AFL Round 17 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Bring on September

The Hawks should have won at least one more flag since 2008, writes Tim Adam. Based on the weekend’s performance, this should be their year.

Tim Adam: Working in harmony

Knacker Tim Adam is involved a singing program for patients with specific types of speech loss or aphasia. As this article in the Melbourne Uni Alumni magazine says, Tim underwent specially designed singing exercises and diligently practised for one hour a night. Within just eight weeks, Tim had already experienced a measurable improvement in his [Read more]

Second Test, Day 3: A challenging day

by Tim Adam Watching cricket in Singapore is strangely dissatisfying … and culturally challenging. The internet tells me that at drinks in the midst of the first session on day 4 the West Indies are 2/64 in their second dig with the honours going to Australia this morning.

Second Test – Day 1: Worst-ever opening spell has Australians crying into their beer

By Tim Adam Johnson, comes in from the Nursery End. Short, wide. (Cue pencil on the table – crack) Four runs. (Applause) Cook to four. Johnson turns, comes in again. Short, wide. Four more. Cook to eight. Johnson again. Overpitched. Off his pads. Through square leg. Four more … Before returning to the first day’s [Read more]