Trade Period Infographic: Chaos Connected

By Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens

Trying to keep track of the Trade Period is kind of like trying to count the population of a swarm of bees. Or maybe its more like untangling a bowl of spaghetti. Either way, I decided to try and simplify the system, and map out a trade directory, just in case you get lost. I like this graphic because it manages to show the complexity of every trade packed into one sheet. It shows how every club, in some way is connected to every other club in the league. So here it is. Good Luck if you manage to read it, try not to get lost.


Trade Week 2012


About Jake "Cobba" Stevens

Cobba Stevens works in sports social media and content. A keen middle-distance runner in both the ammos and the pros, he's also one of the youngest 'old bloods' supporters in Melbourne.


  1. Brilliant Jake.

  2. You should market it as a place-mat, Jake.

  3. N eil Anderson says

    Brilliant! So that’s how it works…Thank goodness we all have a template to follow particularly next year when apparently they’re going to make it more complicated.
    Great example of visual art with no words required.

  4. Your infographics are a revelation, Jake. Love ’em!

  5. Barkly St End says

    This has potential as a modernistic objet d’art.

  6. Congratulations on getting it out to the unwashed masses on facebook.
    It’s a ripper masterpiece, but you seem to have forgotten the Angus Graham trade.
    Don’t forget Mighty Angus he is an AFL legend!

  7. Jake "Cobba" Stevens says

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

    In actual fact it wasn’t that difficult to make, and I created it in the course of a single day. Yes I realized a few mistakes that’s why the revised edition can be found here:

  8. Mario (who) Bortolotto was traded from Geelong to Carlton and played in two premierships, Bruz.

    (Big Gus is a legend on King Island)

  9. Great job Jake.
    Interesting Phantom.
    I always liked Angus, like Tambling a couple of years ago, I was a saddened by the news of his departure and any player that makes the AFL is always going to be a legend in their hometown and back at their old club.
    Hopefully he proves to be a revelation for the Crows, like Ivan was for the Tiges. They’ll need another big body with Tippett up in the air.
    Any thoughts on what will come of KT?

  10. Great stuff Jake. Very clever. Only improvement would have been a Tippett arrow connecting the Crows to a toilet drawn in at the bottom.

  11. Jeff Dowsing says

    Lol Peter B.

    And one connecting Cale Morton to two fat ladies (pick #88).

  12. I reckon Jake was Barry Jones’ research assistant in a previous life. Remember the “Knowledge Nation” infogram that Howard relabelled “Noodle Nation”?
    They were early prototypes, but Jake has got it down pat with the colour coding these days.

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