Trade Week Discussion 2011

Where there’s smoke, there doesn’t necessarily have to be fire.

AFL Trade week is living proof of this.

After all the huffing and puffing, it seems the two most notable trades are Clark to Melbourne and Ebert back home to SA (Port).

Otherwise, there was a shuffling of juniors, journeymen and draft picks.

Does anyone think their club gained much? Do you have any thoughts on how the trading system might be freed up?

Let us know folks.


  1. Cats got two early 2nd round draft picks for a late first round one and kept Gillies. That’s got to be ok.

    In the last five or so years they have given away enough good players to fill a nineteenth team. Salary cap must be sorted for a while. Thanks Gazza, Moons, Dasher and Lingy.

    Is Lingy the only player they have lost from the 2011 flag? That’s cool too.

  2. John Butler says

    For those who think we live in a cynical age, just listen to the many and varied media outlets covering trade week.

    All those hopeful supporters believing they’ll get Brendan Goddard for some popcorn and year’s subscription to New Idea.

    All those player managers who think the so-so half back flanker they have on the books is worth 400K all of a sudden.

    All those clubs who are falling over themselves to convince someone they’re ‘professional’ while they try to figure out what the hell is going on.

    The football ‘biz’ talking obsessively about itself.

    Football dreams never die. They just depart frequently from reality.

  3. John Butler says

    As for the Blues, it appeared we were taking our Nanna naps this week.

  4. No news is good news JB.

  5. Now i know its not really a trade, but im VERY upset about losing Scott Waters to the Saints.
    He’s very footy smart, too footy smart actually.
    Then just to make things worse Maria (Susie G) brought to my attention that he looks a bit like MR DARCY aka Colin Firth!!!!! :(
    Now that he is with the Saints, Maria and I will be watching St.Kilda press conferences MUCH more often…. 8)

  6. Melbourne might press as well with ex Cat player Neeld at the helm, Danni.

    And of course Mick is with the press now.

  7. Dude no one cares about Neeld! Its all about Waters!!!! 8)

  8. You are probably right Danni. Neeld looks a bit like an extra from the Adams Family

  9. ^ LMAO

  10. Basically, trade week is an annual carnival for all those people in football you sincerely wish would just bugger off.

    Mind you, at least we got through this time without any instance of a job-anxious football department* wally accusing a player of ‘holding the club to ransom’, or a coach or president reminding the disappearing back of a departing player that ‘he owes us’, so maybe there are small signs of improvement.

    (*Clubs have ‘football departments’ now? What next – the MSO forming a ‘music department’?

  11. Dave Nadel says

    I’m happy to get Marty Clarke back and not lose Alan Toovey. Having said that I think we may have some salary cap problems in the near future. However the Toovey story is really non news (like reporting that most Australians didn’t have car accidents today) so I do agree with criticisms of the hype of trade week.

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