1966 and all that: Round 11 – St. Kilda v Footscray

St. Kilda returned to Moorabbin and also returned to the winning list against Footscray. Peter Clark’s coverage of the Saints’premiership season reaches the split round.

A Phoenix from the Ashes: A Review of The Merge

William Westerman previews “The Merge”, a film detailing the the story and history behind the merger of the Fitzroy FC and the Brisbane Bears in 1996.

Almanac Rugby League – Bruce Hatcher, Ross Oakley and Arthur Moynihan

Rugby League non-aficionado Roger Lowrey is full of pith as he buys into the expansion/merge/move debate going on within the NRL. He offers some astute advice based on AFL experiences.

Ode to Ross Oakley – and Sheeds

Peter Crossing has written a thank you to Ross Oakley and Kevin Sheedy for helping expand the VFL/AFL.

50 Years On – Brunswick Street Ground

Warwick Nolan takes us back to 1966, with a fantastic account of Fitzroy’s final ever VFL game at the Brunswick St Oval in the penultimate round of the season. A game Carl Ditterich will remember for all the wrong reasons. [50 year anniversary occasion will be marked at Brunswick Street Oval TOMORROW (Saturday), where Fitzroy play Old Scotch in a crucial VAFA Premier B clash – Ed].

Era, era on the wall; 1987-1999

Jeff Dowsing continues his series on the eras of VFL/AFL footy with a look a 1987-99.

In Defeat We’ll Always Try

Inspired by Harry