A beer with…Michael Sexton

Barry Nicholls continues his “A beer with…’ series. His guest on this occasion is prolific journalist and writer Michael Sexton.

Almanac Events – An Evening with Barry Nicholls: Men, mental health, and cricket

An evening with Barry Nicholls is coming up in Perth, WA, on Wednesday 5 June. This is an ideal opportunity for the Perth Footy Almanac community to participate in this event with Barry discussing issues related to men, mental health, and cricket.

A beer with … Bernard Whimpress

Author and Footy Almanac regular Bernard Whimpress is the subject of Barry Nicholls’ latest interview series, ‘A beer with …’.

A beer with…Yvette Wroby

Barry Nicholls continues his new ‘A beer with…’ column by chatting with Yvette Wroby, best known on these pages as an avid Saints’ supporter, a champion of women’s football, and long time supporter of The Footy Almanac.

Almanac Books: ‘Second Innings: on men, mental health and cricket’ by Barry Nicholls

Barry Nicholls provides a poignant insight into the writing of ‘Second Innings: men, mental health and cricket’.

Almanac (Cricket) Books: Wally Grout and Barry Jarman

In what is something of a coincidence books about Barry Jarman and Wally Grout have been published in recent weeks.
[This piece was first published in 2012.]

Women’s Footy Almanac 2017 – Yvette Wroby talks to Barry Nicholls

Yvette was a lively guest on Barry Nicholls’ WA Drive show on ABC Radio last week.

They spoke about the success of first season of the AFLW, the community atmosphere at the games, the background to the Women’s Footy Almanac and its recent launch.

You can listen to them here.

Almanac Cricket: Big Bash Parts One and Two

Hello, hello, he’s back again. Self confessed “stuffy cricket person” Les Everett reports on his first live BBL encounter, with some musical advice to the organisers. Did you miss him (yeah)?

110% Episode 1

Check out Barry Nicholls’ (ABC presenter from WA) new show, 110%.   http://blogs.abc.net.au/grandstand/2012/02/110-with-barry-nicholls-.html   Barry looks forward to contacting quite a few Almanac contributors in the months to come.          

Ashes Dreaming

by Barry Nicholls Chapter One: The beginning the 1970s   The year is 1975 or thereaboust. Life is full of big smiles sunburnt faces, freckles and crooked teeth. Television is transforming from black and white to colour. Suddenly studio sets and sporting fields are alive with a rainbow of colours. Sprinklers click away each morning, [Read more]