The long road travelled….as a Victorian-based West Coast Eagles tragic

Cathi Johnston has been a Melbourne-based West Coast Eagles fan for over twenty years but that hasn’t stopped her from seeing her seeing her boys in blue and gold regularly in both Melbourne and other non-WA venues. A trip to Alice Springs is in the offing soon. Here’s her journey over the years.

Era, era on the wall; 1987-1999

Jeff Dowsing continues his series on the eras of VFL/AFL footy with a look a 1987-99.

Round 10 Preview and Ground Irrationalisation

Greeting one and all, Welcome to Round 10, This Friday night we have yet another blockbuster, but yet again the “Best Fit” policy has not come into play.  The Saints have crossed the line in the sand and Tiger army is roaring but how many will not be able to see the game live due [Read more]

Carlton Supporters – An Amplification

by Bernie Tuck Remember the days of going to Waverley. You hated going there. It was mandatory to have lunch at a Brunswick pub to muster the strength to tackle the journey. The skill was to have some other unsuspecting bloke to drive.[ He usually only fell for the three card trick once]. The reason [Read more]

Home sweet Waverley

What’s it like living in the forward pocket of footy history? Vin Maskell took his camera to Waverley Park to see what happens when a stadium becomes a housing estate. You’ll find the pics at: