Winners and Losers – Round 1: Proper football is back

You know when directors or actors just make the same movie over and over again? That is what Geelong v Hawthorn is like, only it’s enjoyable every single time. You can see the ending coming from a mile away, and you still look forward to it.

The AFL has limped into Round 1, again

The AFL keeps missing the point. After another long, meaningless pre-season, round one was limp and unimaginative. That the round was split isn’t the problem. The problem is the choice of games.

Great opening to the season

BY – JACKSON CLARK They say there are two types of seasons – footy season and can’t wait for footy season. Fortunately, being from the Northern Territory, I am spoilt and get my footy fix all year round. The Northern Territory Football League spans from October to March and immediately after that finishes, the AFL [Read more]

Here we are again

A couple of years ago, I sat and watched the Tigers run out onto the MCG, led by a man who many said was to be the messiah, of sorts. The bringer of good times and good fortune to Punt Road. “Isn’t he great,” some said. “What he a boost he’ll provide,” said others. “What’s [Read more]