Round 17 – St Kilda v Essendon: Standing by

Yoshi needs answers from his Saints and worries they may still have a premiership hangover from 1966!

The Rise of Spo-Co

Nick McGay runs us through the good, okay and crap of spo-co (sports comedy) shows. What category does he put The Footy Show in? Roy & HG? The Games? Add your thoughts.

Era, era on the wall; 1987-1999

Jeff Dowsing continues his series on the eras of VFL/AFL footy with a look a 1987-99.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 17 Part One

Trevor Marmalade is a household name thanks to his work as a stand-up comic and TV stints on Hey Hey Its Saturday and as the Man Behind the Bar on Channel 9s AFL Footy Show. We were fortunate enough to coax him onto the couch for this week’s podcast. Sit back, open a bottle of your favourite Murrindidni wine and enjoy part one of Trevor Marmalade on the Almanac couch.

Reflections of an angry man after 5 days on the toilet

Craig Dodson’s had plenty of thinking time, and he’s angry. Ranging from the big targets (Malthouse, Sheeds, The Footy Show) to the small (whatever happened to long sleeve jumpers?), his top 10 rant will touch a nerve in everyone.

An unpredictable season? We’re not so sure

With all the defections, rule changes, dodgy training programs, off-field scandals and on-field upsets, is anything certain in footy anymore? Yes, says Cheryl Critchley. In fact, some things never change.

More than a game? It changed the game

Brutas Mudcake in defence of the sometimes indefensible, The Footy Show.

Gambling Review

The Footy Show is a WYSIWYG affair. It’s jocular and jovial, often irreverent, and sometimes controversial. It also has segments and moments, however, where it takes on a serious air. I don’t watch it religiously anymore, but decided to tune in last night to see what I thought would be one of those serious moments: [Read more]

Shane Crawford: That’s what he’s walking about

I watched The Footy Show episode six weeks ago when the show was dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Network.  Shane Crawford offered to run from Adelaide to Melbourne to raise awareness for the Network, Raelene Boyle had come on to talk about the work of their many volunteers, helping those with Breast Cancer as well [Read more]