the birthplace of the Ashes.

Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: Second Test – The Adelaide Blog

Australia are on a roll, whist Pakistan try to pick up the pieces. Will the pink ball make a difference in Adelaide? Feel free to join the discussion as the Second Test begins.

Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test – Performance reflective of the ’06 glory days.

With a dominant innings defeat of Pakistan in the books, in this current side Sean Mortell saw some glimmers of the most recent golden era of Australian cricket under the leadership of Ricky Ponting.

Almanac Cricket – A view of Australia from fine leg: Match 3 – Payneham Cricket Club

Craig Dodson has completed Game 3 on his summer-long cricketing odyssey, the object of which is to play for 10 different cricket clubs across several States and raise funds for charity along the way.

Flashback: Summer

Back in 2009, Dips O’Donnell was ruminating about the four seasons. When thoughts turned to summer, he pondered the clash between the elemental forces of the season – commerce and cricket. He feared that commerce was winning.

Preseason musings in the Merks

It briefly enters the public consciousness after an incident of great notice, but Phil Hill has been mulling over general rule changes in sports, with a few examples. [Could throw rugby league into the mix after recent events – Ed.]

Cricket is now firmly on the agenda

Jan Courtin’s sporting allegiances can be complicated, but a sunny day at the Junction Oval, watching Aaron Finch blast the ball into the crowd, produced many delights. Even with the change of seasons, Jan can still spot a Swans connection.