Almanac Cricket: A BazBall Glossary

Smokie Dawson has been in Manchester at Old Trafford watching the 4th Ashes test. In between drinks, and the rain, Smokie spent his time devising a glossary for the spectacle that is Bazball.

Almanac Cricket: Bazball, Brexit and Buffoons

In the aftermath of the Lord’s Test – Peter Baulderstone opines on the historical origins of Bazball. Franco-Prussian War of 1870 anyone? He thinks the reaction of Lord’s members says more about faded glory and a culture of entitlement than anything that happened on the field.

Almanac Lord’s Test: The Muse is musing on Bazball

The Muse caught up with Baz himself just after the Lord’s Test.

Almanac Cricket: A few metres

What a fantastic First Ashes Test in Edgbaston, and as Lee Harradine reminds readers, – what a difference a few metres can make in the game of cricket.