Almanac Life: Our Winter Family

Rob Spurr takes a nostalgic look back to his early days supporting Carlton at Princes Park with family and friends.

Evading Father Time: Kade Simpson and Jimmy Anderson

Shane Thomas reflects on the sense of comfort in this trying time, borne of watching two sporting greats who continue to duck and weave around the grips of Father Time: Jimmy Anderson and Kade Simpson.

AFLW Round 5 – Carlton v St Kilda: Still Disheartened

Our Japanese AFL correspondent Yoshi is struggling to find good news at the moment but hasn’t given up. He shares his on-field and off-field battles as well as his thoughts about his beloved Saints in the AFLW.

….and we’ll call them “curtain raisers”.

Joe Beatty loves the character and integrity of VFL matches played at Princes Park or Preston. He laments their seeming demise as they increasingly become ‘curtain raisers’ for the AFL in the soulless, grey-roofed cavern that is Marvel Stadium.

The long road travelled….as a Victorian-based West Coast Eagles tragic

Cathi Johnston has been a Melbourne-based West Coast Eagles fan for over twenty years but that hasn’t stopped her from seeing her seeing her boys in blue and gold regularly in both Melbourne and other non-WA venues. A trip to Alice Springs is in the offing soon. Here’s her journey over the years.

The Rooster crows at 40

A day in the life of Igor as he visits Melbourne to meet up with The Rooster to watch her Blues take on his Lions at Princes Park. [Epic – JTH]

AFLW Grand Final – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane Lions: Lions fighting hard in wet then Dogs coming out snarling in dry

While technical difficulties made it hard for Yoshi to watch the AFLW Grand Final, watch it he did. Emotions were high & recent lessons from his time with the Dingoes made this classic encounter all the more significant

AFLW Round 6 – Carlton v Melbourne: Cultural learnings of Ikon Park for make benefit glorious nation of AFLW

Visiting Princes Park for the first time since the 80’s, Alan Stewart saw Melbourne easily defeat the Blues.

AFL Pre-season – Carlton v St Kilda: Importance of getting ball and backing up

Yoshi watches his Sainters from Japan and is working out what number he should wear when playing for the Osaka Dingoes.

AFLW Round 3 – Carlton v Brisbane: The Garfunkel

Jamie Simmons is being Jamie Simmons in his observation of Brisbane’s visit Down South. His Tayla has left him.

AFLW Round 1 – Carlton v Collingwood: A Second Act With A Future

John Butler recounts Friday night’s AFLW Season Opener and despite a low-scoring and defensive match, he sees enormous potential for development in the years to come.

AFLW Round 1 – Carlton v Collingwood: Here we go again

It was strange for Gillian Dite to transition back into football in February after being immersed in summer sports but she still made it to Princes Park on the Opening Night of AFLW to experience the excitement.

AFLW Round 1 – Carlton v Collingwood: Unusual Crowds

The diverse crowd at Princes Park contributed significantly to Jack Banister’s match day experience at Friday night’s AFLW Season Opener.

AFLW Round 1 – Carlton v Collingwood: What makes a great game of footy?

For Yvette Wroby, a game of footy starts way before the siren and the countdown to Friday night’s AFLW Season Opener was full of excitement and anticipation.

Kate O’Halloran in The Guardian: ‘Opening night crowds a clear sign AFLW is here to stay’

Read Kate O’Halloran’s latest piece on AFLW Opening Night on The Guardian website. [Great article Kate – KS]

VFLW Round 10 – Darebin v Geelong: The Falcs versus the Wind versus the Cats versus the Clock

Jackie Lynch and the Big Kid (with Paul Jennings’ help) have the best seats in the VFLW house, as outrageous wind smashes Carlton. In tricky conditions, Daisy Pearce shows why she’s the best.

An Ode to Kade Simpson

Skinny legs and big, blue heart, the terrier from Princes Park as expressed in verse by Warren Tapner.

On Footy Value

Joe Huddler had distinct and vastly different experiences by going to two games in one day: a VFL practice match at Arden St amongst the elements and the Melbourne v Carlton clash in a corporate box at the ‘G. This is a beautifully crafted call for perspective.

AFLW Round 5 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: When the opening act are the headliners

Princes Park delivered the goods as fans witnessed the highest scoring AFLW game so far. Carlton and the Western Bulldogs went goal for goal in a close, free-flowing match.

AFLW Round 2 – Carlton v GWS: Giants fight until the end

Joseph Ryan has a personal connection to the Giants, and is now a Greater Western Sydney supporter. Despite their loss to the Blues, he sees some good signs