Balcony Banter Round 6 – Essendon v Collingwood: Observing (almost) 25 years of ANZAC Day at the ‘G

Andrew Fithall and the Anzac Day game go back a long way. He was pleased to share the occasion once more with family. And not too disappointed when the Pies snuck home.

How to Watch Footy, Part 6

Vin Maskell explains another way of experiencing the great game – this time on ANZAC Day

One Bloody Point

I’m very confused, is it April 26 or August 26?  I look out the window and winter has arrived.  Just four days ago I was basking in glorious sunshine, today it’s  cold hard rain. Hey, but there is an upside.  Last year I bought myself a  GoreTex down coat , so today is the inaugural [Read more]

Talk about luck

An assignment for the Anzac Day match…not fun but I have to go there… due 8:30pm night of the match. I have been sick for a ridiculous two weeks, some sort of flu that went away for a bit but then came back even worse after my second day back at uni. Go figure.

So Close So Far

  ANZAC Day, the day that soldiers first landed on Gallipoli April 25th 1914. The day we remember our soldiers who fought against the Turks and now fight the Taliban.  April 25th is also the day of the second most famous game of the season, Essendon vs. Collingwood. This tradition has been going on since [Read more]

Dons Improving

What a fantastic day at the “G”.  A huge crowd of almost 90,000, a brilliant cloudless blue sky and the surface looked like a manicured billiard table.  And sitting in the crowd were  two who have been regulars for this clash for many many years.  It’s the annual father/son bonding day, son a Collingwood fanatic [Read more]

Anzac Day clash and a failed bouquet marking attempt

Where do I begin? Lebanese weddings, it’s fair to say, they go for a good two weeks. Two weeks of celebrating, food, drinking, dancing, dressing up, sleeping late, waking up early and ringing in your ears from the LOUD music and traditional Lebanese drummers. To say that it’s a crazy experience is an understatement and [Read more]