The Solace of Words

Words from Nicole Kelly to all of the Almanackers and beyond; words for the soul and self too. An especially poignant reflection on something fundamental and irrepressible yet close and personal to so many of us. [I feel privileged to have read them – Ed.]

Missing Martin Flanagan and Why I Subscribe to the Almanac

Edward P. Olsen reflects on an Almanac favourite: former writer for The Age and doyen of inviting prose, Martin Flanagan. In response to Flanagan’s absence from the paper’s pages, Edward has turned increasingly to the stories on this very site. [Wonderful – Ed.]

The Almanackers list is up and running again

You will be happy to know that you can find a catalogue of each and every Almanacker’s stories by an author search. See how and good luck doing any work today!

The Almanackers: N is for Nadel

N is for Nadel, radical, Almanacker and Pie man. Among others.

The Almanackers: M is for Mosig

Our M writers are prolific. See who they are and enjoy some of their words.

The Almanackers: I is for Ivins and J is for Jeffrey

Tim Ivins is our London correspondent and Mick Jeffrey writes from central Queensland. Check out some of our Is and Js.

The Almanackers: H is for Holt

H is for Holt (all four of them) and for quite a few other Almanac writers. Read about the Hs and think about supporting our campaign.

The Almanackers: F is for Flynn

PJF wandered into a bar one day…

The Almanackers: E is for Eid

Of all the voices on the Almanac site, Danni Eid’s may be the most distinctive. Meet Danni and some of the other E surnames who contribute.

The Almanackers: A is for Anderson

In this, the first of 26 profiles of Almanackers, we meet Neil Anderson from Mortlake.

Who/What is an Almanacker?

We’re on a mission to know more about Almanackers. Video, audio and words – send ’em through.

The Footy Almanac Melbourne Launch

It was a great night, and here are just a few of Yvette Wroby’s photos.